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5 Best Premium air bike in India for home and Gym 2023

Exercise plays an important role in your health. Well, life is a race, and everyone is running to compete; people nowadays don’t have time to go out and exercise. Thus, if you plan to bring home an air bike and work out to stay fit, you are doing the right thing. However, you need to select the best air bike in India. Air bikes which are the best, hold the potential to tumble even the most experienced athlete, they are capable of delivering great results. Such bikes are tough and additionally make you strong if you use them regularly.

Well, the wide range of options can confuse you in the worst way possible. However, to help you out, we have listed 5 best air bikes in India in our next section so that you can invest your money in the right product. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find out which are the best air bike in India:

List of the best Air Bikes in India for weight loss

Following are the list of the best air bikes for intensive training available online in India.

01. ASSAULT AIRBIKE Elite Bicycle
  • It offers high-intensity
  • It has a very sturdy and
    strong frame.
  • It allows you to do Cross Fit.
  • It comes with a speed and
    heart rate monitor.
  • The price of this product is
    quite high.
  • The weight of this product is
    a bit towards the higher end.

This is one of the best air bikes in the Indian market. It is a loved product by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is made of premium quality materials, making it super durable. The machine offers a total count of twenty, which is super efficient. The price of this product is quite high. However, the quality and facilities of this product justify the amount.

ASSAULT AIRBIKE Elite Bicycle stylish
ASSAULT AIRBIKE Elite Bicycle desigh for strength durability
ASSAULT AIRBIKE Elite Bicycle comes with secure packaging

Key Features:

  • The weight of this product is 110 Pounds.
  • It uses an air resistance mechanism.
  • With this, you can get a full-body workout.
02. PowerMax Fitness BU-201 Dual Action Air Bike
  • With this, you can easily
    monitor the time, speed,
    calories burnt and
    distance covered.
  • It is equipped with
    micro-adjustment tension
  • The product has anti-skid
    pedals with adjustable foot
    straps that ensure utmost
  • It comes with a warranty of
    1 year.
  • It also has a movable handlebar
    and foam hand grips for a
    firmer hold.
  • The durability of this product
    is questionable.
  • It is a light weighted product
    that might not take
    intense sessions very

This is an affordable and efficient option for you. If you are on a certain budget, consider giving it a shot. It has an efficient display that will help you monitor all the impotent health goals, such as calories, time, pulse rate, distance, speed, etc. It is equipped with micro-adjustment tension control and a belt drive system. It is made of a high-quality steel frame, and it also has adjustable foot straps.The anti-skid pedals and adjustable foot straps make it an ideal pick for users.

PowerMax-Fitness-BU-201-Dual-Action-Air-Bike max user weight
PowerMax-Fitness-BU-201-Dual-Action-Air-Bike micro adjustment tent controll
PowerMax-Fitness-BU-201-Dual-Action-Air-Bike BU 201

Key Features:

  • It can take up to 120 kg of weight.
  • It is a single-piece crank.
  • It comes with an LCD monitor that showcases important health goals. 
PowerMax Fitness BU-201 Dual Action
Air Bike
03. Reach AB-110 BPT Air Bike
  • It comes with moving and stationary handle options
    for you to choose from.
  • It has back support, a twister,
    and a push-up bar.
  • You can rely on the customer service.
  • The brand offers a warranty
    period of 1 year on this
  • The frame is not very sturdy.
  • Comparatively, it can take up
    less weight.

This is another in-budget air bike that you can consider buying. It is a full-body workout equipment that can support up to 100 kg of weight. This exercise bike will enhance the strength of your lower body. Simultaneously, the dual-action arms of this product can increase the endurance of your upper body. With this, you can enjoy a better pedaling technique, which allows you to have less momentum-based recovery and much more.

Reach AB-110 BPT Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym 100 kg max user weight
Reach AB-110 BPT Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym many features included
Reach AB-110 BPT Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym 100 kg max user weight

Key Features:

  • It can take up to 100 kg of weight.
  • It comes with a belt drive resistance system.
  • It allows vertical seat adjustment.
Reach AB-110 BPT Air Bike
04. National Bodyline Exercise Cycle
  • It is a mid-range product that
    is super efficient.
  • It comes with adjustable
    pedals and resistance.
  • It has balance regulators.
  • This National Bodyline
    Exercise Cycle can be a
    bit expensive for some
  • The product is quite heavy,
    which makes it less portable
    and movable.

This is another premium air bike that is loved by users in the Indian market. It is made of premium quality alloy steel, which is considered as one of the best materials that makes any product sturdy and durable.This model comes with all the basic parameters which are included across all models mentioned in this list. However, it is equipped with the feature of monitoring the exact calorie pre and post work out. The distance display feature is uniquely designed for user interaction and precise data. It has transportation wheels, a comfortable seat, a balance regulator, adjustable pedals, and resistance. You can easily install it by using the instructions provided and tools. However, you can also seek help from a professional to install your equipment.

National Bodyline Exercise Cycle for Home user weight 150kg
National Bodyline Exercise Cycle for Home with display features
National Bodyline Exercise Cycle for Home sturdy frame

Key Features:

  • It is an all-inclusive flywheel.
  • It can take up to 200 kg of weight.
  • It comes with a double structure for more safety.
National Bodyline Exercise Cycle
05. Kobo SB-4 with 13 Kg Fly Wheel Exercise Spin Bike
  • This product comes with the
    feature of monitoring the
    exact calorie while you work
  • It allows two ways of rotation.
  • It is super safe and sturdy.
  • The display of this product
    could be bigger.
  • The quality of plastic used
    in this product is not
    very impressive.

This product is from the brand Kobo. It is efficient, equipped with all essential features, and comes reasonably priced. It allows you to vertically and horizontally adjust your seat. It is a belt drive, fixed gear, two ways rotation machine. It is equipped with a shockproof resistance brake to ensure a healthier and more comfortable riding experience.

Kobo SB-4 with 13 Kg Fly Wheel Exercise Spin Bike with heavy duty metal
Kobo SB-4 with 13 Kg Fly Wheel Exercise Spin Bike sipper with holder stand
Kobo SB-4 with 13 Kg Fly Wheel Exercise Spin Bike comfortable and padded seat

Key Features:

  • It can take weigh up to 120 kg.
  • It allows vertical and horizontal adjustments of the seat.
  • The dimensions of this product are 108 x 50 x 115 cm.
Kobo SB-4 with 13 Kg Fly Wheel
Exercise Spin Bike

Factors that you must consider before buying the best air bike in India

Buying the right product is not an easy task. There are innumerable options in the market, and all will claim to be the best in their own ways. However, you obviously can’t trust any random product and bring it home. You have to be very careful while you are making your decision. There are several criteria that you must check before making a purchase. We have mentioned them so that you can easily make the right decision:

01. Size and capacity

The first thing that you must consider looking for is the size of the product and the weight capacity that it is capable of taking. While looking for the best air bike in India, you will be surprised to find air bikes of different heights, weights, and strengths. There is no point in bringing the one that is not suitable according to your requirements. Thus, the best thing to do is select the one compatible with your requirements.

02. Connectivity

Looking for this factor is important in an air bike. It should be compatible with your other devices to enjoy your workout session. In fact, it should come with jacks, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity.

03. Materials

This factor will determine how long your product will work. It is important to check for the material used to make the product. While you are investing your hard-earned money in buying something, it is obvious that you will expect it to last for a long time. Select that one air bike that is made of top quality materials, which doesn’t just make it durable but safe as well. Besides, check whether the material is easy to clean and maintain. Go for the only one that is durable, safe, and requires minimal maintenance.

04. Accessibility

Bringing an air bike home that requires extra effort to operate is useless. Accessibility is crucial if you want to work out without stressing yourself with the operation. Besides, setting up also should not be complicated. Select one air bike that you can use simply and with clear instructions. Also, pick a brand that offers easy installation or services to the customers.

05. Quality

Next, you must check the quality of the air bike before making a purchase. Quality will help you determine the longevity of the product. Select a brand that renowned for providing the best quality air bikes. It will help you ensure that the product you are relying on is efficient and safe for personal use.

06. Budget

Money is an important factor that is considered by several people. There is nothing wrong with having a budget. In fact, it is certainly a good idea. Note down your requirements, set a budget accordingly, go through the options, and pick the one that simultaneously fits your requirements and budget.

07. Noise

Next, look for the noise level that is created by the air bike. Since air bikes are packed with fan wheels that can generate noise if anyone performs vigorous training. Besides, the bike or belt drive chain can also produce noise. However, while selecting, you must pick the one product that produces minimal noise while operating so that you can easily enjoy your workout session without creating much disturbance to others.

08. Weight

While looking for air bikes, you will find out they are available in different weights. The weight of an air bike depends on your body weight. While selecting, you should be extremely careful when picking the one that goes well withyour body weight.

09. Technology

Air bikes are made by using different technologies, which are useful in monitoring the heart rate, distance traveled, duration of workout, calories burned, etc. Thus, check for the technology used in making the product. Go for the one equipped with digital monitors that can display all the required parameters so that you can stay aware of the progress.

10. Adjustability

You might not get the most ideal piece for yourself. Air bikes are made on the universal ground; thus, making a specific one for each person is impossible. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise. You can pick an adjustable air bike. Various models come with adjustable seats and pedals, that permits you to start or continue exercising with the equipment.

11. Extra accessories

A little extra is always nice. Look for one with several accessories like heart rate monitors, phone holders, etc. With something extra coming along with the product, you can cut off the extra expenditure. Select an air bike that offers you extra accessories.

If you consider following all these factors while buying the best air bike in India, you can be sure that you are bringing the right one home. All the products are listed by following the same critera. Besides, if you are confused, you can explore the next section, where we have thoroughly compared all the products mentioned in the list.


ProductsBatteries IncludedWeightResistance MechanismBearable weight
AssaultFitness Air Bike Classic – BlackYes110 PoundsAir159 kg
PowerMax Fitness BU-201 Dual Action Air BikeYes16 KilogramsFriction120 kg
Reach AB-110 BPT Air BikeYes22 kg 600 gBelt Drive100 kg
National Bodyline Exercise CycleYes60 kgFriction200 kg
Kobo SB-4 with 13 Kg Fly WheelYes37 kgMagnetic120 kg


All the products mentioned above are good in their own ways. However, suppose money is not an issue for you, and you have a good budget. In that case, you can go for National Bodyline Exercise Cycle. It is efficient, and looking at the features offered, it comes at a reasonable price range.

We hope you have gained enough knowledge about air bikes in India. The main purpose of the construction of this product is to provide the best information to the readers. We hope we successfully serve the purpose and enhance your shopping experience. However, we did not avoid the fact that, as a buyer, there can be several questions in your mind. To help you out, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about the best air bikes in India in the section below and get brief answers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are air bikes worth it?
Answer: Yes, air bikes are worthy. It helps in giving you a full-body workout in a short period. Air bikesare a great option for anyone looking for equipment that will allow them to have an intense cardio and tough training. They can be a great choice if you want workout equipment for your home.
Q. Cab air bikes help in building muscle?
Answer: You can build muscle by exercising on an air bike. With it, you can form your resistance by pedaling. It will increase your resistance depending on the speed of your pedaling. The resistance will finally help you build muscle while improving your heart rate and the overall health of yours.
Q. Why is air biking so hard?
Answer: Well, air biking can be a difficult form of exercise as with an air bike, you are involving your entire body. It is very much different from other pieces of exercise equipment that only focuses on one particular part of the body. Besides, it also helps in boosting and increasing the resistance in your lower body. An intense workout in an air bike can also be beneficial to your arms, chest, shoulders, and oblique to increase speed and power with the handles of the equipment.
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