About us

Our mission is to become the only place for our readers to find the latest product reviews, recommendations and buying guides.

What We Do

Our goal has been to provide scientifically and empirically tested and reviewed products based on years of experience of our experts who work hard to bring real-world context to the product reviews. On over 500 reviews, our reviewers have made it a point to strike a clear balance between stating on paper technical specs and the actual real-world use case performance of the products.

Our Mission

Our stated mission is to emerge as a foremost authority for our readers for product reviews and buying guides which can help them learn about, choose between and research products that they are looking to buy.



Our reviewers have subject matter expertise in the products that they review and have been reviewing products for leading publishing establishments for a long time. We base our reviews on actual real-world testing along with parameters that are meaningful to their actual real-world use.

No Paid Influencing

We have never and will never engage in paid reviews or sponsorships for our reviews. While we may accept sponsorships to advertise or feature specific products, the reviews and product recommendations will only be based on our testing. So, even for sponsored listings, none of the products will ever be listed above or presented as inherently better simply because of the sponsorship unless otherwise proven so by our testing. All paid sponsorships will be clearly labelled as such and not included in the review section of the website.


We have a dedicated lab at our office which we use to test and review products ourselves and we pride ourselves in our practice of making the testing data available to the public in a bid to maintain the highest levels of transparency. This clear and transparent approach allows us to develop a greater degree of trust with our readers.


The Readers Time is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inteliqo Research and Services Private Limited and is managed by its Editor-in-Chief, Dibbyyan Nath .

Meet The Team

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan Nath

Founder and Chief Editor

Dibbyyan is responsible for maintaining the quality standards for the writing and testing standards for the product reviews. He is responsible for ensuring that our operations are aligned with our stated mission and goals of serving our readers with scientifically backed, real-world relevant reviews for the products that we test.

Nabendu Nath

Nabendu Nath

Finance Head

From managing the accounting for the business to helping with some data analytics work, as and when required, Nabendu is one of the most important cogs in the whole operation. He is essentially responsible for enabling the entire operations of the company.

Pushpanjali Das

Pushpanjali Das

Fitness Writer

Puspanjali has donned many hats in her life, from a classical music student at the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata to a fitness enthusiast and influencer. It was her passion for health and fitness that led her to write about and share her knowledge on the subject with the world. Over the years, she has amassed a wealth of experience, especially in reviewing products in the health and fitness category from a personal use perspective. Her association with The Reader’s Time came about as a result of her drive to share her inexhaustible passion for helping others find the best products to improve their health and The Reader Time’s mission of empowering their readers through reviews based on actual real-world use and testing of the products.

Sanchalika Nath


Sanchalika Nath is a lifestyle and beauty writer who specializes in reviewing the newest cosmetics and haircare products, and much more. She has over 5 years of experience testing beauty products, travel locations and much more which gives her extensive expertise and authoritative perspectives in her reviews.
Sanchalika tests every product in depth, considering ingredients, formulation, wear time, and effectiveness. It is her thorough and neutral evaluations that offer readers credible information.
She is certificated in cosmetic formulation from a reputed institute. Sanchalika utilizes her technical expertise to give authoritative appraisals on whether products meet the standards. She also has a consumer science and analytics background which enables her to do thorough market analysis and identify value buys suited to the different consumer needs.
Other them reviewing for The Readers time Sanchalika spends her time travelling, hanging out with her Labrador retriever, Thomas, and cooking healthy foods. These experiences usually underlie her creative approach to reviews. Thanks to Sanchalika’s expertise, integrity, real-world testing, and passion, readers can rely on her reviews to make the right buying choices.

Dr. Sambuddha Dhar

Dr. Sambuddha Dhar

Health Expert

Dr. Sambuddha Dhar is a pioneer in neurosurgery in Barak Valley and has also been called the father of neurosurgery in the Barak Valley region. He has contributed immensely to the development of the Department of Neurosurgery at Silchar Medical College and Hospital and has performed over 4000 surgeries in the past 5 years. He is an alumnus of prestigious colleges like the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER) and the Institute of Medical Sciences, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has been sharing the incredible stories of people that he has helped on his social media accounts since the very start, which shows his passion for sharing his immense knowledge. It is his passion for sharing knowledge that prompted him to accept The Readers Time’s request to join as a contributor and keep spreading his wealth of knowledge to all our readers.

Kalyani Nath


Having reviewed furniture, home and kitchenware for more than 8 years, Kalyani Nath offers objective opinion on product quality and value. The reviews are made through hands-on testing and comparison with similar products which outlines the pros, cons, features, and real-world performance readers need to make informed decisions.
Kalyani is proud of her thorough practical product testing, assessing how product design and function meet consumer needs. Authoritative analysis on whether products deliver on promises is possible thanks to her training in consumer science. Dedicated to fully testing items in everyday situations, she offers reviews which readers can rely on.

Apart from reviewing for The Readers Time, Kalyani likes singing, cooking, and trying out new recipes. This enthusiasm drives her careful evaluation of kitchen tools and appliances. Having worked extensively in testing many products and an educational background that is ideal for the job, Kalyani writes realistic reviews to help consumers buy the right products.

Dibojyoti Biswas

Dibojyoti Biswas

Product Analyst

Dibojyoti is responsible for most of the product research and testing that is done in collaboration with the subject matter experts. He is the one who sets up the testing procedures for each of the parameters on which the product is going to be tested. He makes sure that the testing process goes smoothly and efficiently such that clean, verifiable, and replicable data is generated from the testing of the products before being sent off for the review to be written.

Madhurima Dhar

Madhurima Dhar


Madurima Dhar is an electronic appliances expert with over 10 years of reviewing refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges and more. Her expertise lies in large appliance efficiency, performance and ergonomics. Madurima has conducted hundreds of real-life appliance tests in her state-of-the-art home lab to give impartial, thoroughly-researched advice to consumers. Her appliance reviews have been posted on popular websites such as Engadget.com and Techradar.com. She has done B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication on appliance energy testing from MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore. Apart from testing or reviewing the latest ground-breaking appliances for The Readers Time, she likes to travel the world and visit new destinations. Her adventures are usually what inspire her to write. Armed with her rich hands-on testing background and passion to offer reliable advice, Madurima now stands out as a powerful opinion leader in the appliance industry, speaking for both consumers and brands.

Real Experience

We have reviewed over 500 products from several different categories in the past 5 years, each through our dedicated experts, scientifically chosen testing methodology and reader oriented content creation strategy.

How We Make Money

Just like any other business, we also need to generate revenue to keep the lights on at our offices and ensure that all of the contributors here at The Readers Time receive adequate compensation for their time. The main way of doing so for us is through referral links or affiliate links.
When you click on a referral link or an affiliate link, and purchase a product, we may receive a portion of the sale as a commission.
But be rest assured, that clicking on these links does not change the prices for you, nor does they disqualify you from availing of any discount offers. Our Disclosures page offers a more detailed description of our referral links and affiliate links policy and practices.
Clicking on the referral links, irrespective of whether you purchase a product or not, tells the respective companies that you are finding more about their products through our website which helps us maintain financial autonomy and not rely on direct advertising or sponsorships so that we can bring to you unbiased reviews based on just our testing.
The availability of referral links might affect our choice of products for review, but they do not have any effect on the reviews that we do of the product. Irrespective of the vendor or manufacturer, we do not skew reviews in one way or the other.


While referral links and affiliate links are one way to keep a steady revenue flowing, for an operation such as ours, it can still become difficult to cover all expenses solely on one revenue stream. We do not wish to put our reviews behind a paywall, as our goal is to help as many people as possible in finding the right fit for their homes. However, we do accept donations to help us in covering expenses like payroll, website hosting, insurance, utilities, etc. If you wish to support us by donating, you can follow the link here.

How We Test Our Products

The writers, reviewers and all the other staff that support our core functions here at TRT, are dedicated to bringing our mission of providing fair, unbiased and, most importantly, relevant reviews of the products to our readers based on their years of experience and our adherence to scientific testing processes along parameters specially catered to highlight the needs of the readers. 
The first stage of the process is to choose which of the products to pick for testing and review. There are a variety of factors that go into that decision, the most important among them being the expertise of our reviewers and their ability to effectively review and test the product to our high standards. We also rely on our market research to identify product categories or segments that might be relatively underserved or inadequately served. This allows us to create additional value in the review space while also allowing us to carve a niche for ourselves. The third thing that we look for is if there are affiliate or referral links available for us to use for the product as without it we cannot justify the costs of reviewing and testing a product. But it is important to note that for the ratings and the recommendations that we provide, we do not accept payments of any kind from any party.
Regarding the prices of the products that we review, we tend not to mention the prices as they may change from the time we test to the time we post our review or you read it. However, where price is a relevant factor in the review for comparison to another product or some other reason, we try to ensure that we include the latest available price at the time of publication. However, there is still a chance that the prices for the products might have changed since then and as such we encourage our readers to confirm the prices with the marketplace and not make any financial plans based on the prices listed on our website.
Finally, we also do not believe in assigning numeric ratings like 1-5 or any such to our products. It has been our review philosophy that products are subjectively relevant to users based on specific parameters and requirements of each individual. That is why in our reviews we aim to identify those actual parameters of relevance for each product category and provide our readers with the information in a consistent way such that depending on the priorities and requirements of our readers, they can make an informed purchase decision by themselves.

Where We Test Our Products

The Readers Time Product Testing Team

Our Lab

For most products across categories, we use our in-house lab to do most of the testing procedures. We maintain a separate space in our office dedicated to the testing processes. Having our own space means that we are free to expend our resources in a way that makes us the most efficient in serving our mission and retain a degree of flexibility and control over our processes.

The Readers Time Product testing lab

Our subject matter experts and testing team have created independent tests for each product category to ensure that we check for the real-world parameters that we believe are the most relevant to our readers. We also use the space for taking photographs of the products before, during and after the testing process.

Local Store

The Readers Time testing a washing a washing machine in Local Store

In some cases, we also have a partnership agreement with some major retail outlets which allows us to conduct our testing on some products on location. This means that we can review the products without having to purchase the product outright, which reduces our financial strain for the review to some extent. However, we do ensure that we can complete all the same tests that we would have otherwise performed in-house.

Friends And Family

In some cases, we have friends or family of the team who might have bought a new product in a category that we are looking to review. In such cases, we might also use their new products to conduct the testing for the review which again helps us in reducing the financial strain. In case the product can be transported to our lab, we do so, otherwise, we arrange for the testing process to be undertaken at the location where the product is located.

The Readers Time