5 Best home security system in India (December 2022)

 5 Best home security system in India (December 2022)

The world is heading in a different direction now. Trust and loyalty are rarely found in people, and security becomes very important. Manual security systems are not very reliable nowadays. You have to admit that we are surrounded by technology and gadgets. Technology has risen to that position in our lives, without which day-to-day work will become very difficult. The home security system is one such relatively-new phenomenon that is transforming the way of security. A home security system will keep a tab on every point of your house to ensure that it is safe and secured even when you are at home or going out. It has evolved with time and become a necessity that was previously considered a luxury. So, if you are looking for the best home security system in India, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we have not just provided the best information related to home security systems but also came up with a list of some of the best home security systems in India for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find the best home security system in India first.

List of best home security systems in India 2022:

Following is the list of best home security systems available in the Indian market.

01.  CP Plus set of 4 Bullet CCTV cameras with 4 Ch DVR & accessories

CP PLUS Wired 720p FHD 1MP home security system in India

This is a product from one of India’s most popular home security system brands. CP has been considered the leading brand dedicated to providing the best security products for a long time. They deliver high-quality products, which helped them gain popularity in this field. This system offers everything you can ask from a home security system.

Key Features:

  • It is ready to install a security system.
  • It comes with four full HD 1MP night vision CCTV cameras.
  • The cameras of this system have a 1/3″ CMOS image sensor.
  • This comes with several accessories.
  • The brand offers a warranty period of 2 years on the camera and DVR.
  • It comes with all the required connectors.
  • ·        The DVR used in this system is an old v
CP Plus set of 4 Bullet CCTV cameras
with 4 Ch DVR & accessories

02. Remo+ Bell S Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

Remo+ Bell S Wi-Fi Video Doorbell home security system in India

Innovative and advanced technology are the two words that can describe this product the best. Get this installed in your home, and always stay secure from unwanted and dangerous intruders. This product is from a renowned brand that produces quality products. This is super practical and smart at the same time. Bring this security system

home and know who is trying to make an entry into your house even when you are not around.

Key Features:

  • It comes with night vision.
  • It supports WiFi connectivity.
  • You can mount it on the wall or door.
  • It is a hands-free two-way audio and video security system
  • It allows one-touch calling
  • It is made by infusing adaptive IR technology
  • The price of this product can be a bit expensive for some people
Remo+ Bell S Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

03. 10 Security Video Cameras, 1.3MP HD Wireless Bullet Cameras

10in Security Video Cameras,

This second camera comes with 1.3MP high-definition security cameras that can deliver high-quality, wide-angle footage. Besides, it can do recording, motion detection, and usual monitoring and has screenshot mode. It is water resistant and can bear the harshest climate easily. It supports wired and wireless operations and can connect to mobile phones, iPad, computers, and other platforms. The support cascade connection is a connectable distance of more than 400 meters. In the package, you will get indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras, a power adapter, a WiFi antenna and accessories, a screw bag, a mouse, a network cable, and a user manual.

Key Features:

  • It has high-definition security cameras.
  • It is a wired and wireless dual-use system.
  • It can easily connect to different gadgets.
  • It is super accessible and efficient.
  • It is water resistant and remains unaffected in harsh climates.
  • It is durable and can last for a long time.
  • There is no definite information regarding the warranty policy offered by the brand.
Security Video Cameras, 1.3MP HD Wireless Bullet Cameras

04. ANNKE Surveillance Camera System, 1080P 8CH DVR Home Security Camera

ANNKE Surveillance Camera System

This security system for the home comes with an 8CH 3MP high-definition starlight effect. This is a 5-in-1 security DVR that works efficiently with four starlight surveillance cameras to provide bright and colour-saturated pictures to the users. The cameras of this system use a sensor with a larger target surface and a lens with a larger aperture, thus bringing a feast to your eyes.

Key Features:

  • The connection type of this device is wireless.
  • It has a memory storage capacity of 1 TB.
  • It delivers footage in 1080P resolution.
  • It has amazing night vision.

  • The brand offers a warranty period of 3 years on this product
  • It has a customizable motion detection feature.
  • The price of this product can be a bit expensive for some people.
ANNKE Surveillance Camera System,
1080P 8CH DVR Home Security Camera

05. Eoqo Security Camera,eoqo 1080P PIR Motion Detection Home Security Camera System

eoqo Security Camera

You would love to install this unique and interesting-looking home security system in your house. It has a fully high-definition 1080P camera that can capture high-quality videos and pictures. The lens of this camera is very efficient and can provide a wide view angle of 105 degrees, making it an ideal pick for your home. The design of this product and the technology used is highly advanced, yet it is super accessible.

Key Features:

  • It requires 1 Lithium Polymer battery.
  • It has a memory storage capacity of 128 GB.
  • It can shoot videos and capture pictures at 1080P resolution.
  • It comes with a built-in 2400mah battery.

  • It has a highly sensitive human heat sensor that can work from an angle of 120 degrees and 50 feet away.
  • It has powerful night vision.
  • This system cannot deal with harsh climates very well.
Eoqo Security Camera,eoqo
1080P PIR Motion Detection Home Security Camera System

Some of the best home Security Systems in India are easily available in both online and offline markets. You can select anyone that fits your requirements the best. However, if you are wondering how these products could make their way into the list, you must keep reading to find out the criteria we followed in selecting the best. You, too, can consider looking for these important factors to determine if the product is an ideal pick for you or not.

How We Pick The Best Home Security System in India: A Buying Guide?

There are innumerable options for home security systems available in the Indian market, and all claim to be the best. However, you should know about the criteria to find out yourself if the product is worth giving a shot at or not. Following are some important factors that you can consider before buying a home security system in India:

01. Power Source

Knowing about the power source is very important. Wired security systems don’t require a power source. However, they are connected to a central recording device. At the same time, wireless security systems can be lowered by a battery that requires regular charging. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Understand which one will be convenient for you and go with that one only.

02. Features

Home security systems are of different models. They have different features, amongst which some are very important such as motion-activated recording, smartphone alerts, high-quality resolution, and night vision. Your home security system compulsorily must have it. Besides, the more features your security system has, the better it becomes. Two essential and useful features are two-way audio, built-in sirens and floodlight, and a wide field of view to capture more areas with fewer cameras. Go for a security system with the most advanced features to provide superior security.

03. Privacy

Generally, wireless cameras can share video through the internet, and it is further stored on a cloud-based server, which can sometimes leave a loop for hackers to intrude. Thus, it is suggested that you should purchase the security system from brands that are reliable and trusted in the market. Check for the privacy features carefully before making a purchase.

04. Alerts

Several security systems these days can recognize a suspicious event and send an alert to your smartphone. On the other hand, several others can send a text or email notifications if they encounter unusual motion or sound or detect any unknown face. Go for the one that has the most advanced and convenient way of sending alerts to you during any unexpected situation.

05. Battery Backup

Knowing about a home security system’s power outages is an important factor you must consider before making a purchase. If your battery runs on battery, it might turn dark, and you might lose all the required proof if the battery dies. Keep this feature in mind while looking for a home security system.

06. Mobile App

Most home security systems can be operated through smartphones or tablet apps. It is considered the most reliable way to have a tab on the area. The best home security system has options like customizable notifications, sound detection sensitivity, change motion, and specific detection zones. Besides, it should also come with software that is accessible and can be used by everyone.

07. Warranty

Your security system must come with a good warranty policy. It plays an important role in the maintenance of the system. You must select a system with a long warranty duration, as it will be useful in cutting down the extra expenditure you might face during any miss happening caused to the product.

08. Pricing

Money is one of the people’s most important factors before purchasing any product. The case is not different when we deal with home security systems. You should carefully go through the specifications of the home security system of your choice and compare it with the other available options. Select the one that offers the best features at a reasonable price range. In our list, we have combined expensive and budget-friendly options so that you can decide according to your requirements.

Client Reviews Checking for reviews that are posted online is one of the most reliable sources then you can consider to find out if the product is worth giving a shot at or if you should maintain a distance from it. Evaluate the ratings and reviews properly before buying a home security system. Pick the one that has the most positive reviews from the users.

Now, as you know, these are the factors we have used to find the best home security system in India. You too can use the same method to determine the reliability of a security system. Let us now understand the different types of home security systems available in the Indian market so that you can understand which type fits the best according to your requirements.

Types Of Home Security Systems in India:

The following are types of Home Security Systems in India

01. DIY Home Security Systems

Such types of home security systems are made by combining many elements. You can also monitor the activities through the most general mobile app. Besides, there are other types of DIY systems that come with a professional monitoring system that will vary from category to category.

02. Professional Smart Home Security System

There are generally two types of professional, smart home security systems. One that the technician professionally installs. And the other comes with professional monitoring, where a dedicated team is prepared who would respond to the alerts.

03. Wired

Such types of security systems have been widely seen for years. They are hardwired into an existing electrical system in the house.

04. Wireless

Such a type of security system requires no wires to operate. They work on a combination of batteries, cellular backup or WiFi, and a monitoring centre. This type of home security system is accessible and can be installed easily. However, you must charge them frequently to enjoy the uninterrupted performance.

05. Smart

This system is connected to the internet, which helps the users get live footage even when they are not around the targeted area. You can receive notifications on your mobile and control them remotely.

06. Local

Such home security systems are not connected to the internet. Thus, you can’t control it remotely or receive notifications. This system comes with professional monitoring systems via landline or cellular backup.

After gathering all the required information related to the best Security Systems in India, suppose you are still wondering or unclear about the fact that why you need a home security system. In our next section, we have mentioned some advantages of having a home security system.

Advantages of Having a Home Security System:

  • A home security system also comes with a professional monitoring system, which can send alerts directly to the police contact in case it detects anything suspicious.
  • Home security systems can easily recognize and deter burglars, which can scare away suspected intruders.
  • The system can send simple safety alerts through text notifications, email, or by making alarming noise.
  • You can easily find a home security system at a reasonable and affordable price range. Besides, you can enjoy some hefty home security systems discounts during the sale seasons.
  • You can see live footage of your security area even if you are miles away. Thus, you can take care of your home while you vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

. What are home security systems?

The concept of a home security system is not very complicated. It combines physical and electronic components that work simultaneously to provide full protection to your house by monitoring it.

How do home security systems work?

Basically, the technology used in making home security is very practical. The user can see live footage with the help of a security camera through a mobile app. The system will send notifications through text messages, email, or alarm alerts from the sensors to the user if it detects any suspicious activity.

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