List of the Skin Doctors in Dimapur, Nagaland

The exterior part of our body largely consists of skin. With different layers, the skin forms our complete outer structure. Be it your nose, eyes, palm or ankle, every part of the body is made up of skin. Functioning in different layers, this underappreciated part of our body plays a huge role in maintaining regularity. Whenever any sort of injury or inflammation occurs in our body, we understand the need of the particular area. And since this part of our body is so essential, it is very important to take its care. Have you been searching for Dimapur skin doctors? Then stay with us till the end.

The branch of medicine dealing with skin is called Dermatology. And obviously, the doctors dealing in this subject matter are called dermatologists. Over the years, the field has seen a steady development and doctors are constantly trying to bring in more changes. In India, the demand of dermatologists is very high. With only 12,500 registered doctors, the field has not formed a good ratio with the population. If we look at the ratio, there is 1 dermatologist for every 80000 people. And although this sector has comparatively a greater number of doctors than fields like urology and pulmonology, the number is still low.

However, it must be remembered that the working doctors are more than capable of handling all the patients. Since there are seldom any emergencies related to dermatological reasons, the doctors are usually capable of looking after their patients. And if you are suffering from any skin, hair or nail related issues, visit a dermatologist immediately. From small rashes to chicken pox, you can visit a dermatologist for any disease you are suffering with. And it doesn’t matter how insignificant the symptoms are, it is always wise to visit a doctor before the condition becomes serious.

List of the Best Dimapur Skin Doctor:

Are you exhibiting any symptoms of a skin disease? Or have you been formerly diagnosed with some dermatological disease? It doesn’t matter what your exact issue is, what’s important is visiting a dermatologist as early as possible. And to make the doctor hunt easier, we have breugh the best Dimapur skin doctors for you:

01. Dr Kindy Sohkhlet Newami

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD in Dermatology

Experience: 5+ years

About the doctor: Dr Kindy Sohkhlet Newami is one of the best dermatologists in the whole Nagaland. With her experience and expertise, she has helped many patients in getting better. Alongside with treating her patients traditionally, Dr Newami runs an Instagram page that has advices and information on skin care health. In fact, the page can teach you many things about dermatological health, what you should consume and avoid. Additionally, she is members of many prestigious institutes, include IADVL, ACS (I), Dermatological and Aesthetic Surgery international League (DASIL), and Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India (CDSI). Along with being a golden doctor for being academically achievements, Dr Newami is very popular amongst her patients for her nature. Known for being extremely professional and kind, she has helped numerous people in getting better. Almost all of her former and current patients absolutely love her services. You might yourself get better with her treatment.

Clinic: Dr Kindy Sokhlet Newami checks on with her patients at Olive Christian Hospital and Research Centre

Timings: You can consult with her on Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 04:30 pm

Practice location: Darogapathar, Nagaland 797112

Contact number: 084150 55995

02. Dr Atoka Sumi

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, DDLV

Experience: 8+ years

About the doctor: Dr Atoka sumi is amongst the eminent Dimapur skin doctors. With having more than 8 years of experience in the sphere of dermatology, he has helped numerous patients in getting their required treatment. Before pursuing his career, he completed his MBBS from RIMS, Imphal and DDLV from IPGMER & SSKM, Kolkata. Before joining Eden Medical Centre in Dimapur, he worked as a Senior Resident of Department of Dermatology at NEIGHRIMS, Shillong. Some of the areas Dr Sumi specialises are in clinical dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, dermatosurgery and paediatric dermatology. The most highlighted qualities of Dr Sumi are his proficiency and nature. Although he is a pioneer in the field, the doctor treats all his patients with utmost care and humbleness. Most of his patients recommend his name and are happy about the treatment. Additionally, he has also published writings on food’s relationship with dermatological health. You can surely keep him in mind.

Clinic: Dr Atoke Sumi checks on his patients at Eden Medical Centre

Timings: The hospital is open 24/7 and you can consult with the doctor via prior booking.

Practice location: Near sub-jail, Kashiram Road, Dimapur, Nagaland 797112

Contact number: 03862 296600

03. Dr E Mhabemo Ovung

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD in Dermatology

Experience: 6+ years

About the doctor: Dr E Mhabemo is one of the finest Dimpaur skin doctors. Throughout his career, he has always prioritized the health and betterment of his patients. Dr Ovung completed his MBBS and MD from AIIMS, Delhi. Over the years, he has helped umpteen patients in having better dermatological health. You can consult with him for almost every form of skin related emergency or requirement. Some of the popular areas in which his contribution is pivotal are eximo disease treatment, cosmetic treatment, acne treatment, hyper pigmentation treatment, mole removal treatment, hair loss treatment, skin infection treatment, tattoos laser removal facilities, leukoderma treatment, melanoma treatment and many more. Whenever you visit a dermatologist, try to keep Dr Ovung in mind.

Clinic: Dr E Mhabemo Ovung checks on his patients at Zion Hospital and Research Center

Timings: You can consult with him any day from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Practice location: Purana Bazaar, Dimpaur, Nagaland 797112

Contact number: 03862 224 117

04. Dr Ruby Jain

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD in Dermatology

Experience: 5+ years

About the doctor: Dr Ruby Jain is the final doctor in the list of best Dimapur skin doctors. However, her being last in the list does not indicate that she is in anyway less capable. In fact, Dr Ruby Jain is one of the most coveted doctors in the region. Along with being a dermatologist, she also treats STIs and STDS. Currently, she is the member of Indian association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologist (IADVL). The common areas Dr Jain deal in are treating pateints with leprosy, skin disorders and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). When it comes to treating skin diseases, she is an expert in clinical dermatology, cosmetic treatment, acne treatment, treating servre skin infections, etc. You will most likely benefit from her treatment.

Clinic: Dr Ruby Jain checks on her patients at Skin Care Clinic, Dimapur

Timings: You can consult with the doctor with only priorly fixed appointments.

Practice location: Kalibari Road, Old Daily Market, Dimapur, Nagaland 797112

Contact number: Currently no contact number is available for this establishment. For booking an appointment, kindly visit the clinic.


As they say, health is wealth. Undoubtedly, health is your most treasured wealth, so make sure you take proper care of it. Often, we ignore our small skin issues, thinking that it is a minor inflammation. However, a minor issue can turn up to be a big health problem. So in order to safe, visit the Dimapur skin doctor you think is the best right away.

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