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5 Best Jewellery locker for home in India (May 2023)

Best jewellery locker for home

Jewelry is a huge part of Indian culture and is highly valued by Indians. It’s impossible to dispute that the majority of families own at least a few pieces of precious jewelry, such as gold, silver, etc., in the form of rings, earrings, chains, etc. The danger of burglary increases when people have expensive jewelry that they like to keep in their own homes. It has been determined that the rate of theft of ornaments has been on the rise over the past few years. According to official statistics, there were more than 873 documented occurrences of theft per 100,000 people in the Indian union territory of Delhi, more than 70 reported cases per 100,000 people in Haryana, and more than 56 reported cases per 100,000 people in Mizoram. Having the finest jewelry safe at your disposal at all times is crucial.

These lockers are used to store valuables out of the way of prying eyes, out of the way of the elements, and out of the way of disasters like fire, flood, and earthquake. You can put your valuable jewelry in them, but they also work well for keeping money and critical papers safe. It is quite fine to keep it within your house, so you can rest easy. The safety of your precious goods depends on these lockers, thus you should only trust the best of the best. If you’re looking for good home jewelry safe, you’ll find several options discussed here to help you make a decision.

List of the Best Jewellery locker for home

Following is the list of the best jewellery locker for home available in the Indian market.

01. Godrej Forte Pro 40 Liters Digital Electronic Safe Locker
  • It has an auto frees
    feature, automatically
    activated after four
    consecutive errors.
  • It comes with alarm security.
  • You can hide your
    password while
    entering it.
  • It has a USB charging
    option as well.
  • This locker can be a bit
    expensive for some people.

Key Features:

This is a product from the most popular brand in India. Godrej is considered one of the safest and most reliable brands in the security section of India. It has been manufacturing good quality products for quite a long time now. This safe locker can be an ideal pick for you if you are looking for a secured jewellery locker for your precious jewellery. It has many interesting features, but the most attractive feature is that it comes with a backup key and a master password, which you can use if anyone forgets the primary password.

Godrej Forte Pro 40 Liters Digital
Electronic Safe Locker
02. AmazonBasics Digital safe with electonic keypad locker for Home
  • It is fire, water, and
    humidity resistant.
  • It comes with an
    innovative electronic
  • It has a large cap of
    43.04 liters.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It requires assembling,
    which can take some time.

This is a product from another popular brand in India. Amazon basics is a sub-brand of the popular e-commerce website in India, i.e. Amazon. The brand prioritises the safety and security of its users belongings. They have their impression in almost all sectors, such as fitness items, basic luggage bags, storage racks, electronics, cabinets, stationery items, furniture, decorative items, bedsheets, etc. This locker comes with a good storage capacity. It has a great security level and comes in a very attractive and affordable price range. Certainly, there are hardly any reasons why you can say no to this product.

Key Features:

AmazonBasics Digital safe with electonic
keypad locker for Home
03. Ozone Safety Solutions BAS-i10 Digital Safe
  • The brand offers a warranty
    period of 2 years on
    this product.
  • It is super affordable and
  • It comes with emergency
    keys and user and
    master codes.
  • It is resistant to fire,
    water, and humidity.
  • While it is a great pick if
    you just want to store
    your jewellery, the
    limited storage
    capacity of this
    locker might not
    allow you to store
    any other items in it.

This product is from a highly advanced brand. Ozone is popular for infusing the most futuristic technologies into its products to bring out the safest and most secure solutions for its users. This is the best digital locker with a fingerprint-locking feature that can prevent unnecessary steps and allow fast access to locked items. You can surely consider buying this locker for your precious jewellery as it will fit perfectly into your cupboard without disturbing the look of your home and won’t seek any attention towards itself.

Key Features:

Ozone Safety Solutions BAS-i10 Digital Safe
04. Yale Standard X-Large Electronic Safe Locker
  • It has a high-tech alarm
    which rings in case anyone
    uses the wrong password.
  • It comes with a digital lock,
    which makes it super
  • It has a large storage
  • It comes with a warranty
    period of 1 year.
  • The price of this product
    is pretty reasonable.
  • The size of this product is
    quite big, and it can take
    up some space in your house.

This is one of the best jewellery lockers that you can find in the Indian market. This product brand is popular for providing safe and strong security systems for the home and office. Yale has been dedicated to serving the best security products in India for the last 180 years. It integrates the latest technology in its products to ensure maximum security for valuable items. This thick box ensures superior protection for all your precious jewellery and other important items. Besides, the non-volatile memory prevents password erasure. It works properly in case of low battery as well.

Key Features:

Yale Standard X-Large Electronic Safe Locker
05. Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security Safe for Home & Office
  • It is resistant to fire, water
    and humidity.
  • It comes with an alarm that
    rings if a wrong password
    is used.
  • It is super affordable.
  • It has both a mechanical
    key and a digital
    keypad lock.
  • The durability of this
    product is questionable.

This a popular product from a renowned home security brand Valencia. The brand produces wonder safety tools. All the products from Valencia are tested vigorously before coming to the market to ensure extreme security for all your valuable items. The safety lockers from this brand have received lots of love from users lately. This locker is extremely efficient and durable at the same time. It is compact and can easily fit into your cupboard without grabbing unwanted attention.

Key Features:

Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security
Safe for Home & Office

How do we select the Best Lockers for Home

When you think of bringing home a locker for your home, you have to consider many factors, like size, durability, price, and much more. Typically the price of jewellery lockers for home start from Rs 1,000 and can go up to Rs 30,000 or more. Following are some important factors that you must consider looking for before buying a jewellery locker for your home:

01. Storage capacity

Check for the size and storage capacity before you bring home any locker. You will find lockers of different sizes and storage capacities in the market. The ideal size and capacity for you entirely depend on the purpose of your use. Besides, your locker should have sufficient space to store all the important things. Thus, understand your requirements and go for a locker with enough storage capacity to accommodate the current valuables that you might have in the future.

02. Mobility

Well, the main purpose of having a safe locker is to keep all your important and valuable items safe. However, I’d say your locker has good mobility. It can be an added advantage, allowing you to shift it smoothly and easily in case you are changing location or shifting to another place. Besides, if your locker is moveable, you can move it from its original location to a more secret place if required. Thus, go for a locker that you can easily shift from one place to another.

03. Security

This is the most important factor which technically describes the whole purpose of getting a locker in the first place. A locker should prevent misplacing and theft of valuables stored inside it. It must act as a protective shield against fire, water, and humidity. Go for a locker with advanced mechanical lock features and keypads, and biometrics that can reduce theft and other damages to your valuable items.

04. Accessible

Lockers are nowadays available in different varieties and types. The brands in the market use several advanced technologies to enhance the protection of your valuables. There is a tough locking system, either mechanical or digital. Select anyone that fits your requirements, but remember to check if you can use them easily or not. A locker with a complex system might sound super safe but imagine the same reason you cannot open it when you need it, and it will make it all useless. Thus, select a locker which is accessible and you can easily use it.

As we all know, jewellery holds both emotional and financial value. A ring, earrings or other jewellery becomes more special when gifted by a special one, and you must consider all the given factors before buying a jewellery locker for home.

Now, if you are one of those who are not yet convinced if you need to get a jewellery locker for home or not, keep reading, as in the next section, we have discussed why you compulsorily need to install a jewellery locker for precious jewellery which you store in your home.

Why should you install a jewellery locker in your home?

Installing a jewellery locker in the home has several benefits. It adds security to not just your jewellery but to all other valuable items. When your valuable items are safe, you can have peace of mind as you will know that all your precious items are safe and away from getting in contact with any vulnerable situations. Besides, your valuables are safe, and you can reach them whenever you want. Imagine keeping all your jewellery in the bank locker, and you want to go to a wedding ceremony suddenly at night. How will you get them that late? With a safe home locker, you can get 24/7 access, and you don’t have to compromise your style.  

As we have mentioned, a safe locker can be used in multiple ways. You can not just store your precious jewels in it, but you can also use it to store your passport, Social Security card, birth certificate, will, a copy of your driver’s license, insurance policies, and tax returns. They are fire-resistant, water resistant and can protect all your important documents from getting damaged by humidity and other natural calamities.

Besides, there are some safe lockers that you can use to store copies of important computer files. As you know, files can mysteriously disappear from the computer due to viruses or accidentally get deleted. With this, you can also provide full protection to your jewellery and important data.  

Well, if you own items that can be dangerous and are not supposed to leave open as you have children in your home, you must consider bringing a safe locker at home as soon as possible. Dangerous items like guns and knives should be placed in a secured location where children can’t find or reach them. They can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening as well. If you store them in a safe locker, you will not just keep them safe from theft but can eliminate causing of any accidents.

We hope these reasons are enough for you to bring home the best jewellery locker. The main motive behind the composition of this article was to provide the best information to our readers. Hope it was successful in serving the purpose. Besides, suppose you still have any other questions in your mind. In that case, you can explore the Frequently Asked Questions section below, where we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about the best jewellery lockers for a home in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Are home lockers safe?
Answer: Yes, home lockers are extremely safe. They are available in different types and variants in the market and come with many useful features. You can store all your precious items in a home locker and live peacefully.
Q. Which locker is best for home?
Answer: There are innumerable brands in the market. Each offers something different from the other. However, the brand that has been ruling the security sector for years in India is Godrej. Amazon basics also come with interesting and safe lockers. You can consider checking the list above if you want to know about more brands and products that provide the best home lockers.
Q. How do you pick a locker?
Answer: This is the first question that comes to most buyers’ minds. To answer that, buying a locker can be a tricky task. You must look for a locker’s storage capacity, accessibility, mobility, durability and security status while shortlisting your favourites. You can read the above buying guide to learn more about these factors.
Q. Is Godrej locker safe?
Answer: Yes, lockers from Godrej are considered the safest available in the market. They are smart and made using advanced technology to meet all the safety requirements. It automatically freezes after four consecutive wrong attempts. Besides, Godrej has been ruling the security market of India for ages. It is the most reliable and versatile safe locker brand, and thus you can leave all your worries behind, bring home a Godrej locker and stay secured.

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