AMD Ryzen 7950X3D CPU 2023: all set to release in February

Last seen in AMD’s highly successful Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor, 3D V-Cache is finally being added to new processors from AMD. The Ryzen 9 7950X3D with 144MB of cache was unveiled by AMD today at CES.

  • This will be the flagship model in AMD series.
  • 3D V-Cache technology is the first to be incorporated into a 16-core CPU in this model.
  • Chips will have 32 threads, 144MB cache (64MB CCD, 64MB V-Cache + 16MB L2), and 120W power consumption.
  • The chip runs at 4.2 GHz for its base clock and 5.7 GHz for its boost clock.

If the TDP of the Non-3D part is 50W lower than the 3D part, this should provide an explanation.

There is no information regarding pricing yet. A single CCD is used for the SRAM cache in AMD’s Ryzen 9 X3D parts instead of both CCDs for its 3D V-Cache structures. As a result, AMD can maximize gaming performance by retaining the secondary die for higher clock speeds (1T) while at the same time optimizing the performance through a single CCD. Therefore, speed shouldn’t be sacrificed for multi-threaded applications or gaming performance as was the case with the previous generation.

The cache die should be prioritised since this chip is primarily intended for use in video games. The final retail units will be interesting to see, as well as how far AMD can optimize the new chips. Gamer’s who crave cache will likely be intrigued by these chips even if the upgrade isn’t as substantial as initially expected. There is no pricing information yet on AMD’s new V-Cache CPUs, which are expected to be available in February.

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan Nath

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