Water Logging in Shillongpatty and Norshingtola :

Is it ever going to get any better?

Water logging in Shillongpatty, Narshingtola (Silchar)

Just as I was coming out of my office for some work, I was immediately struck with the harrowing memories of the Silchar floods 2022 form a few months back. I came out to the sight of water streaming in from the Norshingtola side to the Shillongpatty side. A dark, blackish water overflowing on the roads and getting spilled onto the nearby pedestrians by the passing vehicles. No distinction between the drains and the roads could be made.

Flood in norshingtola

This also becomes dangerous as drivers and pedestrians cannot even see the potholes that we all know to be present there. If just a few hours of rain is enough to cause this, what hope is there for the area. I have gotten frustrated with the question – “Is it ever going to get better?”

The sheer lack of intent and planning is almost disheartening. Just a few days back before 15th August, the road leading towards Tarapur Railway Station from the India Club point was repaved completely. For a few days, passengers could experience a smooth road in the area. But within few days of that, the road was dug up in multiple places by officials to lay some pipes. Why can there be no coordination between the departments to ensure that destruction does not remain the marker of public work?

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