5 Best Chimney and Hob Combo Offer in India (September 2023)

“Change is the only constant”- Heraclitus. This simple phrase is the reality of life. We consciously or subconsciously accept and implement several changes almost every day of our lives. People nowadays believe in staying updated, because if you don’t run with the time, the time will run without you.

Thus, you improve your personality, the way you dress, the way you keep your house and everything. Recently, the modular kitchen is one such subject which has grabbed the attention of many.

Those days are gone when people solely depended on windows and exhaust fans for ventilation, now people are more inclined toward fitting a kitchen chimney.

It helps them in many ways, like keeping the house clean, providing better ventilation, making your kitchen look modern and sophisticated, etc.

People look for a combo of hob and kitchen chimney which can complement each other and enhance the beauty of the kitchen. If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen and changing the way your kitchen looks, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have compiled all the required information related to the best chimney and hob combo offer in India, where you will also find a list of the best chimney and hob combo offer in India, which will help you get a better deal while you are shopping.

We understand that renovating or making changes in your house can be tiresome work, and thus we tried to help you by doing the research and product analysis so that you can just select the best from the list according to your preferences and bring it home.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the List and find out what the best chimney and hob combo offer is ruling over the Indian market.

List of the best Chimney and Hob Combo Offers:

Selecting the best chimney and hob combo for your kitchen might sound easy but it is not. Especially, when there are innumerable options that all claim to be the best, in that case, there is a high chance that you might get confused and end up buying the wrong products.

Thus, here we come with a detailed list of the best chimney and hob combo offers:

Maplin Combo of Voice Control Glass Kitchen Chimney in 60 cm & 4 Burner Gas-Hob
01. Maplin Combo set of Touch Glass Kitchen Chimney and hob
  • This is a combo of an
    efficient automatic kitchen
    chimney and gas cooktop
    for your kitchen.
  • Both products look very sophisticated and elegant
    which can enhance the
    the beauty of your kitchen.
  • This chimney and hob is
    considered one of the
    best in the market due
    to its high-quality performance
    and innovative features.
  • With the hand sensor facility
    of the chimney, you don’t
    need to touch it and still
    Get your work done.
  • It requires minimal effort
    to maintain both products.
  • The cooktop of this combo
    is an automatic cooktop
    which can also take weigh
    up to 15 kg.
  • It is the best combo that
    you can find in such a price range.
  • The quality of this combo
    can be better.

Maplin Combo set of Touch Glass Kitchen Chimney in 90 cm (Black) and 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is one of the most attractive deals that you can find online. This beautifully designed kitchen chimney and hob cooktop will surely enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

With these, you can simply forget about the hurdles required in cooking and enjoy the time that you spend inside the kitchen. Both Maplin Electric Chimney & Range Hoods are formulated by using Xifo technology. It is well-equipped with several features which consider your safety and comfort as a priority.

These products have a stainless-steel body and thus they will be your partner in the kitchen for a long time as it is super strong and durable. The chimney comes with various attractive features like a baffle filter, auto glass opening, Temperature sensor and Temperature display, gas, smoke, wave sensors, etc.

That is not it, the product has other advanced features which can make your life easier, such as the Oil Collector Cup, Auto Cleaning feature, Big LED Lights, etc. You can consider buying this combo and give your kitchen a beautiful touch.

Glen Black Kitchen Chimney 6062 60cm 1000 m3 per hr Baffle Filter & Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove 1043 GT Brass Burner Black Cooktop
02. Glen Black Kitchen Chimney with hob
  • This combo has a very
    attractive look which later
    helped it gain popularity
    in this field.
  • It is made of tough black
    glass which makes it look
    beautiful, elegant and
    durable at the same
  • It provides airflow of 1000
  • The pan of the cooktop is
    very strong and sturdy.
  • This combo is super affordable.
  • The after-sales services of
    This brand are not very

Glen Black Kitchen Chimney 6062 60cm 1000 m3/h Baffle Filter & Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove 1043 GT Brass Burner Black Cooktop is an exceptionally beautiful combo.

The chimney of this combo has a modern and lustrous design, and along with that, the glass and black powder-coated body of this product will surely tempt you to bring it home at the earliest. The chimney comes with 2 stainless steel baffle filters which make the appliance durable and long-lasting.

It comes with a copper winding motor which is very powerful and will ensure that the mother doesn’t burn out if it overheats. The hob gas stove of this combo is a 4-burner gas stove which is a smart and efficient upgrade to the regular conventional gas stove.

It has 2 big and 2 small burners with which you can cook 4 dishes at once according to your convenience, that too without wasting much time. The pan support of this product is very sturdy and strong so that you can easily place your heavy utensils.

Besides, with this combo, you don’t have to waste your Sunday dedicated to cleaning, as they require minimal maintenance, which means you can clean it very easily.

Glen 60 cm 1250 m3 per hr Glass Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney Toch Controls with Glen 4 Burner Hob
03. Glen 60 cm 1250 m3/hr Glass Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney Toch Controls + Glen 4 Burner Hob with SS frame 
  • This combo is everything
    that your kitchen requires.
  • The chimney of this combo
    is made of steel and
    strong glass.
  • It has an innovative timer
    a feature which can switch
    off the machine
    automatically when
    not in use.
  • It comes with a stylish top
    LED lights, which will
    improve your cooking
  • The hob of this combo can be
    used as a countertop as well.
  • The chimney comes with
    a warranty lifetime on top
    LED lights, and a 1-year
    warranty on the touch control panel.
  • The chimney of this combo
    makes a little noise.

Glen 60 cm 1250 m3/hr Glass Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney Toch Controls + Glen 4 Burner Hob is an innovative option that you might like to consider.

The chimney of this combo has a glossy hood cast in glass and a sturdy glass front panel Single SS tube Baffle filter. It has a very innovative timer feature which can switch off the machine automatically if not used for a while.

The hob stove of this combo has everything that a modern kitchen requires. It has extra strong MS pan support which is 8 mm thick, to ensure durability. All in all, this combo is super stylish and innovative and will surely enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

04. Glen 6056 SX TS Black 60 cm 1000 m3/h Black Colour Chimney + Glen 4 Burner Glass Hob
  • This combo of chimney
    and hob is very efficient
    and attractive.
  • The chimney of this combo
    has a very practical and
    unique design.
  • It provides the best safety features.
  • Its hand sensor feature
    allows you to operate
    the chimney without
    touching it.
  • Both the chimney and hob
    of this combo can function automatically.
  • The cooktop comes with 4
    burners and can take
    weight up to 15 kg, so now
    you can cook your food faster.
  • The price of this combo is
    slightly on the higher side.

Here is another popular combo from Maplin. The combo has a super stylish and practically designed kitchen chimney which makes it look even more attractive.

It is formulated by using the latest Xifo technology and is comfortable and safe at the same time. The hood of this product claims to last for a long time without showing any disturbance.

Apart from that, this chimney comes with many other additional features like a Temperature sensor and Temperature display, Smoke Sensor, Wave Sensor, Gas Sensor, Baffle Filter, and many more.

Along with the chimney in this combo, you will get a hob stove with 4 burners, which is very efficient and attractive at the same time.

With this, you can easily cook 4 dishes at a time without wasting much time. You also clean both products very easily without wasting your whole Sunday on them.

05. SUNFLAME Venza Bk 60cm 1100 m3h Chimney and SUNFLAME
  • The baffle filter in the chimney effectively removes smoke and odours from the kitchen, ensuring the air is clean and fresh.
  • The hob features automatic ignition, making it easy to start the burners without needing matches or a lighter.
  • The hob features only two burners, which may not be enough for larger families or those who like to cook multiple dishes at once.

The Sunflame Chimney and Hob Combo present a multifaceted solution for those seeking superior ventilation and uncompromising cooking experiences. With its state-of-the-art baffle filter, this magnificent kitchen appliance eliminates smoke, noxious odours, and many other harmful pollutants from your kitchen’s environment, thus guaranteeing your continued health and well-being. On the other hand, the hob section of this exquisite device boasts a pair of burners equipped with automatic ignition technology, which will undoubtedly empower you to whip up a variety of gastronomic delights with unparalleled ease and convenience. In short, the Sunflame Chimney and Hob Combo are focused on delivering optimum performance and results for your cooking and ventilation needs.

How to select the best chimney and hob combo: A Buying Guide?

Buying a combo will help you reduce your stress and will save you time, as you can get 2 things at once.

However, while you are looking for a combo of kitchen chimney and hob, it is very important to ensure that both chimney and hob are equally efficient.

Following are a few important points that you must consider before getting inclined towards any best chimney and hob combo offers:

Kitchen Hobs:

Choosing the best in-built kitchen hob can be an easy task. Following are some basic factors which the kitchen hob, of the combo that you select, must have:

01. The size of your kitchen

It is an important factor and must be considered before making a purchase. Make sure that you are familiar with the size of your kitchen and the size of the kitchen hob that is ideal for your cooking space. You can measure the cooking space of your kitchen, decide how much space you can keep for the placement of the hob, and select it accordingly.

02. The number of family members

The number of family members in your home determines the number of burners your hob must have. Besides, the amount of food cooked in your kitchen and the frequency of cooking will help you know which hob can be the best for your home. If you are living in a big family with more than 4 members, you must go for a three or more-burner hob stove. It will help you cook your food faster, and you can cook more dishes at once.

03. Type

Hobs are of different types. Thus, before selecting a hob, make sure that you know your requirements. Go for a hob stove that can fulfil your requirements the best, as a correct hob stove will have a strong influence on your cooking experience.

04. Kitchen Chimney

Now, picking up the best kitchen chimney can be a bit difficult, you will encounter innumerable options and varieties in terms of technology.

There is no point in explaining all the technologies that are available in the market, however, you must keep some points in mind before making a purchase.

Following are a few basic factors which the kitchen chimney, of the combo that you select, must have:

05. Size

You can select the ideal size of your kitchen chimney depending on the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen space is small, select a chimney that can fit into it, and if your kitchen is big, make sure that you select a kitchen chimney that will not just fit in your kitchen, but will also enhance the overall look it.

06. Features and Specifications

Well, you will find innumerable brands claiming that they are the best. They offer different features and specifications for your convenience. But always remember, you might or might not need everything that they offer, or it is also possible that their features don’t fulfil your requirements. That’s why the best thing to do is to check the features and specifications offered by the brands and then make a decision. Go for a kitchen chimney that is compiled with the latest and most useful features.

07. Reviews

Spare some time and go through the reviews posted online by genuine customers. It is the most reliable source that you can use to get insights into the product. The reviews will help you know about the product from the people who have already used it. Pick a kitchen chimney which has the best reviews and ratings from its customers.

Common factors that you must consider while buying the best chimney and hob combo:

Following are some important factors that you must consider before getting inclined towards the best chimney and hob combo offer:

01. Brand

Selecting an ideal brand is very important. You must buy your products from brands which are trustworthy and reliable. Go for a chimney and hob combo offer from a brand that is not just giving you the best deal but is also providing good services to its customers for a long time.

02. Warranty

Investment in a combo of kitchen chimney and hob is not very small. A good warranty policy will help you know where and whom should you approach if you face any problem with the product. That is not it, a warranty will also manage the extra expenditure that might be required in case the product breaks down. Thus, it is important to look for a good warranty policy before you make such a big investment. Select a chimney and hob combo from a brand that offers the best warranty policy, so that you don’t have to go through some additional headaches in future.

03. Budget

By now, it is understandable that the chimney and hob combo is expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you have to overspend on some highly advanced features that are not required by you. There are innumerable options and combo offers that you will find in the market, but instead of getting carried away, the wise thing to do is to judge the features of the products and see if the price of the same is worth paying for or not. The best way to do this is to pen down your requirements while you are setting a budget. Lastly, go for the product that offers the best features according to your requirements at the most reasonable price.

Hope this article could prove helpful in finding you the best chimney and hob combo offer.


By now, we hope that you have gathered enough information about the best chimney and hob combo offer. So, to keep that knowledge in place, let us have a brief recap on what this article has served us:

  • Understood the requirements of the best chimney and hob combo offer.
  • Found the list of the best chimney and hob combo offers.
  • Highlighted the important points in detail, which you must consider before getting inclined towards the best chimney and hob combo offer.
  • Lastly, the FAQ section to help you find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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