Is curd Is good for hair

Is curd good for hair?

The curd is a product prepared by fragmenting the milk overnight or for some time. The milk of the buffalo & the cow is generally used to prepare the curd. People can eat the curd and can use the curd for some particular purpose. In India, people prefer to make the curd in the correct quantity at home. The milk is converted into a solid form by adding lactic acid. Curd is used to driving several dishes such as Kadhi, DahiVada, Lassi & Chaas. Curd is generally good in taste and white in color. A wide utensil is usually used to make the curd at homes. Some of the famous companies like Mother Dairy, Amul& others are providing the retail packets of the curd to the people. Curd is considered to be remedial for the skin and hairs also. People use curd to cure various skin and hair diseases.

What are the various benefits?

The curd is a cure for various hair treatments. Some of the benefits of the curd on the hair are as follows:

What is the best curd-based hair mask that a person could make?

Some curd hair mask that can help in improving the hair condition in a better way:

How to apply the curd-based hair mask on the scalp?

A proper procedure must be followed to apply the curd over the scalp to get better results. The hair mask could be prepared by using the following process:

What are the different drawbacks?

The curd-based hair mask is highly recommended for hairs. But there are some drawbacks also present in the curd based hair mask:

“The yogurt is a remedial measure to cure the various hair conditions.”

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