List of the Medicine Doctor In Champhai, Mizoram

 List of the Medicine Doctor In Champhai, Mizoram

Your health is without any argument one of the most important things. And doctors undoubtedly play a huge role in securing it. Oftentimes, we become reluctant to visit a doctor despite it being necessary. In order to avoid this mistake, make sure you regularly visit a doctor. However, visiting the right doctor can often time get a little difficult. For example, you need to visit a gynaecologist for gynaecological diseases or a dermatologist for skin issues. But whose door should you knock when the disease is unknown? Often, we suffer from symptoms but do not know which specialist to visit. In such circumstances, general physicians are our best choice. We have listed medicine doctors n Champai who can potentially help you.

There is a misconception that medicine doctors aren’t pioneers. However, for practising medicine, one has to complete MBBS and fulfil all the requirements. In fact, some undergo MD in general medicine to pursue this line of treatment. So, you can pretty much understand that the doctors practicing under the branch are more than capable of providing the correct treatment. Usually, general practitioners have the capability to diagnose and treat a disease unless it needs special care. For example, a general medicine practitioner has the capability to treat gastritis unless serious intervention of a gastroenterologist is required. Most of the practising general practitioners have numerous patients and a strong work history.

However, it is important that you choose your doctor with care. Since medicine is the most popular field of medical sciences, there are umpteen doctors in the field. Out of 12 lakh doctors in India, 600,000 are practising general medicine. With so many doctors in the field, choosing the right doctor can get difficult. And for this reason, you should do a little investigation on the doctor you plan to visit. For making this search easier, we have prepared this doctor list for you.

List of the Medicine Doctors in Champhai

Based in the border side of Mizoram, Champhai is a small town in India. With a limited population, 32,7400 people, the town is a huge tourist attraction. However, when it comes to medical facility, the Champhai is backwards. There are two medicine doctors in Champhai who are currently practising in the region, according to our source. Let us take a look at their profile:

01. Dr Samuel Laldinthara

Designation: Chief Medical Officer (MS, IDSP)

About the doctor: Dr Samuel Laldinthara is a known name in the region’s medical field. Serving as one of the eminent medicine doctors in Champhai, he has established a good name for himself. As a Chief Medical Officer, he has brought in many facilities to help the people of this region. And with his hard work and efficiency, he has been treating numerous patients of the region. Unsurprisingly, most of his patients prefer him. You can opt for him to get good treatment.

Clinic: Dr Samuel Laldinthara can be visited at District Hospital, Champhai

Timings: The hospital remains open 24 hours and you can visit anytime.

Practice Location: Vengsang, Champhai, Mizoram 796321

Contact Number: 8575807448

02. Dr Joel Lairemsanga

Designation: Chief Medical Officer, MO, MMU

About the doctor: Dr Joel Lairemsanga is another pivotal name when it comes to medicine doctors in Champhai. Over the years of his career, he has built a good reputation for himself. By helping and treating all of the patients who come to him, he has helped many people in recovering. Most of his patients will only have positive words to say about him. And by opting for his treatment, you can understand why. Known for being extremely polite and kind, he is the go-to doctor of a large number of the region’s population.

Clinic: Dr Joel Lairemsanga can be visited at District Hospital, Champhai

Timings: The hospital remains open 24 hours and you can visit anytime

Practice Location: Vengsang, Champhai, Mizoram 796321

Contact Number: 8575807448


Even though there are only two medicine doctors in Champhai, they can help you in getting better. With proficiency and expertise in the sphere, they have been constantly trying to bring positive changes in the region’s medical field. If you choose to visit any of them, chances are that you will get better.

Thank you for visiting our website. Currently, there are only two medicine doctors in Champhai according to our sources. If you have any information, kindly mail us at

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