5 Best locker brands in India 2023

Do you want to keep your valuable items safe in your house? Are the rising crimes developing a sense of concern in you? Do you want to buy an excellent secure locker but have no idea which brand to trust? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you have landed in the right place. Because in this article today, we will help you find out which are the best locker brands in India. You will also get a detailed description of them and make a better shopping decision.

Understanding the concept of a safe locker is not rocket science. A container or box is used to store the most valuable items. You might have encountered one at the banks and jeweler stores. They are available in different types, shapes, price ranges, and features. There is a specific locker for each purpose, as you can’t afford to take any casual approach toward your valuable items.

Generally, people use safe lockers at home to store jewelry, cash, documents, or other valuable items. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list and find out everything about the best locker brands in India:

List of the best locker brands in India:

Following is the list of the most popular locker brands in India in 2022

This is a sub-brand from one of India’s most popular shopping sites, Amazon. The brand manufactures several home and kitchen appliances, such as fitness equipment, travel bags, luggage bags, cabinet, electronics, storage racks, furniture, household essentials, stationery, safe lockers and much more. It is also popular for creating the most innovative and secure safe lockers. Amazon Basics prioritizes delivering the best products that will serve different purposes to its products.

Why should you pick the Amazon Basics Home Safes?

The safe lockers from Amazon basics come with good storage capacity, have a revolutionary security level, and come at an affordable price range. You can consider the lockers from Amazon basics a great offer overall, and thus must consider keeping it as an option.

Features of Amazon Basics Home Safe:

  • They are constructed with carbon steel.
  • Most safe lockers from Amazon basics have two live door bolts.
  • They ensure superior security.
  • They have pry-resistant concealed hinges.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy mounting.
  • The safes from this brand come with an electronic keypad.
  • They have high storage capacity.
  • They are available at a reasonable price range.
  • They are fire and humidity-resistant.
  • Although they come with pre-drilled holes, assembling them is quite difficult.

This brand has been ruling India’s security tools and equipment section for years. It is a popular brand that requires no specific introduction. Godrej is dedicated to serving the country by producing high-quality, safe lockers that can provide the utmost security to all valuable items. It also manufactures high-quality furnishing products for home and office use. Besides, they maintained their level of quality and kept changing with time for good.

Why should you pick Godrej Safe Lockers?

Godrej is popular for providing several interesting features. It also provides backup keys for all their lockers. Besides, it also provides a master password in case anyone forgets the primary password. No reason can justify why Godrej can’t be among the best locker brands in India.

Features of Godrej safes:

  • You can find Godrej safes in different sizes and variants.
  • They come with pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • Almost all lockers from Godrej come with built-in alarms for security against theft.
  • They have a 4-6 digit keypad lock for extreme security.
  • They come with a USB charging option.
  • Hidden password entry feature.
  • They all automatically get freeze themselves after four consecutive errors.
  • They come with an alarm feature which starts during the occurrence of miss happenings for utmost security.
  • The cost of Godrej safes can be quite expensive for some people. However, the features provided by the brand justify the price completely.

Yale is a brand dealing with security appliances for homes and offices. It has been dedicated to providing the best products in India for the last 180 years. Yale is popular for manufacturing exceptionally innovative lockers. It produces safe lockers by integrating the latest technology to provide the utmost protection for the valuable items of the users.

Why should you pick Yale Safe Lockers?

Lockers from Yale have everything that you can ask from a safe locker. They are important for you if you are looking for superior safety measures. They have non-volatile memory that prevents the password from getting weak in case of a low battery.

Features of Yale safe lockers:

  • Yale safe lockers are available in 4 different storage capacities.
  • They are made of alloy steel.
  • They come with pre-drilled holes for easy wall or floor mounting.
  • They have huge storage capacity.
  • They come with a digital lock for extreme security.
  • They have alarms that alert in case anyone uses the wrong password.
  • They are pretty affordable.
  • Yale offers a good warranty policy.
  • The installation process is quite complicated.

This brand is specifically popular for designing innovative and unique safe lockers. It produces lockers of different sizes, types and variants. The lockers from RPNB are fireproof and theft-proof and eliminate the risk of causing any damage to your valuable items due to humidity and water. You can use lockers from RPNB to store cash, jewelry, documents etc., and ensure full protection for them.  

Why should we pick RPNB Safe and Lock Boxes?

You can pick any safe lockers from the brand RPNB and be sure that your valuable items are safe. The brand is counted among the best locker brands in India. The lockers for RPNB have indicator lightswhich make them different from other options. The indicators work in several ways. It turns green when the right password is used and red if the password is wrong. Besides, it also indicates a yellow light when the battery is low.

Features of RPNB Safe and Lock Boxes:

  • The safe lockers’ size from RPNB is around 1.5 cubic feet.
  • They are all made of reinforced alloy steel.
  • They come with a digital panel for passwords.
  • They require 4 AA batteries for operation.
  • They have digital numbers as passwords, which can be 3 to 8 digits long, according to your preference.
  • They come with pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • The lockers from RPNB are super accessible.
  • They come with a good warranty policy.
  • They have flashlight indicators for different purposes.
  • The price of the RPNB Safe Lockers can be a bit high for some people.

This popular brand is dedicated to providing security to all your precious items. The lockers from WASJOYE are accessible and provide superior safety and security. WASJOYE produces lockers and other home appliances. The lockers from this brand specifically have gained much popularity lately.

Why should you pick WASJOYE Safe Lockers?

Lockers from WASJOYE come with an emergency built-in power supplier, which delivers power to the device when the battery is low. This specific feature makes the locker stand out of the queue.

Features of WASJOYE Safe Lockers:

  • They are available in different size options for you to choose from.
  • They are made of cold steel rolling plates.
  • They have a very useful and innovative built-in moisture-proof circuit board.
  • Most models of WASJOYE require 4 AA batteries for digital operation.
  • The lockers from WASJOYE are rust-proof and super durable.
  • They have an environment-friendly spray coating.
  • They are fireproof and waterproof. Thus, they can provide the best security for your valuable items.
  • You can easily install them in your home or office.
  • The price of the WASJOYE Safe Lockers can be a bit high for some people.

Things you must keep in mind before buying a safe locker: A Buying Guide

Buying a safe locker can be a tricky task. They are not very cheap and can last in your house for ages. To pick the right safe locker, you must consider some very basic yet important factors that we have mentioned below:

Size: One of the most important factors you must consider before buying a locker. Yes, your locker should be strong but what is more important is that it should have a compact size and must not take up much space. You don’t want a big locker and seek all the attention in your room. It should be small enough to fit into your cupboard and stay comfortable and organized. Thus, it is best if you can get a safe locker that has compact.

Security and Features: This is the most important factor you must consider. Different types of lockers are available in the market, all made using different technologies. Besides, they offer several features that will leave you wondering how advanced technology has become. Go for the one that one brand uses the most advanced technology while making its products.

Resistance: Your locker must be fire and water-resistant. The concept of lockers is all about safety from any type of miss happenings. Thus, select a locker resistant to fire, water, etc.

Budget: You don’t want to, nor do you have to spend a fortune buying a locker. They are easily available at a price range of 4000 INR and can go higher and higher. It is suggested to do research before picking up any locker to ensure that you are not overspending on something that is not worth any of the expenditure.

Accessibility: There is a misconception that a locker should be hard to access. Well, the prime work of a locker is to keep your valuable items safe and secured. But what is the use of it if you can’t open it yourself when you need it? Some lockers can be operated by laptop connectivity, while others work with passwords. Thus, select the technology you can rely on the most and go for a user-friendly locker that you can easily access.

Durability: The next point you must look for is the durability of the locker. You will not buy a locker every year and expect the one to last for a long time. Besides, they are not very cheap, so you must ensure they can last in your house for a long time. Go for a locker that is made of good quality, thick material to ensure maximum durability for your locker.

You can find the best locker brands by following these factors. We, too, applied the same method to formulate the list. All the brands are extremely reliable and have been serving for ages. So far, Godrej is known as the most efficient and safest brand that manufactures lockers in India. You can also consider the other brands as they too are efficient.

However, you need to know about the different lockers before making a purchase. There are different lockers for different purposes, and you don’t want to make a wrong move. So, to help you out, in our next section, we have discussed the different types of lockers in detail.

Different types of lockers

The following are the most commonly found lockers:

Electronic safes: Such types of lockers have gained quite some popularity lately. Currently, they are seen in most places. They are digitally operable and are protected with a password. The price of such lockers starts from 4000 INR and is available both online and offline.

Fire-resistant safes: Such safe lockers are heavier and mostly used for storing valuable documents, drives, disks, DVS, etc. Important data can stay safe and secured in these safes. Fire-resistant safes can take temperatures up to 175 F. Such lockers are widely seen in those government offices where important data are stored.

Resistant to Burglary: Burglary-resistant safes are mostly found in jewellery stores or banks. These are the safest type of lockers, protected by alert alarms that keep making noise if unrecognized hands touch them.

Data Storage safes: Such safe lockers are made to protect microchips, SD cards, and laptops. Such items are precious and contain important data and information. Data storage safes come with a charging facility and are quite popular amongst tech enthusiasts.

 You must select locker brands that can fulfil all your requirements. The prime motive behind constructing this article was to provide the best information so that you can make the right decision.

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