Assam Government Initiates Closure of Additional 300 Madrasas

The Assam administration, in conjunction with the Assam police, Qaumi groups, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has resolved to shut down an extra 300 madrasas in the state as part of sweeping educational reforms. This move follows the successful closure of 600 madrasas, which was a significant milestone in the process of revamping the Assam education system.

The timing of the statement was perfect since it was before Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s planned trip to the state. His early visit, requested by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, shows the state is serious about tackling pressing educational concerns.

The government’s goal of ensuring a secular and comprehensive education system has led to discussions over the closing of madrasas. The decision to shut down further madrasas was reached after conversations between the Assam police, Qaumi groups, and the BJP. This action aligns with the government’s plan to reform education in the state.

In related news, the Chief Minister was recently asked about the possibility of a crackdown on polygamy. He responded, “There would be no crackdown because polygamy is legal as of now so far as Muslim believers are concerned, so till we amend the law, polygamy is legal and we cannot go on a crackdown, but if any Hindu is found to be practising polygamy, then we can go for a crackdown.”

“That Muslim women and girls are not relegated to the status of second-class citizens because of their gender is central to the argument against polygamy. If you study the Quran, you will learn that the Prophet Muhammad proclaimed that polygamy is forbidden in Islam and that monogamy is the norm. I’m willing to argue this issue with an Islamic expert”, said the CM when asked about the provision for polygamy in Muslim personal law.

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