Dr. Saurav Das

 Dr. Saurav Das


Specialised in: Medicine

Experience: He has an experience of more than 9 years.

Educational Qualification/ Degree:  MBBS, MRCEM, Diploma in Medical Law & Ethics, Diploma in Hospital Management.

About the Doctor: Dr. Aparajeet Kar is a doctor is dedicated in providing urgent and effective patient care. He is specialised in emergency medicine. He completed his MBBS from Sree Siddhartha Medical College. Later he persuade MRCEM from Royal College of Emergency Medicine, UK. Other than this, he also completed diploma in Medical Law & Ethics and diploma in Hospital Management.

Vision toward healthcare: He is a very skilful doctor who is dedicated in providing the best health care to his patients during the most crucial time i.e. during emergency. His expertise lies in providing advanced cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, trauma resuscitation, advanced airway management including rapid sequence intubation and surgical airways, paediatric emergencies, emergency thrombolytic therapy, and many more.

Social media links: savyours@gmail.com

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