8 Best Places to Visit in Karimganj 2024

Whenever we speak of visiting Assam, usually we talk about Kaziranga national park, Manas National Park, beautiful tea gardens, or Majuli Island, and various other beautiful places of Northern Assam. But there are many unexplored places where a tourist can visit while visiting Assam. In a southern district of Assam named Karimganj, there are various beautiful places where one can visit to see the beauty and can also explore the natural beauty of the district. The district of Karimganj Posses various places which are potentially very attractive tourists place, but still unexplored and unknown to various people willing to visit Assam. This list of best places to visit in Karimganj will help you to explore.

Out of 34 districts of modern-day Assam Karimganj district is one of them. The only town of the district is Karimganj which plays the role of both the administrative headquarters of the district and also the district’s biggest town. The location of the district is very interesting, it is located in the southern part of the state, and the district shares the border with Tripura and the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh. Earlier Karimganj was a part of the Sylhet District before the Partition of India. Karimganj became a district in 1983.

Let us now have a look at some of the places to visit in Karimganj.

01. Son Beel

Visiting Son beel becomes an obvious choice for the people who come to this part of the state. Son Beel is also known as Shon Bill and it is one of the largest lakes of Karimganj district and the second-largest wetland of Asia. The most amazing and important fact about Son Beel is that the place becomes farmland for rice cultivation during winter till March and then the land gets filled with fills with water and becomes a lake.

Sonbeel the wetland

Image Clicked by : Chiranjit Bhattacharjee

Son Beel is the house of many Hizol trees (Barringtonia Acutangula). Hizol trees are the point of attraction of the place this tree gives an amazing view around the place and gives a very premium experience to the visitors. The view of Sunset and sunrise is mesmerizing in the place. The night sky is full of stars with a lake shining in the dark. Karimganj is just 43 km away with a driving time of 51 mins. Various transportation facilities like government buses, private taxis, etc are available to reach the beautiful and amazing place, Son Beel.

02. Malegarh Crematorium of Sepoy Mutiny Soldiers

Malegarh crematorium reminds us of our past, it is also a historic landmark where more than 50 brave freedom fighters of the revolt of 1857 were cremated who lost their lives during the revolt. Historically the place was under the Sylhet district of Bangladesh before independence, the place also served as the battlefield during the Sepoy mutiny. The place is located along the border of India and Bangladesh. There is a marble stone monument in the place describing the story of war. Now a days archaeological departments do the necessary to preserve the historic place. There is no particular time which can be considered as the best time to visit the place, the rainy season can be avoided to visit the place whereas winter is a good season to visit this historical place.

Malegarh Crematorium of Sepoy Mutiny Soldiers (Best places to visit in Karimganj)
Malegarh Crematorium of Sepoy Mutiny Soldiers

02. Badarpur Fort

The fort is located in the Karinganj district of Assam along the banks of river Barak. The Badarpur Fort belongs in the list of every tourist who plans to visit this part of the state. The campus of the fort is spread over a vast area and the view of river Barak from that place is magnificent. Badarpur Fort can be raised from both Silchar town of Cachar district and Karimganj. The fort is 27km towards the north of Karimganj and can be reached with private vehicles, shared taxis, or government buses. As the bank of the river, Barak gets overflowed during the monsoons, and during summer the temperature is too high in that locality, winter is the most preferred season to visit the Badarpur Fort.

Badarpur Fort (Best places to visit in Karimganj)

03. Sutarkandi Indo Bangladesh Border

Sutarkandi Indo Bangladesh Border

Sutarkandi is famous for having an international trade center and also it is a border between India and Bangladesh. The place is located 14km away from Karimganj town. Along with the trade center, the natural beauty of the place is also something worth visiting. The place can be reached simply by taking a bus or can also be reached by hiring a shared taxi and the option of a private vehicle is always open. Any time of the year is appropriate to visit the place but avoiding the rainy season will be advisable

04. Akbarpur Agricultural Research Center

The Akbarpur Agricultural center is an initiative by the government is to establish and produce grains of improved quality, the institute is also one of its kind and the entire Barak Valley region of the state of Assam.

Akbarpur Agricultural Research Center

Image Source: Akbarpur Agricultural Research Center
The institute is also responsible for giving training to the farmers on the growth of their agricultural production. The research center is situated in a village named Akbarpur in the northern outskirt of Karimganj town. There is no restriction in terms of the season to visit the Akbarpur agricultural research center, one can visit this place any time and can also watch the effort of the scientist to ease the lives of the farmers.

05. Radharaman Ashram

Radharaman Ashram is located 22km towards the south of Karimganj town in a village called Barigram. The lush green campus and the spiritual and peaceful environment of the temple attract devotees from the entire country and even from the other neighboring countries like Bangladesh. The Ashram is well connected through roadway and the railway, one wants to visit the Ashram can hire a shared taxi or can also come to Baringram through railway, bus service is also available in the route. Devotees can visit the Ashram on any day from 5 A.M to 10 P.M.

06. River Kushiyara

River Kushiyara displaced an astonishing example of the beauty of nature. Apart from presenting a beautiful scenic view to the visitors the river also acts as a natural border between India and Bangladesh. The river is the primary water source for the people of Karimganj. The peaceful environment of the bank of the Kushiyara river is also a matter of attraction for the people.

07. ISKON Karimganj center

The ISKON Karimganj center is located 3km away from the town. The peaceful and greenery campus of the temple tempts the devotees to visit the temple and pay their pray to the Lord. The campus of the temple also provides a very beautiful view of nature to the visitors. Visiting the temple can be done by taxi. There is no preferred season to visit the temple any season is suitable for visiting the temple.

08. Ramkrishna Math Mission Karimganj

Situated in the center of the town, the Ashram contributes to increasing the beauty of the Karimganj town. The Ashram has a very peaceful, and spiritual environment, The beautiful garden and the scenic view of the campus attracts visitors to pay their visit to the Ashram.

Image Source: Ramkrishna Math Karimganj
Apart from the central temple where Shri Ramkrishna is worshiped every day, a statue of Swami Vivekananda is also a center of attraction of the temple campus. Ramkrishna Math Mission Karimganj is also famous for its Durga Puja, a special function on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. People from the various path of the region come to the Ashram on this day to see the puja and the functions organized by the Math and Mission authority.

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