How To Wash Pillows in front loading Washer

People wash the linens and bedding frequently. However, for some reason, they often don’t consider washing the pillows regularly. Few people know that bacteria, mold, and many other harmful things can breed in the pillows, which can remain unnoticed. While it might sound like a tiresome task, you will be surprised that using a front-loading washing machine can easily wash your pillows. Here, we will guide you through How you can Wash Pillows in front loading Washer. 

Washing Instructions: 

Before jumping into the steps, let us know what you need to wash your pillows in a front-loading washing machine. To achieve the cleanest results, you will need powder dishwasher detergent, Borax, washing soda, bleach, and dryer balls if you want.

How To Wash Pillows in front loading Washer

Now, without further ado, let’s know about the steps that will help you easily wash your pillows:

Step1: Wash out your washing machine

The first step is washing your washing machine to remove the mildew and mold residue. Try washing it once a month so that when you wash your pillows or clothes, they can be extremely clean and fresh. 

Step2: Prepare a cleaning solution to wash your pillows

You can make your powder cleanser for your pillows by mixing a cup of washing soda, dishwasher detergent, and half a cup of Borax in a plastic or glass container. Close the lid and shake it well. You can also add half a cup of bleach if the colour of your pillows is white. Put the mixture into the detergent compartment of your washing machine. 

Step3: Wash two pillows at a time

Ensure you are washing two pillows in one go in your washing machine. Although if you have a large washing machine that can wash more than two pillows at a time, you may increase the number. Check the instructions provided with your washing machine to understand its load capacity. 

Step 4: Pick the longest and hottest wash settings on your machine

Select the longest settings of your washer. You may pick a long spin cycle and, along with that, an extra rinse cycle for better results. 

Step 5: Manually adjust the cycle 

Stay near your washing machine for the initial moments of the process. Wait until the washer is filled with water, dissolve the liquid cleaner, and allow the drum to turn for some time. After they are entirely dissolved, hold the process of the machine and put a timer for 30 minutes. After that, switch on the machine for a few turns of the drum and then switch it off again. You can spin extra cycles to remove excess water from your pillows. 

Step 6: Use dryer balls in the dryer

Dryer balls are a worthy investment for washing your pillows regularly. You can also use tennis balls wrapped in old socks as well. Generally, it can dry the pillows in one cycle. However, if your machine needs more time, you can run it in 15-minute increments. 

Follow these steps and easily wash your pillows in your front-loading washer. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Pillows?

You can easily wash your pillows in a washing machine. You must wash your pillows every three to six months if you don’t want any mould, bacteria, and odours to make your pillows their home. However, it would be best not to wash your foam pillows in your machine. 


Many people shy away from washing their pillows regularly. At the same time, the task may look difficult, but it is utterly important. Front-loading washing machines are useful in many ways. They can not only wash your clothes but your pillows as well, making the task extremely easy. Besides, following the steps mentioned earlier, you can easily operate your machine and clean your pillows. Therefore, wash your pillows in your front-loading washer and enjoy a fresh, clean smell and peace of mind. 

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