Which motor is used in Mixer Grinder?

Currently, energy-efficient appliances are necessary due to the shortage of energy resources. Therefore, Universal motors, DC motors or induction motors are used in all domestic appliances. Mixer grinders are measured by their motor’s wattage. Wattage determines the power of an appliance. The fact remains that power does not always equate to better performance. A mixer grinder’s size and frequency of use will also affect your decision when choosing one. However, in this article, we will mainly focus on the motor that we use in a mixer grinder. So keep reading.

Understand the motor?

Copper wind motor

Universal motor is used in mixer grinders. Other household appliances, such as refrigerators and fans, utilize this motor as well. Universal motors are special motors that can run on single-phase DC or AC power sources. Generally, these motors have series winding, which produces maximum starting torque. Because of this, universal motors are typically integrated into the machinery they power. A universal motor generally operates at speeds of more than 3,500 revolutions per minute. As a result of the reactance voltage drop present in AC rather than DC, they run slower on AC than on DC of the same voltage.

Why is it essential that a mixer grinder have a robust motor?

Mixer grinders are appliances that perform two functions at once. The mixer can be used to beat liquids or pastes into a smooth consistency. In addition to grinding spices and masalas, it can also be used for grinding meat. Thus, efficiencies can only be achieved with a powerful motor. By using a powerful motor, ingredients can be thoroughly mixed without lumps, thanks to the blades of the mixer grinder. Additionally, it ensures the mixer grinder blades can grind hard food items like nuts and seeds smoothly without any problems.

Here, are some mixer grinders with copper winding motor

Benefits of using the universal motor in mixer-grinders

There are several home appliances that use universal motors, such as fans, mixer grinders, refrigerators, etc.

  • They are powered by both AC and DC voltages.
  • As a result of its smaller size and high starting torque at low speeds, it is capable of carrying heavy loads with higher power output.
  • Electromechanically or electronically through tapped coils, they are also easy to control.
  • There is no limit to the speed of universal motors, regardless of load.
  • The speed can be varied within a multiple of the line frequency without the use of a rotating field impressed on them to make them turn
  • They also have the advantage of being easy to control in terms of speed. A triac dimmer switch-like circuit is an example of a simple control that can be used effectively


You will be able to decide whether to buy a mixer grinder based on the motor of the product. A mixer grinder with a motor of 750 Watts is ideal for an Indian home kitchen, where grinding takes place regularly and 1000 watt motor is ideal if you require to prepare a large batch, may not be a good idea to choose a motor with a higher power rating for home kitchens since it will cause more noise and vibration. Mixer grinders have a limit on the amount of load they can handle because of the power of their motors.

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