Imran Khan shot at the Haqeeqi Azaadi Long March

3rd November, 2022: A potentially disruptive turn of events in Pakistan, former Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi, was shot at his ‘Haqeeqi Azaadi’ long march to Islamabad. Reports coming in suggest that the former PM of Pakistan is now out of danger, but still recovering from the incident.

Imran Khan sustained an injury to his leg during the rally or long march and according to a party official from Pakistani Punjab, he was not seriously hurt. According to reports, an as yet unidentified gunmen shot into the rally at Wazirabad. Several members of PTI are reported to have been injured, however, no confirmed reports of any deaths have been reported from the ground so far.

The attacker has been apprehended and is in police custody now.

A spokesperson from the Indian MEA, Arindam Bagchi, also noted that the developments in Pakistan, stating, “It’s a development that just took place. We’re closely keeping an eye on and we’ll continue to monitor ongoing developments.”

Video from the alleged attacher was posted on Twitter by Wajahat Kazmi, a reputed journalist from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Twitter has flooded with messages about the incident.

Piers Morgan

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan shot in an assassination attempt. Reports he was hit several times in his legs but survived & now being treated in hospital. The shooter was wrestled by another man as he fired, which may have saved Khan’s life.

Ali Zafar

I remember the dark,depressing days n time after the assassination of Shaheed mohtarma BeNazir Bhutto. God forbid had anything fatal happened to


 no one can imagine what would erupt. If this is his spirit after being shot 3-4 times in the leg we do need to #ImranKhan

Unbelievable. This is


 waving at the crowd after being shot! May Allah Almighty keep Imran Khan safe and bestow on us the blessing of having him back as our leader for many decades to come.

What a man, what a fighter, what a legend!

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