How to use OTG oven for baking cake

I can imagine how excited you must be if you are a baker and look forward to explore the niche in your brand-new OTG. This article provides you with some vital tips for baking a cake in an OTG and will give you a head start on your baking journey. Keep reading to learn more.

What is an OTG Oven?

A toaster oven grill is referred to as an OTG. These ovens are essentially smaller versions of traditional ovens. With this device, you will only need a plug socket and some space on your countertop to cook food using heated coils. Alternatively, it is called a toaster oven.

How to use OTG oven for baking cake

  • Before putting the cake batter in the oven, preheating the oven is essential. Make sure your oven is preheated to 180 C / 160 C for 10 minutes. Select upper and lower heat options, and if necessary, use the fan setting.
  • Pour, mix, and bake- Pouring and mixing do not require any adjustments. Pour the batter into the pan according to the recipe. Tinfoil should not be used to cover the cake while it is in the oven.
Note- It's important to give at least two inches of space between cake pans when baking more than one.
  • Close the oven door while baking- When baking a cake in an 8-inch pan, wait 30 minutes before opening the oven. The cake will sink if the oven is opened frequently, and it will also become dense if cool air is allowed to enter the oven.
  • Remove from oven after checking for doneness-Around 10 minutes prior to the cake’s completion, check on it. You can use the oven light if you’re worried about your cake. Cooking smaller cakes takes less time. Cakes that are larger may need an extra ten minutes to bake. You can check the doneness of the cake using a toothpick. A toothpick inserted into the cake should come out clean. Keep baking the cake if the batter is visible on the toothpick. Cut into slices once the bread has cooled for 15 minutes after it has been baked.

Quick tips for baking in a microwave

  • Make sure the ‘echo/stop’ button is pressed before you start baking in the microwave.
  • You should use microwave-safe cookware if you wish to bake with normal heating.
  • Cupcake moulds and Aluminum cake moulds are fine if you are using convection mode.
  • Use the convection mode in your microwave only after it has been preheated.
  • Prepare your batter so that you may start cooking as soon as the preheating is finished.
  • Before turning the microwave off, let it cool down completely.

Maintenance & Safety Tips:

  • Using the OTG with the door open is not recommended.
  • Keep children safe when using the OTG. Make sure they are supervised when using the oven if possible.
  • Toasting, grilling and baking should only be done with OTG-safe utensils.
  • The appliance should be turned off immediately if it appears to be overheating and if it persists, the problem should be addressed immediately by a professional.
  • You shouldn’t clean the OTG with harsh soaps or scrubbing agents on daily basis. You can clean the interior with a mixture of hot water and vinegar.
  • In case of rusting, you should get the OTG repaired as soon as possible.

So, you’re ready to bake your dream cake! An OTG is essential when cooking for your family. Compared to a microwave, OTG ovens offer more features. Using multiple cuisines gives users more freedom in the kitchen, and also allows them to experiment with different recipes.

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