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8 Best Kitchen sinks brands in India 2023

Your home is a place where you can be the way you are, and your kitchen knows the most real version of you. If you are someone who likes to cook in a kitchen that is well equipped with the most reliable and latest appliances, organizers, fixtures, and gadgets, you just landed in the right place. In your kitchen, you probably spend a huge amount of time just washing and cleaning your plates, utensils, etc., and for that a kitchen sink is very important. It takes up the prime area in your kitchen. They are fixed additions that you cannot change very easily or frequently like other kitchen appliances, utensils, and crockery. Thus, it is very important to pick the right one from the right brand in the first place. But, how to do that? Don’t worry! In this article, we will find out everything about kitchen sinks. We have also done thorough research and come up with a list of top kitchen sinks brands in India.

Kitchen sink is one of the most underrated elements in a kitchen. However, if you don’t select the right one, you might end up spoiling the entire look of your beautiful kitchen and may also face complications while you work in your kitchen. Selecting a kitchen sink is an important part of kitchen renovation. And to do that properly, you must have proper knowledge about the types of kitchen sinks that are available in the market, so that you can pick the right one according to your requirements.

Types of kitchen sinks:

Kitchen sinks are available in different materials ranging from porcelain to stainless steel. From the traditional top-mount sinks to latest, trendiest units such as the low divider sink, you must know which one will suit the best in your kitchen. And to find that out let us try to know more about them.

  • Top-Mount, Drop-In, or Self-Rimming Sink:

It is the most basic is and commonly used type of kitchen sinks. It is mounted on the top or dropped-in from above. A hole is made into the counter material as per the template provided, and then the sink is inserted from above. The weight of the sink is entirely carried by the rim, which is caulked to the counter with silicone. It is because of the edges of the sink, that creates a rim, it is often known as rimmed or self-rimming sinks.

  • Under-mount Sink:

An under-mount sink is just the opposite to the top-mount sinks. This type of sinks is attached to the bottom area of the counter with the help of a special clip. These sinks don’t come with any rim which makes it easier to clean and maintain. They have an attractive appearance and are mostly made of better-quality raw materials.

  • Double Basin/Bowl Sink:

This type of sink is pretty popular amongst people who like to stay organized. This type of basin allows you to use one side of it to wash your utensils and the other to rinse and dry them. It is multi-purpose in nature and is very flexible.

  • Farmhouse or Apron Sink:

A farmhouse, or apron sink is a large single basin. It is different from the usual basin as the front wall of this forms both the front of the sink and the front of the counter.

  • Drain board Sink:

This type of sinks has a small basin on one side and a counter-level drain board on the other side. They are small in size and fits very well in galley kitchens or small sized kitchens. Besides, because of the lip around it, your water can trap and quickly drain.

  • Island, Bar, or Prep Sink:

This type of sink is bit smaller than the usual kitchen sinks. They are generally used for bartending operations or for supplementary food preparation. These sinks are mostly single basing and are not more than 15 inches square or diameter (round).

  • Corner Sink:

This is an interesting type, which is not very commonly seen. It is a double basin sink which are placed at right angles to each other. They are cleverly designed to make use of unnecessary space-wasters.

Now, as you have known enough about the types of kitchen sinks that are available in the market, make sure that you select the right one according to your requirements. Most of the people prefer buying the stainless-steel version for regular use, as they are durable and can be easily maintained and cleaned. However, it might not look very beautiful in your modular kitchen. Then which one should you buy? Well, the answer to this question entirely depends on your choice. However, you must bring home a basin from the best brand. Thus, here we have listed down some of the top kitchen sinks brands in India:  

List of Top Kitchen Sink Brands in India:

In this list you will find some excellent kitchen sink brands in India, which you can consider while you are planning to buy a new kitchen sink for your home:

01. Carysil Stainless Steel Beethoven D200 Double Bowl with Drainer

Carysil Stainless Steel Beethoven D200 Double Bowl with Drainer

This brand is considered as one of the best kitchen sink brands in India. They export their products in more than 20 counties like, China, Poland, Malaysia, Great Britain, Greece, Bahrain, Malta, France, Singapore, Kenya, Jordan, Dubai, Romania, USA, Israel, and many more. The headquarter of the company is located in Bhavnagar Gujarat. Carysil is popular for designing aesthetic products and cutting-edge engineering. Their products are made by prioritizing sustainability, ergonomics and high safety standards. They came up with high-quality sinks that are made of top-of-the-line composite quartz-granite marble. Their products are long lasting and can last for around 10 to 15 years.

Carysil Stainless Steel Beethoven D200 Double Bowl with Drainer

02. Franke Artisan Stainless Steel Sink, Double Bowl, Satin Steel Finish

Franke Artisan Stainless Steel Sink, Double Bowl, Satin Steel Finish

This brand is another renowned name in the sink industry. Franke was founded by Hermann Franke in 1911. It was previously a sheet metal business, however, around 1930s the brand started producing sink units in nickeling, monel-metal and gradually in stainless steel. They are popular for making high-quality stainless steel sinks. However, there are many reasons that will absolutely make you fall in love with their products. They are easy to clean, long lasting and the products are made of alloy of chrome, nickel, and steel with 17-18 percent of its alloy being chromium. Their products are not just durable, but are recyclable, which makes them environment friendly as well.

Franke Artisan Stainless Steel Sink, Double Bowl,
Satin Steel Finish

03. Jindal 204 Grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Jindal 204 Grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This brand is one of the top most brands in India. Jindal is a India based company and an industrial powerhouse with a dominant presence in steel, power, mining and infrastructure. They are not just the leading kitchen sink manufacturers but they aim to strengthen the future of the nation and works towards building a better world. The brand owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities in Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand. They provide designer sinks at the most reasonable price possible. However, their products are not very compatible with modular kitchens, nor you will find sinks that has extraordinary looks. Their products are efficient and yet won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Jindal 204 Grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

04. Hafele Splash Camelia Kitchen Sink

Hafele Splash Camelia Kitchen Sink

Häfele is an international brand that basically deals with hardware, fitting systems and electronic access control systems. They are popular and recognized globally for producing study and reliable kitchen sinks. The brand very smartly designs their products by combining durability and the latest innovative technology into the correct amount. The brand believes that, if anyone is buying their kitchen sink, they are not just bringing home a kitchen accessory, but is buying a product that will last in your kitchen and redefine it for a long time.

Hafele Splash Camelia Kitchen Sink
Nirali ECM Popular Range Grace Plain Stainless Steel Polished Sink

This brand is popular for producing quality products in India. The company has achieved title of No1 and most selling brand in India. Their high quality stainless steel kitchen sinks are very basic yet efficient products. They mostly use AISI 304 stainless steel to formulate their sink, which ensures durability to their products. Their products are typically designed to fit every small or big Indian kitchen. The brand produces products of huge variety and types to fit different requirements. Besides, the price rang of their products are also very reasonable. Thus, you can consider trying their products without giving any second thoughts.

Nirali ECM Popular Range Grace Plain Stainless Steel Polished Sink

06. Hindware 304 Grade Steel Kitchen Sink

Hindware 304 Grade Steel Kitchen Sink

Appliances from the brand Hindware are quite a common choice for the people of India. The brand provides exquisitely designed products which includes, sinks, cooktops, hobs, chimney and much more. They specially design their products with European designs and cutting-edge technology to bring the best to your part. They believe in giving extra efforts to match the aesthetics of your home. Besides, they also ensure that you can bring home something that is formulated by using the latest technologies. They are dedicated in providing high-performance and superior quality appliances. Their sinks are made by using clean drain technology, stainless steel and has attractive look. The sinks of Hindware come with various advanced features which you might not usually find in other brands. They have a great range of varieties to choose from. So that everyone can get what fits their requirements without making any compromises.

Hindware 304 Grade Steel Kitchen Sink

07. Houzer CTR-1700 Contempo Series Undermount Stainless Steel Bowl Prep Sink

Houzer CTR-1700 Contempo Series Undermount Stainless Steel Bowl Prep Sink

The brand offers style, reasonable price and variety in your kitchen sinks. They are popular for providing top quality sinks that can fit into everyone’s budget. The stainless steel that is used in making these sinks are all 300 series stainless material and their porcelain sinks use a manufacturing process that’s all their own. They offer a lifetime warranty on almost all products and their Porcela porcelain series carries 10-year coverage. Their unique styles of home have hammered copper designs, and dual-ledge sinks that provide additional workspace without the need to sacrifice counter space. You can easily find their products both in the online and offline markets.

Houzer CTR-1700 Contempo Series
Undermount Stainless Steel Bowl Prep Sink

08. Elkay ECTRU32179LTC

Elkay ECTRU32179LTC

This brand is serving the best sinks in the market since the year 1920. They use top quality materials such as stainless steel, copper, fireclay and much more to made their products. However, their stainless steel sinks are considered as the best. Some of their products comes with lifetime warranty, and some other comes with a warranty of a year or two. Their products are highly efficient and durable, which can last in your kitchen for long years. The sink of this brand have their own charm and can elevate the look of your kitchen. They use stainless steel of 300 series, however their quality justifies their high pricing. They are easily available both in the online and offline markets and are an ideal choice for premium customers.

Elkay ECTRU32179LTC

Important Points That You Must Keep In Mind Before Buying A Kitchen Sink:

Kitchen sinks are not like other appliances of your home, that can be changed every now and then if you don’t like them. They are not easily changeable, in fact, the installation and reinstallation is very hassling. Thus, following are four points which you must keep in your mind and consider checking for before making a purchase:  

Material of the sink: Sinks are used on a regular basis, thus it is important that they are made of strong and durable materials, if you want your sink to last long. Go for a sink that is made of stainless steel, granite, porcelain, and acrylic, as they are the common and reliable materials that are used to manufacture kitchen sinks.

Size and style of the sink: It is important that the sink you bring home, fits your space, and blends well with the kitchen style. Thus, the wisest thing to do is to measure the countertop and the headspace before you bring home a kitchen sink. Go for a double sink with a draining rack if you have a large kitchen. And in case you have a small kitchen, go for a small single sink.

Number of sink compartments: Now, this point is relevant to the previous one. There are various options that are available in the market, such as single, double, or triple sinks with additional drying racks. Go for the one that fits your kitchen and also your requirements.

Sink accessories: Everyone becomes happy when they get a little more than there expectations. Go for a kitchen sink brand that offers additional sink accessories, such as inbuilt garbage disposal, drying racks, etc., along with the sink.

By following this few points you will surely bring home the best kitchen sink for your kitchen. Also, you can get any type of kitchen sinks from the top brands that are listed above, as they all have innumerable options for you to select from. However, you can also check the Frequently Asked Questions section below where we have answered to some of the most commonly asked questions related to the kitchen sink brands in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which is the best kitchen sink brand in India?

There are many kitchen sink brands in India, who all claim to be the best. Each brand has their unique pattern and their advantages. However, the best kitchen sink brand can be considered as Carysil. They are globally recognized and export their products in more than 20 countries. They are popular for designing aesthetic and durable kitchen sinks.

Which grade is best for kitchen sink?

Generally, grade 304 is considered as the best grade for kitchen sinks that are made of stainless steel. Grade 304 indicates that the steel is an 18/8 stainless steel and is made up of minimum 50% iron.

What type of kitchen sink is most popular?

For big kitchen owners Double Basin or Bowl Sinks are the most popular type of kitchen sinks in the Indian market. They are extremely practical and one can use a side for washing and the other side for rinsing, and drying the utensils. However, Top-Mount, Drop-In, or Self-Rimming Sink is popular amongst the small kitchen holders.

Which is better granite or stainless steel sink?

Well, both are equally efficient in their own ways. While granite is less damageable and makes less noise, is more durable in comparison to stainless steel. On the other hand stainless steel is easier to maintain and less expensive than granite.


  • Understood the importance of Kitchen sink.
  • Got introduced to the different types of kitchen sinks that are available in the market.
  • Found out which are the top kitchen sinks brands in India.
  • Lastly explored the frequently asked questions section, where we found answers to the most commonly asked questions related to the kitchen sinks.

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