When it comes to AI, Microsoft comes out on top

With nearly two decades of advancement in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft believes it has the best “brain” for delivering a hyper-intelligent future. Do you want to know why? Below are the reasons.

  • $1billion investment from Microsoft is being made in Open AI in order to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI). In addition to providing OpenAI with cloud computing services, Microsoft will also develop new technologies with the company. A few of the OpenAI technologies may also be licensed to Microsoft for commercialization, although a date and what technologies will be involved have not yet been determined.
  • OpenAI and GitHub have launched Copilot, owned by Microsoft. With the service, suggestions are provided for major lines of code within Microsoft Visual Studio IDEs. The AI model that powers Copilot is called Codex, which identifies functions and code based on the existing codes.
  • The Microsoft company invests heavily in DALL-E, an AI-based system from OpenAI that creates images from text. DALL-E 2 is being integrated with Bing and Microsoft Edge’s Image Creator tools during this week’s Ignite conference, Microsoft announced.
  • Microsoft has also unveiled VALL-E, an artificial intelligence model capable of recreating any kind of voice from an audio clip. Over 7,000 speakers contributed more than 60k hours of language speech.
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology is reportedly planned for integration into Microsoft Office applications. Users of Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint will be able to generate texts with natural language prompts using the new AI-powered features, according to a new report
  • OpenAI, owner of ChatGPT, is in talks with Microsoft Corp about investing $10 billion in a financing round valued at $29 billion. Until Microsoft recoups its investment, Microsoft will receive 75% of OpenAI’s profits
  • ChatGPT will be used to answer search queries in a new version of Bing being developed by Microsoft. Bing will be more competitive with Google after Microsoft launches the latest feature, according to the Information.

In the past six years, Microsoft has positioned itself as a leader in AI. In an interview, CEO Satya Nadella stressed the need for smarter software and services. Using ChatGPT, it appears that Microsoft now intends to try to implement this feature into Bing.

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan Nath

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