Comparing OTG & Convection Ovens: Features, Benefits, & Drawbacks

It is generally believed that there is a blurred line of distinction between Convection ovens and OTG. It may seem like both of these machines are meant for baking cookies and cakes, but the truth is quite different. Despite sharing some common cooking and baking techniques, OTG and convection ovens produce heat differently.

It is therefore recommended that you read this article completely before investing in an OTG or Convection oven for your kitchen. In this article, we’ll review the differences between OTG and Convection ovens. But before that, let’s have a brief about these two ovens.

What exactly is an OTG oven?

Ovens, toasters and grills (OTGs) are essentially smaller versions of traditional ovens. Cooking meals with this appliance requires much less setup and uses heated coils. Temperature is controlled by the thermostat in OTGs, ensuring food is properly cooked or heated

What exactly is Convection oven?

Besides reheating and boiling, the Convection oven also offers a number of additional features. Your meals will be heated or cooked faster using microwaves, as its name implies. Microwave ovens are great for baking delicious cookies and cakes.

OTG vs. Convection oven

  • Capacity– Convection ovens have a capacity of only 32 litres, while OTGs can reach 60 liters. As a result, OTG may be the best option when it comes to large batches of food. Microwaves have a small rotating surface, which makes it difficult to fit large dishes inside. On the other side, due to their lightweight nature, OTGS are also much more easier to handle, despite having larger capacities.
  • Budget– Convection ovens typically cost around Rs. 17,000 for 30 litres, while OTGs cost around Rs. 12,000 for 42 litres. An OTG has a lower upfront cost, but microwave ovens have higher energy efficiency. Over the long term, microwave ovens are more energy-efficient than OTGs, saving you money
  • Temperature– Convection ovens and OTGs have similar temperature ranges, but their preheat times differ. A convection oven takes about 3 minutes to pre-heat while OTG oven takes about 10- 15 minutes for pre-heating. The cooking time can be reduced significantly as a result in case of convection oven.
  • Functions– Cooking, reheating, baking, grilling, and just about anything can be done in a Convection oven. On the other hand, you can toast, bake and grill your food in an OTG, but not reheat or cook it.
  • Method of heating– An OTG radiates heat through the coils and absorbs it into the food. While a fan distributes heat, actually most of it is dispersed directly beneath the coils. Conversely, Convection ovens cook food by heating the molecules of water present in it. Cooking uniformity is achieved using a combination of a revolving plate and microwaves.
  • Weight– Due to the weight of the convection ovens, you can’t move them around, or shift them when needed, so basically you require a large permanent space in your kitchen where you can place it safely. On the other hand, OTGs are far more portable; you can store it wherever you want and bring it out only when necessary.

So, which is better? Well, the type of cooking and baking you do in your kitchen will help you to decide it. Each has its own advantages. The decision is yours as to which features are most useful to you and which ones you use more frequently.

There is only one question I would like to ask you in order to get you some clarity: Are you a frequent baker? If yes, Choose an OTG. Are you a baker who reheats your food frequently but sometimes bakes? If yes, then you should opt for a microwave oven.

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