Why is no one buying AMD’s Zen 4 chips?

Based on the latest market report which is now available online, it appears that the CPU market is slowing down. Sales of Intel and AMD CPUs have declined over the past month, but they are still higher than they were during the summer. But according to latest reports, it is seen the Zen 4 chips are selling less than Zen 3 chips and people do not like it as well. So what’s the reason behind this? Let’s find out.

ZEN 4 stats

In terms of AMD CPU sales, Zen4 7000 sales represented 15% of the market, Zen3 5000G accounted for 13%, and Zen3- Ryzen 5000 sales was 71%. This indicates that the Zen3 chip architecture is responsible for 84% of all sales, which is 5.6 times larger than Zen4’s share. The company’s predecessor, Alder Lake, had 43% of total sales, whereas Raptor Lake had 46%. The market share and revenue of AMD CPUs remain the highest among individual CPUs. The three most popular CPUs are AMD Ryzen 5800X, AMD 5600X, and AMD Ryzen 5800X3D. Although Ryzen 7000 CPUs were most popular (7700X), Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPUs ranked 3 times higher.

What is causing Zen 4 to struggle?

Due to the AMD’s use of expensive DDR5 memory and limited availability of affordable compatible motherboards, AMD’s Zen 4 chips are significantly more expensive than Intel’s Raptor Lake. These greater ecosystem expenditures may have discouraged potential buyers from going forward and purchasing Zen 4 consoles.

ZEN 4 Architecture

However, there is reason to be optimistic about the future of CPU sales. According to reports, Intel and AMD are poised to release significant updates to their respective CPU series. This week at CES 2023, AMD and Intel are expected to announce 65W versions of their Ryzen 7000 and 13th Gen Core CPUs.

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