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5 Best video door phone with WiFi in India 2023

Best video door phone with WiFi in India

The world is evolving and getting smarter with time. Along with all the good things technology has brought to our lives, burglars and thieves are getting more advanced with time. Currently, you might feel insecure even if you are at home or outside. Besides, leaving home alone for a long time can trigger many thoughts and fears of theft. As crime is growing rapidly, your home, children, and valuable items nothing is safe. The solution to this problem is very simple. All you have to do is install a video door phone with Wi-Fi. It might not come to fight with the thieves, but it can help monitor who is at your doorstep, even when you are not around. In this article, we will find out the best video door phone with WiFi in India.

List of the Best Video Door Phone With WiFi

A video door phone is nothing but a system you can install at your home or office for additional security. With this, you can directly see who is standing outside and determine if you want to welcome the person or not without opening the door or having an in-person meeting. Such systems are water and harsh weather-resistant and are very efficient in providing you with the first stage of security. In this list today, we have picked out some of the best video door phone with WiFi so that you can easily make the right decision. They are all from renowned brands and are in demand throughout the year for all good reasons. So, let’s not waste any more time and find out everything about the best video door phone with WiFi in India:

01. HIKVISION Analog Video Door Phone
  • The video door phone
    comes with hands-free
    intercom communication,
    making it an advanced
  • It comes with a hefty
    storage capacity of
    200 images.
  • The microphone of this
    product has noise and
  • The night vision offers
    clear and efficient
  • The only downside of this
    product is that the device
    doesn’t have a very
    impressive wide-
    angle view.

This video door phone from the brand HIKVISION is considered one of India’s best door phones with Wi-Fi. The brand provides good quality products to its users. This product comes with a hands-free video intercom communication system. It has a large colourful TFT LCD of 7 inches, and the camera shoots videos and images in 800 x 480 resolution. The IR of this product is automatically activated to provide clear night vision for better security. Besides, it has a hefty storage capacity and can store around 200 images. And lastly, it has a built-in Omnidirectional microphone and loudspeaker with noise cancellation. It echoes cancellation features making it an absolute pick for your home and office.

Key Features:

HIKVISION Analog Video Door Phone
02. Godrej Security Solution SeeThru VDP RE7 V-Series Video Door Phone
  • It has several melodies and
    door chimes.
  • It is resistant to water
    and dust.
  • It has a high-resolution
    pinhole camera.
  • You can easily unlock the
    door with it without
    attending it in person.
  • The product doesn’t come
    with a manual for any direction.

This video door phone is a product from one of the most popular brands in the Indian security market. Godrej is a renowned brand which is serving quality products to the people of India for ages. The brand is dedicated to maintaining the reputation that it has earned over such a long time. This product is super innovative and will let you know what I’d going on in front of your door, even if you are or are not at home. It can be easily connected to 2 Outdoor units, 2 CCTV cameras, 1 master monitor + 3 slave monitors, and 1 CCTV output for better security. Besides, it also supports 1 channel output relay that can open the slide gate. And as a bonus, this video door phone is waterproof, vandal-proof, and harsh weather resistant. It is super durable and highly accessible. With this, you can even receive notifications on your TV or smartphone while you are not at home.

Key Features:

Godrej Security Solution SeeThru VDP RE7
V-Series Video Door Phone
03. Qubo Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Video Doorbell from Hero Group
  • It comes with a full high-
    definition camera with
    1080P resolution.
  • It has 36 chime tunes.
  • It is compatible with
    different devices, such
    as Alexa and Google
  • The durability of this
    product is questionable.

This wireless video door phone from Qubo is a one-stop solution for your home security. It will help you secure your home by protecting all your private data. With this, you can easily record everything in your house in your presence or absence and stay aware of who is making an entry to your house. It comes with a 1080P fully high-definition camera, delivering clear footage for your security. Besides, it comes with several other interesting features, such as a two-way audio communication system, an intruder alarm feature, and a visitor call on the phone. That is not just it. This video door phone has 36 chime tunes and is compatible with Alexa & Google assistance.

Key Features:

Qubo Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Video Doorbell
from Hero Group
04. CP PLUS’ 7″ Color Video Door Phones.
  • It is super slim and
    has an attractive design.
  • It has a Visitor Calling and
    Video intercom.
  • It is weatherproof and
  • It does not have a night
    vision feature.

This video door phone is a product from CP. It comes with a wide display and in-built microphones, allowing you to have a clear conversation with your visitors who are standing at your door without opening it. The camera of this system offers high-quality images even during the night. However, it doesn’t have any specific night vision feature, which can be a matter of concern to many. If you want, you can also connect and add CCTV cameras with this system for superior security. It is super accessible and can be used in the home and office per your requirements.

Key Features:

CP PLUS’ 7″ Color Video Door Phones.
05. Okos Wi-fi Enabled Video Doorbell
  • It works with a dedicated
    smart app specifically
    designed for the tool.
  • You will get a quick-release
    18650 rechargeable battery
    -free with this product.
  • It is compatible with other
    smart devices in your home.
  • The brand is not a very
    popular one.

This is a Wi-Fi-enabled home security system from Okos. It has a high-definition 1080P camera that records video and clicks pictures with its wide-angle lens. It has several other important features to help you see, speak and gear to anyone standing behind your door through your phone.

It has attractive features like motion detection, night vision, cloud video recording, and local storage on a Micro SD card. It has a great battery which can last for 6 to 8 months. Besides, you will get 18650 rechargeable batteries free with this product. It comes with PIR motion detection, automatically detecting if someone comes at the door. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, making your life much easier.

Key Features:

Okos Wi-fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Features to consider before buying a video door phone with WiFi in India

01. A Buying Guide

Buying a video door phone with WiFi can be a tricky task to do. Especially because it’s a new gadget which people have started to include in their home security requirements. Not many people understand their requirements and buy something that is not very useful. In such situations, the wisest thing to do is understand your requirements and check for important factors before purchasing. Now, you may wonder how you will know what to look for in a video door phone. So, to answer this question, you don’t have to worry as here we have mentioned the most basic and important factors that you must consider looking for before buying a video door phone with Wi-Fi so that you can judge if you should give that product a shot or should maintain distance from it.

02. Offline vs Online

While looking for a video door phone with WiFi, the first thing you must check is that the product can work online. You might come across many video door phones at a low price; however, with such devices, you can only receive a video call in your kitchen or living room, which is obviously not enough. As technology has advanced so much, if you intend to make your home a smart home, you can’t lag behind with this type of old model. Select the one that can work both online and offline so that you can receive footage and video calls from your visitors even when you are not at home.

03. Night vision

The importance of security increases at night, and the next factor is relevant. Consider checking for the night vision of the product before making a decision. Suppose you want complete security in your home 24/7. In that case, the camera of your video door phone should have great night vision as without it is just 50% security and which is not enough. Go for that one system that has efficient night vision for high security.

04. Integration with intercom

Next, you must look for integration with the intercom. You will find many video door phones in the market that have proprietary technology only. Although they might serve the purpose, they are not compatible with other systems, which might concern you. Such devices come with their own app; thus, you have to install it just for your video door phone, which is an unreasonable waste of your phone storage. The best solution for this is to get a video door phone that is compatible with all your home’s smart devices. So that you can easily connect them to your Wi-Fi and enjoy superior security. All the products mentioned above are session initiation protocol video door phones.

05. Advanced Specifications and Feature

Checking for the next feature is very important. Before buying a video door phone, always ensure that it has advanced door unlock features and can integrate itself with the most common digital door lock without extra charges. Besides, the price of the video door phone entirely depends on its features; thus, check for the specifications and features offered carefully. It should have a hands-free call so you can still answer the call even if you are working inside the house and your hands are occupied. Go for the one that offers the best according to your requirements.

06. Remote access

Next, check if your system can be accessed remotely. If your video door phone can be accessed remotely, you can easily operate it from anywhere. This means you can answer the call and talk to the person who is standing at your door without being present at the door.

07. Storage

The main purpose of your video door phone is to record and store footage for further use, in case you need it. Thus, checking for the storage capacity of the video door phone is very important. Go for the one that comes with a good storage capacity.

If you follow these factors, you can be sure that you are investing your money in the right place. Besides, all the products mentioned in the list are from renowned brands, and they could make their way to the list because they fulfilled all the required criteria. Thus, you can select one among these and enjoy ultimate security for your home and office.

This article was designed to provide the best information to you. Hope it could prove itself helpful in finding the best video door phone with Wi-Fi in India. Besides, we understand that as a buyer, you might have several questions going on in your mind.

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