Khasi Student Union appeals Hmar group to pull back ‘threat’

The central body of Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has petitioned to the leaders of Hmar Peoples’ Convention – Democratic (HPC-D) to pull back the charge of Rs 8 lakh from the Khasi residents of Cachar District, Assam.

According to the information, the demand seeks a series of situations which thereby led to the detention of three HPC-D members by Assam Police.
As per as the information stated by KSU, HPC-D further forced a demand of Rs 8 lakh from the residents and to pay the amount by 25th Nov’20.
Thereafter, the KSU Barak Valley Circle and Barak Valley Khasi Jaintia Welfare Association held a discussion meeting with the chief of HPC-D for the ongoing issue.However, on Thursday, the HPC-D regained its demand and threat to shoot and explode the residents, the KSU informed.
In a statement issued, General Secretary of the Union, Donald V Thabah, said that, “withdrawing the demand and threat will ensure that peace prevails and also urged the Northeastern tribal groups to be at peace with one another”.
The Union has guaranteed the residents of Atukhal, that they will monitor and look into the situation till it is controlled and comes under a settlement.

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