5 Best pocket spring mattress in India 2022

 5 Best pocket spring mattress in India 2022

“No wonder Sleeping Beauty looked so good…she took long naps, never got old, and didn’t have to do anything but snore to get her Prince Charming.” — Olive Green.

You might have noticed that when you have a good sleep at night, you subsequently also have a great mood the next morning. Whereas, if you have had a disturbed sleep schedule, you often get cranky, which can spoil your whole day. That is why, it is very important for you to have a proper and comfortable sleep at night. And for that, you will need a comfortable mattress, as it will give support to your body posture and help you relax your stressed muscles. They offer better Air circulation, Edge support, and Bounce. If you are looking for a mattress, you came to the right place. Today, we will discuss everything about the pocket spring mattress in India and will also find out some of the best pocket spring mattress in India. Let’s start by understanding how a pocket spring mattress works.

How does a pocket spring mattress work?

A pocket spring mattress enhances the strength, flexibility and the individuality of a mattress. This type of mattresses delivers more comfort in comparison to the other types available in the market. Pocket spring mattress are those which you mostly find in luxurious hotels, they enhance comfort by providing support to the individual points and by moulding to the shape of your body, so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Advantages of pocket spring mattress:

There are many advantages of a pocket spring mattress, here we have listed some of them:

  • One of the best things about a pocket spring mattress is that it has motion isolation property. All the springs in this mattress are individual, thus it offers a motion-free sleeping experience. Which means, if you shift or turn while sleeping, only that portion of the mattress will make motion and not the entire area.
  • It is the one of the best options that you can use to relieve body pain. Its decentralized motion below the foam layers make you experience highly effective pressure distribution. This distribution later helps you get relief from pain and also correct your body posture, as a result of which you can enjoy uninterrupted, stress-free and pain-free sleep.
  • It elevates the comfort level while you are resting. The comfort of a pocket spring mattress depends on its foam layers. Its motion mechanics takes away the pressure from your body and adapts to your curves.
  • Comfort knows no age, no colour, or gender. Everyone deserves to have a good and comfortable sleep. It perfectly fits all body types and adapts to the contours and curves without compromising its structure. Thus, a pocket spring mattress is suitable for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, preference, or other requirements.
  • This type of mattresses can last for a long time. It is self-sustaining when it comes to retaining its structure over time. Its springs doesn’t compress easily, and the mattress doesn’t feel any reactive pressure which can affect its structure. Besides, the springs of this type of mattresses are enclosed in a rigid casing, which makes it last longer. Thus, you can rely on this and experience comfortable sleep for decades. However, the lasting frame might vary depending on the use, quality, construction, etc.

Types of pocket spring mattresses:

Generally, pocket spring mattresses can be of five types.

High-density pocket spring: This type of mattress has many coils that are placed closely with each other. They are made to deliver better motion-resistant and comfortable experience, which is possible because of the number of springs.

Memory Foam and Pocket Spring: Almost all innerspring mattresses put their focus on providing comfort to your body while you are resting, and a memory foam is best for people who want to have a floating on the clouds experience. Because, when your body sinks slightly, and the reactive pressure from beneath cancels it, your body will feel supported from all sides. With this type you will surely have a comfortable and pain-relieving sleeping experience.

PU Foam and Pocket Spring: This type of mattress is known for providing comfort by keeping your body cool, help in relieving the pressure of your joints, and for letting your body sink in so that you can enjoy a good sleep. Also, a PU foamed mattress is light in weight and is more affordable. It is mainly used in the comfort layer or quilting of special construction mattresses. It is also good at balancing the temperature and regulate the air while you are using it.

Micro Pocket Spring: This type of mattress is best for enhancing the body contouring feature. Its comfort lies on the density of foam around, and resist the pressure from below to comfort your body.

Dual Comfort Pocket Spring Mattress: This type of mattress uses a highly supportive and tensile innerspring coil system at its base. Due to the contouring feature of a pocket coil innerspring base, your body can get more comfort and support. It has dense and firm support layers on one side and the other side can be soft or firm.

List of the Best Pocket Spring Mattress in India:

Now that you have learned about pocket spring mattresses, let us move to the list of some of the best pocket spring mattresses in India, which we have found after doing a extensive research and product analysis on all the top products that are available in the market. We also went through the reviews shared by people and tried to cover all the required details possible. They are all from renowned brands and are in demand for all good reasons.

01. Boston Basics 6 Inch Bonnell Spring Single Size Mattress

Boston Basics 6 Inch Bonnell Spring Single Size Mattress

This mattress from Boston is one of the most loved mattresses in India. Its comfortable foam layer helps the mattress take the shape of your body, which helps in delivering utmost ease to your body and relax it entirely by giving support to your hips neck, spine and shoulder. The structure of this product is very nice and dynamic and it also doesn’t release heat while you are resting on it during summer season and keeps your body warm during the winters. The brand used a good quality fabric to cover the mattress, which ultimately helps it last for longer.


  • This mattress from Boston will enhance the quality of your sleep.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is very soft, comfortable and provides relief to the body pain.
  • It is very durable.


  • It comes with a warranty period of 1 year only.

02. Peps Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

Peps Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

This product from Peps can be an excellent choice for you if you want to give your back a pleasant treat. It is made of Bonnell Springs which offers maximum support to your back. The brand used border wires for the base construction of the product, which helps in holding the alignment of the springs. Besides, it’s extra soft feel will help you experience comfort, along with flexibility and stability, as it has PU foam that provides the right amount of comfort to your body. Moreover, it is durable and will remain unaffected for long years. It comes with many exciting features that too at an affordable price range. It is specifically designed so that one can experience dual comfort, which means you can use it from both sides, and feel absolutely no difference.


  • This product is popular for providing pain-free and comfortable sleeping experience.
  • It is very soft, durable and comfortable.
  • This product is very pocket friendly and efficient.


  • As you can use it from both sides, therefore using it without bed can cause damage to it.

03. AMORE Medico 6 Inch Eurotop Bonnell Spring & HR Foam Soft Double Size Mattress

AMORE Medico 6 Inch Eurotop Bonnell Spring & HR Foam Soft Double Size Mattress

This product from the brand Amore is considered as one of India’s favourite mattresses. It is serving the people of the country since more than 40 years now. It comes with breathable fabric which releases no heat and provides full support to you body while you are sleeping. It also reduces back and neck pain, etc. by releasing pressure points. This product is suitable for people of all ages, especially old aged people as most of them do suffer from joint pains due to aging.


  • This mattress ensures a good quality, and uninterrupted sleep for you.
  • It is a value for money product.
  • It is very comfortable and will provide the best support to you back, spine and neck, which ultimately will help in reducing several pains of your body.
  • It is suitable for people of all ages.
  • It is available in different sizes for you to choose from.


  • Its exterior cover is of white colour, which can easily become dirty.

04. Coirfit Euphoria Normal Top 6 Inch Single Size Bonnell Spring Mattress

Coirfit Euphoria Normal Top 6 Inch Single Size Bonnell Spring Mattress

This mattress is a production of a very reputed brand of India, Coirfit. It is a pocket spring mattress that gives additional amount of bounce and support to your back and body in comparison to any other options in the market. It is an ultra-soft mattress that will enhance your comfort and will reduce your tossing and turning while you are sleeping. Go for it, if you want to feel like you are floating on soft cloud. Besides, it has anti-fungal and hypo-allergic properties, which will take care of its hygiene.


  • It is a very soft and comfortable mattress.
  • It will provide additional support to your back.
  • It has anti-fungal and hypo-allergic properties to keep it hygienic while in use.


  • It has only one colour option.

05. Wake-Up 8-inch Medium Firm King Size Pocket Spring Mattress

Wake-Up 8-inch Medium Firm King Size Pocket Spring Mattress

This mattress is for people, who love to balance everything in their life, as this one also likes to do the same. It is not very firm, not very soft, it provides just the right amount of comfort which is required to support your body. It is made of premium quality foam that can support your body even on the edges. It has multiple layers of different densities of foam cradles your body while you sleep and relieves pressure points from your body. Its individual pocket springs layer will ensure no disturbance to you, if you are sleeping with someone.


  • It provides the right amount of comfort and support to your body.
  • It helps in relieving the pressure points.
  • It comes with a warranty of 10 years.


  • The after sales attention of the brand is not very good.

How to select the best pocket spring mattress in India? – A Buying Guide

We understand that selecting the best pocket spring mattress for your home is not a very easy task. You will find mattresses of different types from different brands, who all claim to be the best. Well, you still have to pick and choose one that fits the best to your requirements. However, apart from that, there are a few important factors which you must consider looking for before making a purchase.

Number of springs: The first thing that you must look for is the number of springs in your mattress. Know that, the more the number of springs is in your mattress, the better assistance it can provide. It will help in calming soreness or discomfort in your body while you are resting. Go for a mattress with higher number of springs.

Interruption free: Next factor that you must consider is if the mattress is interruption free or not. Well, in a pocket spring mattress the springs move separately from one another. Yet, consider looking for a mattress that won’t disturb the other person sleeping beside you while you are moving or turning at night. It is best to go for a spring mattress that comes with a zero-interruption feature.

Back and body support: Another important factor that you must consider is back and body support. Go for a pocket spring mattress that comes with a layer of memory foam. It is important as this will provide support to your neck, back, joints, and other parts of your body. It will also reduce your pain, if you are suffering from it. Thus, select the one that is equipped with ergonomic features.

A pocket spring mattress is best at offering the right balance of comfort and support while you are sleeping. It will help you get a blissful sleep after a tiresome day. However, you must select the right mattress according to your requirements as it will stay in your life for quite a long time, and will determine your sleep quality. Well, we understand that it is not a very easy task and thus we came up with the list by narrowing down the extras. You can get them from online and offline markets. But, note that, you must not get carried away by any sales person if you opt for offline options. Go through the reviews that are posted online and judge yourself which one to give a shot. Select carefully as at the end your comfort and health is what that matters the most.

You can also check the Frequently Asked Questions section attached below to get answers to the most commonly asked questions related to the best pocket spring mattress in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket spring mattress is a type of mattresses that is made from individual pocket springs. Each spring is encompassed within its own fabric pockets, allowing them to work independently. Each spring reacts only to the pressure applied to that particular area, which ensures that one can experience uninterrupted, comfortable, and stress-free sleep.

How good is pocket spring mattress?

A pocket spring mattress is a great option for you if you like to have a comfortable sleep on a supportive mattress with a more firm feeling to them.

Why should I look for more springs in a pocket springs mattress?

You should look for more springs as they have a certain impact on your comfort and overall sleep quality.

How many springs are ideal for a pocket spring mattress?

Generally, the more springs your mattress is equipped with, the better it becomes. However, for a rough idea, a spring count of 1,000 and more is a sign of a good quality mattress. You should maintain distance from those mattresses that have a spring count of 600 or below, these mattresses will not offer the level of support required by your body.

How long does a pocket spring mattress last?

Normally, a pocket spring mattress can last longer in comparison to the traditional mattresses. On an average you can expect a pocket spring mattress to last for around eight to ten years.


  • Understood the importance of having a good sleep and owning a nice mattress.
  • Learnt How does a pocket spring mattress work i.e., Advantages of pocket spring mattress and Different types of pocket spring mattress.
  • Found out the list of the best pocket spring mattresses in India.
  • Highlighted some of the most important factors to look for before buying a pocket spring mattress.
  • Got answer to some of the most commonly asked questions, that might come to a buyer’s mind, while they are shopping for a pocket spring mattress in India.
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