Kentucky Floods: Deaths and missing count increasing

 Kentucky Floods: Deaths and missing count increasing

The Kentucky Floods have killed a total of thirty-seven citizens, as per latest reports. Eastern Kentucky has witnessed heavy rainfall in the last few days. 6 children including 4 siblings (aged1-8) were swiped away from their parents’ grip in the flood. The local government said the condition is critical and the death toll is expected to rise for a few more days. A lot of unrest has ensued as more than twelve thousand businesses and homes have either flooded or facing a power supply cut-off.

The flood has not only affected lives but has damaged other infrastructures such as bridges, schools, and roads. On Monday, 2 August 2022 the government estimated a repairing loss in the millions.

The city of Jackson is surrounded by rescue helicopters conducting lifesaving operations by Kentucky National Guards. The government has reported Kentucky Floods as the worst flood in the region in the past few decades.

 Eastern Kentucky is witnessing its most devastating and deadliest time. Hundreds of videos and pictures of the humans, animals, and houses swiped away by the flood have been circulating in the media these days. Workers are constantly clearing the debris 24X7. Locals are forced to stay overnight with new born babies and old age people in refuge shelters in mobile homes, churches, and state parks.  

On the other hand, looking at the excessive looting and unlawful activities the eastern Kentucky government has even declared curfews to maintain the law and order.  On Sunday evening, a government official from Breathitt County, wrote on Facebook that they will not allow the anti-social people to take advantage of the situation and unlawful activities will not be tolerated at any cost. Several measures have been taken by the government to make sure that the locals don’t lose what left.

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