How many watts mixer grinder is good for home?

The power consumption of a mixer grinder should be taken into account when choosing one for your kitchen. Some mixer grinders require more electricity than others because of their special features, while others are made for regular usage. There are many models with variable speeds, which makes them ideal for a variety of tasks. An overview of the mixer grinder’s motor’s power consumption will be provided in this article. Keep reading

How many watts mixer grinder is good for home?

Are you wondering how much wattage is good for a mixer grinder at home? It is sufficient to buy a 500 watt mixer grinder for home use if your requirements are not too extensive. In most cases, the basic model is adequate. You may, however, choose a high-end model, anywhere from 500 watts to 750 watts depending on your budget. Indian kitchens prefer this range because it perfectly serves nearly all their daily cooking needs.

While buying a mixer grinder, you should consider wattage and speed. The ideal mixer for the kitchen is one with 500 to 750 watts. A higher wattage is the key to achieving the best results. In order to grind tough ingredients more quickly, higher wattage is ideal

However, Mixer grinders with motors ranging from 750-1000 watts are best if you intend to grind tough ingredients. All such ingredients can be ground in no time, whether they are dosa batter or spices such as turmeric. Additionally, high-wattage mixer grinders are built with a comparatively higher level of quality. Does this rule out the use of a 500-watt mixer grinder to prepare garam masala or idly batter? No, not at all. It only means more time is needed to process them in a grinder. Likewise, if you use the mixer grinder for grinding tough ingredients on a constant basis, it may affect its durability. Mixer grinders with 500-watt motors that grind tough ingredients often get their blades loose or their couplings damaged.

Factors affecting grinding performance

A grinder’s performance is influenced by the speed, blades, and shape of the jar.

  • Speed is also an important factor which is calculated in RPM. It gives you an idea of how many times the blade turns in one minute. The best mixer for the kitchen is one with 18,000 revolutions per minute. It is virtually impossible to find a mixer grinder that does not allow you to control the speed. You can adjust the mixer’s speed using a dial or buttons. Low to medium speeds are ideal for blending or mixing juicy liquids and semi-liquids
  • Chutney jars should have their blades near the surface. A strong vortex should be able to pull ingredients towards the blade in the wet grinding jar. It is also important for the jar shape to create a vortex.

Tips on mixing grinder wattage

  • The higher the wattage, the greater the amount of power that is required to run the mixer
  • Having a higher wattage means the motor will rotate faster, saving time and allowing for faster processing
  • Larger jars are sometimes available with models with higher wattages, so always have a look before purchasing it.

Also, in addition to power output and durability, you should consider price when buying a mixer grinder. If you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-use blender, a 500W grinder might be the right choice.

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