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BigHit Music requests BTS fans not to send gifts and letters to Jin

South Korean music group BTS presented a statement on Thursday over its member Jin’s military training. BigHit Music announced that Jin would soon return from the training and specified that people should not send gifts for him to the training center. 

Jin, popularly known as Kim Seokjin, is a 30-year-old singer of BTS. He currently went for military service, which is compulsory for all abled men aged 18 to 28 in South Korea. 

The South Korean government relaxed the group members from participating in mandatory military service until they turned 30. Jin is the first one in the group to go for the service. He left for training on the 13th of December, 2022. According to the media reports, Jin is taking his training at a boot camp of a front-line army division in Yeoncheon. The camp is located towards the north of Seoul.

The BigHitMusic requested the fans not to send gifts to the training center as it is made to conduct military training. It also mentioned that a large number of gifts and letters could cause disturbance in the training process. It further added that it could be extremely helpful if the fans don’t send gifts once Jin returns from training. Instead, fans can send messages, and BigHit Music will ensure that Jin sees the messages personally once he returns. 

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