Electrified Barn owl saved by local wildlife aficionado, Salma Sultana

      An electrified Barn owl was rescued and saved by the joint efforts of Salma Sultana, a wildlife aficionado and photographer and the Cachar Forest Division. 

Electrified Barn owl saved by local wildlife

The bird was discovered by Sultana and her friend near Devdoot point and was severely injured. Having contacts with the forest department, Sultana immediately reported the matter and the bird was rushed to the veterinary hospital. The doctors diagnosed that it was electrocuted. 

DFO Cachar, Sunnydeo Choudhury said, “She (Sultana) had the contact and the awareness to inform us and that played a vital role in saving the bird. After getting the information our officers rushed to the spot and took the bird to the veterinary hospital where tge doctors treated it. While initially the bird was almost unconscious, it responded well to preliminary treatment and started showing signs of recovery.” The bird is currently under observation as one of it’s legs is still not stable but will be released into it’s natural habitat once fully recovered. 

It is not the first case of electrocution of the winged. Crows and sparrows are found dead repeatedly on the streets. The Barn owl, being an uncommon bird in Cachar, thus attracted so much attention. The DFO Cachar made a statement in this regard, said “We will write to the APDCL (Assam Power Distribution Corporation Ltd) requesting them to cover wherever the wires are uninsulated and exposed.” Nonetheless, this matter was cited as an example by the DFO to make the public more aware of wildlife conservation. 

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