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Barak valley News | Patharkandi block scandal of 15 lakh

In Bandarkona GP of Patharkandi block, there are allegations that in the work of MGNREGA more than 15lakhs rupees have been scandalised. Patharkandi’s people wrote to the BDO and demand an investigation on this. . The locals complained to the concerned GP authorities but the net result was zero. People also complained that corruption had taken place in other government projects in Bandarkona GP. The complaints demanded immediate action.Read More

Barak Valley News

Protest Over closing of the Silchar Doordarshan Kendra

Several NGOs and opposition political leaders came together to protest against the decision of Praaer Bharati to close the Silchar Doordarshan Kendra. Rupam, a socio-cultural and sports organization, while criticizing the decision of the Government said that the Silchar Doordarshan Kendra was the only source through which the culture of the Southern Assam is presented […]Read More

Barak Valley News

‘Assam University Exam news’: Conducting offline examination, Students says ‘save

Assam University offline examination 2021 will start on Thursday and students are protesting against it using social media platforms. On 6 April 2021, Assam University started offline exams for the undergraduate courses ignoring the demand of the student to conduct the exams online. Many students and teachers got infected with the COVID-19 virus after attending […]Read More

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