How to use Gas Tandoor on Glass top stove

In order to prepare many delicacies, you will need a gas tandoor oven. Gas tandoors are versatile cooking appliances that combine the features of an oven and a tandoor. But before discussing how to use gas tandoor, we must first know what a gas tandoor is.

What exactly is Gas Tandoor?

The Gas Oven Tandoor is an innovative hybrid appliance that can be used with both traditional gas ranges and contemporary glass cooktops. It has a non-stick coating that makes cleaning and cooking a breeze. They are also slightly cheaper. Cooking in a gas tandoor takes much longer than in an oven, but the meal retained its nutritional value because it is cooked slowly.

Gas Tandoor: How Does It Work?

The construction of gas tandoors makes them suitable for use with both conventional and glass-top gas ranges. Also, gas tandoors are simple to operate and suitable for cooking any cuisine traditionally prepared in a tandoor. The gas tandoor, as its name implies, can be used on any regular gas stove, making it an ideal kitchen appliance. With this kitchenware, a gas stove flame serves as the source of heat, replicating the function of an oven or tandoor.

Step-by-Step Guide: Utilizing a Gas Tandoor on a Glass Top Stove

Utilizing a Gas Tandoor on a Glass Top Stove

Step 1: Get idea on gas tandoor- View the different components of the gas tandoor to gain a better understanding of how it operates. There may be differences between gas tandoors, but most have a base that absorbs heat. The foundation portion of certain gas tandoors is covered with a metal plate to distribute the heat more uniformly. In addition to the tandoor plates and grills, there is also a lid included.

Step 2: Below the gas tandoor, use an oven stand-Having said that, there is a problem with hot metal touching the glass top, if you utilize a Tandoor Oven Stand, made for just such an application, to support the gas tandoor, you won’t have any issues. The glass top doesn’t even have to be touched to attach such a support to the burner. To cook your favourite dish, place the gas tandoor on the burner and place the oven stand on top. Using the glass top stove gives you the ability to safely use the gas tandoor.

Step 3: Get the Stove on- The glass gas stovetop is ready for use, so turn on the flame. In the gas tandoor, heat is transferred from the distribution plate and base to the top area, where the food is cooked. By closing the lid, the heat is trapped and forced to circulate inside a hot chamber. A tandoori stick can be used to roast kebabs if you balance it on opposite edges of the utensil while roasting. If you’re using a tandoori pan or grill, take it out of the oven before you start cooking.

Step 4: Prepare, cook, and serve the food- Once the meal is done cooking, remove it from the oven and serve. Take out the components of the gas tandoor after 15 minutes of cooling. The tandoori sticks should be cleaned properly and oil should be applied to make them rust-free. If your gas tandoor’s base is shaped like a bowl, regular use will result in the base scraping against the glass. In order to utilize it, simply stack two pan support grates on top of each other to increase the height and keep the stand from touching the glass surface. But, a tandoor oven stand placed on top of a gas burner is a much safer option.

The gas tandoor oven can be used with any standard gas stove. Tandoor ovens that are used on gas stoves are usually much easier to clean and maintain. Discover which gas tandoors fit your gas stove and suit your taste. You can eliminate the need to buy a separate gas tandoor oven or OTG by using a versatile gas tandoor. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family if you enjoyed it. As a side note, thanks for stopping by.

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