Top 5 Best electric vegetable chopper in India 2022

 Top 5 Best electric vegetable chopper in India 2022

If you are looking for the best electric vegetable chopper in India then, you are in the right place. Through, this post I will show some of the best electric vegetable chopper available online in India. With time, everything has evolved, and humans are running faster than ever. There was a time when people spent almost half of their day in the kitchen, doing nothing but chopping vegetables and preparing the meals to be served. People had both time and energy back then. However, time has changed. The competition has risen high and, as a result, time management is becoming hard. Everyone wants to cook, eat, and run faster so they don’t find themselves running behind in the race. And in this evolving journey of humans, science and technology play an essential role.

With the help of modern appliances, we can now grind different types of ingredients in just a minute with the help of a mixer; toast our bread without attending to it throughout with the use of a toaster, easily wash our clothes with the help of a washing machine, easily and quickly chop different vegetables with the help of electric choppers, and much more.

We use many essential kitchen appliances daily to make our work easier. In this article, we will find out all the required information about one such kitchen appliance, i.e., an electric vegetable chopper. Besides, we have also compiled a list of some of the best electric vegetable choppers in India, which will help you buy a better product for your kitchen. But before jumping into the list, let us try to understand what is an electric vegetable chopper and what its benefits are.

What is an electric vegetable chopper?

There is nothing wrong with including science and technology in our daily lives and making day-to-day work a little less difficult. You can say goodbye to your onion tears, messy tomatoes, and much more with an electric vegetable chopper. It is an electronic appliance that will save your time and reduce your physical stress and the mess in your kitchen. You can cut all types of vegetables in less than half the time compared to manual cutting. Let it be a basket of vegetables or fruits. You can get it chopped in minutes now. Besides, you can also cut them and store them in the same for future use.

You will find different types of electric vegetable chopper in India; they are made of different materials and types and serve different purposes. Some are specifically designed to fulfill all the requirements of a household. While there are some to meet the commercial requirements, some advanced choppers can serve both purposes. Mainly, you will find electric choppers made of stainless steel or steel, sturdy, strong, and sharp blades. Besides, an electric vegetable chopper comes with multiple attachments and blades, giving different outcomes for different requirements.

Benefits of electric vegetable choppers:

We are surrounded by technologies and advanced gadgets, which all help us work better. Humans are at that stage where they can’t imagine returning to a time when resources and technologies were limited. Advanced technology helped us do all our tasks faster and without giving much stress to our bodies. Well, an electric vegetable chopper is an example of how life becomes easier with the involvement of technology. There are many benefits of having an electric vegetable chopper at home. Following, we have highlighted some of the benefits of an electric vegetable chopper:

  • Saves time: The first benefit that you must know is that it is very practical and saves up a lot of time. You can relate if you are working and know that all preparation, cutting, and chopping take more time than the cooking process. With an electric vegetable chopper, all you need to do is peel the vegetables or fruits, and the rest of the chopper will do its job. This will save time, and you can use that time to groom yourself.
  • Uniform chopping: Well, we are all fascinated by how the pro chefs use their knife-like magical wands and come up with uniform slices of vegetables or fruits. However, let’s accept it not all can cut their ingredients as well as they. An electric chopper will help you be that pro without doing anything. It comes with different blades that can chop or dice your fruits equally, according to the requirements of your dish.
  • Safe: Imagine hosting a party at your home, and you have to cut a lot of onions for all your dishes. Surely, the thought itself is making your cry already. Your tears are precious; at least you can’t let them roll for the onions; thus, let the chopper do your work. It will finely chop all your onions without making any tears roll down your cheeks. Besides, with this product, you will be sure that you don’t encounter any accidents like cutting off your hands or fingers while trying to make a delicious meal.
  • Convenient: This kitchen appliance was designed to help you have a better cutting and chopping experience without much effort. With an electric vegetable chopper, you don’t have to take any stress and get all your vegetables and fruits chopped in just a click. They are extremely accessible and have manuals and cater to help you.

Now, as you have understood the concept of an electric vegetable chopper. We believe you might consider bringing home an electronic chopper and saving time and effort. Thus, let us not make you wait any longer and find out which are the best electric vegetable chopper in India.

List of Best Electric Vegetable chopper in India:

Following is the list of the best Electric Vegetable chopper in India

01. Borosil Chef Delite 300 W Chopper

Borosil Chef Delite 300 W Chopper

This chopper from Borosil is considered one of the best choppers in India. It is highly efficient and is designed to fulfill your daily chopping requirements. With this, you can conveniently prepare meals without shredding tears or sweat. It is equipped with two powerful blades that will ensure fast and fine chopping in no time.

  • Along with this beautiful machine, you will also get a 600-ml bowl with a lid to help you store your chopped fruits and vegetables.
  • It has two stainless steel blades for fast and fine chopping.
  • This chopper is extremely practical and durable.
  • It requires minimal maintenance and is dishwasher safe.
  • It is not ideal for preparing a large batch of ingredients.

02. Philips Hr1396 500/400-Watt 1-Litre Chopper

Philips Hr1396 500/400-Watt 1-Litre Chopper

This is a product from one of the most trusted brands in India, i.e., Philips. It has different features and attachments, making your day-to-day work easier. It is considered one of the best vegetable choppers in India. It delivers extremely powerful performance, making it an ideal pick for every household’s needs.

  • This chopper from Philips comes with an anti-splash blade guard.
  • It has a very stylish and latest appearance.
  • The double action blades of this product can cut the vegetables and fruits horizontally and vertically.
  • It is durable and has a soft guard to keep it safe.
  • It comes with buttons which makes it super accessible.
  • The after-sales services provided by the brand are not very impressive.

03. Glen GL 4043 MC Mini Chopper

Glen GL 4043 MC Mini Chopper

This mini chopper has everything that you can ask from a chopper. It is an ideal pick for bachelors and couples. It has a stylish look and is very efficient as well. It might not be an ideal pick for chopping big batches. However, it can easily and quickly chop up ingredients in its capacity. Besides, you will also get an extra bowl that avoids the risk of getting the flavors mixed. It is small, durable, and will save up much of your time.

  • With this chopper, you can chop your ingredients instantly.
  • It is equipped with an anti-skid base which ensures maximum stability.
  • It has rust-resistant two-edged blades for efficient chopping.
  • You will get a transparent polycarbonate bowl along with the machine.
  • You can also use this machine to make smoothies and combine your batters.
  • You cannot chop a big batch of ingredients in it.

04. Orpat 250W Chopper ( White )

This beautiful vegetable chopper comes in various colors for you to choose from. It has a powerful motor, which ensures an efficient outcome without making any destructive noise. Besides, it is equipped with an anti-skid base, making it sturdy. The price of this product is extremely pocket friendly, which makes it an ideal pick for all households.

  • It has a powerful motor.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • It is equipped with a multi-purpose square guard feature.
  • Its 360-degree rotation anti-slip base will ensure smooth functioning
  • The material quality of this product requires improvement.

05. INALSA Electric Chopper Bullet- 400 Watts with 100% Pure Copper Motor

INALSA Electric Chopper Bullet- 400 Watts with 100% Pure Copper Motor

This product from INALSA is super stylish, durable, and efficient. It is equipped with a powerful 400Watts motor made of 100% pure copper winding. It consumes a reasonable amount of power while operating. It is super accessible and comes with detachable double-layer stainless steel blades, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Besides, the exterior body of this product is made of ABS plastic which helps it last longer.

  • It has a compact stylish design.
  • It comes with a 500ml transparent processing bowl.
  • Equipped with stainless steel blades.
  • This chopper cannot finely grind ingredients.

How to Choose the best electric vegetable chopper in India: A Buying Guide?

An electric vegetable chopper can make your life much easier. However, shopping for the best one might not be a very easy one. While planning to buy the right electric chopper, attention should be paid to a number of important factors. Now, you might wonder what those factors are. Thus, to help you out, we have struck out some most important factors that you must compulsorily look for before bringing home the best electric vegetable chopper in India.  

Functions: You must know the functions of an electric vegetable chopper before bringing one home. There are innumerable options in the market to fulfill different requirements. Firstly, try to understand what you will use your chopper for, and accordingly make your purchase. In short, know your needs, read the manual, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Types and Number of Blades: Well, this factor determines the efficiency of a chopper. There are different blades for different purposes; the more attachments a chopper has, the better performance it ensures. Go for a vegetable chopper that has more blades for multi-purpose performance.

Material of the Bowl: Find materials for crafting a chopper bowl. Besides, if you invest in a chopper, you must ensure that it lasts for reasonable years. It is suggested to go for a chopper with a BPA-free bowl; it ensures that no harm is caused to the fruits and vegetables if you think of storing them in it for a long time.

Capacity: The capacity of a vegetable chopper is another important factor you can’t miss to consider before making a purchase. Go for a chopper with a bigger capacity if you want to cook a large batch and want to prepare beforehand; however, if you want to use your chopper for regular chopping, pick out the one with a lower capacity.

Cleaning and maintaining: Remember that the simplest chopper is the best one to consider while looking for a chopper. Because if you select a complicated chopper with an intricately designed body, you might cry while cleaning it. Thus, it is best to pick a chopper that has fewer designs, bends, and curves and also make sure that your chopper requires less maintenance and is easy to clean.

Selection of Products: The selection process of a chopper is very complicated. You have to see whether the one you select covers all the requirements. It is best to pick the one that can be used to chop fruits and vegetables. Some products have specifications that will allow you to chop and peel seeds. Thus, it is important to go through the specifications precisely before selecting one and going with the one that offers the best.

Weight: Next, check the weight of the chopper before selecting one. Buying a heavy chopper is not a practical choice, as portability is an important factor that a chopper must compulsorily have. Heavy and bulky choppers don’t just take up more space in the kitchen but can also bring a lot of hassle while you are working with them. Always select the one that is lighter and manageable.

Motor power: While you shop for an electronic appliance that works on a motor, always consider looking for the power of the motor. Your product’s motor should be of good quality and powerful to have smooth, uninterrupted performance.

Budget: You may look for the best electric vegetable chopper, but your budget plays an important role in finding one. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the one. Besides, you can get some great products at a pocket-friendly price range. The best thing to do is to note down the functions that you are expecting from your chopper, set a budget, and select the one that fits your requirements and budget the best.

Versatility and features: Lastly, consider the features before buying one. The more features your chopper has, the more versatile it becomes. It can be difficult to know what features you want, especially if you are a first-timer. However, in that case, you can check the features of the products, compare them, and only invest in the right product.


Hope this buying guide on Best electric vegetable chopper in India will help you judge whether the product is worth giving a shot or not. Well, all the products that are mentioned above in the list are listed by following these factors. They are all efficient, and you can easily find them in the online and offline markets. You can select anyone according to your requirements and budget. Hope this article was informative and will help you enhance your shopping experience.

Besides, we understand that while you are considering investing in an electric vegetable chopper, many questions might pop into your mind. Well, answering all of them might not sound practical, but to help you out, we thought of answering the most commonly asked questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is an electric chopper useful?

Yes, electric vegetable choppers are very much useful. You can chop nuts, fruits, and vegetables in it, and it will not just help you save time and effort but will also help you work without messing up your cooking area.

What are the advantages of choppers?

There are many advantages of using a chopper. They are highly efficient, small in size, work faster, accessible and flexible.

What is the average output voltage of a step-up chopper?

Generally, a step-up chopper has an input voltage of 220 V and an output voltage of 660 V.

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