5 Best night vision CCTV camera with recording in India 2023

If you are looking for the best night vision CCTV camera with recording then, you have landed in the right place. Through, this post I will try to guide you to select the best wireless CCTV camera + night vision + recorder. Today, both private and public spaces may benefit greatly from installing security cameras. It has become increasingly likely that burglars or other trespassers may attempt to steal from you or otherwise cause you harm. You need to have your wits about you and a solid CCTV camera security system if this ever happens to you. Daytime footage from most cameras is high quality since there is a lot of light. Even yet, most cameras can’t match their daytime performance at night. A CCTV camera that provides clear footage throughout the day may not be to your liking if you are not careful while purchasing it.

The primary benefit of having a CCTV camera is the piece of mind it affords you even when you’re not there, thanks to its ability to record in complete detail from a distance and at night. For this reason, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality CCTV camera that provides reliable coverage day and night. So that you may feel safe both during the day and at night, we have compiled a list of some of the top night vision CCTV camera with recording.

List of best Night Vision CCTV Camera With Recording:

Following is the list of the best night vision CCTV camera with recording

01. Lorex LNB8963B 4K 8MP 4X Optical Zoom IP Bullet Camera
  • It can capture 30 frames per second.
  • You can zoom in on the
    picture, yet it will be clear.
  • The brand offers free
    installation of this device.
  • It allows limited smart
    platform integration.
  • It offers no cloud storage.

This CCTV camera has an excellent night vision range. It can easily see and capture objects within 130 feet during the daytime and 90 feet even during the darkest time of the night. Besides, with this, your nighttime videos will be in colour until you turn off the exterior lights. It comes with 4K high-definition resolution with HDR. It can capture videos at 30 frames per second, and you can zoom in on the image and still get blue-free footage. It requires an NVR to work. With a Lorex NVR with smart detection technology, the camera could distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects.


Key Features:

  • Exceptionally efficient night vision.
  • It is water-resistant and remains unaffected by harsh weather.
  • It shoots footage in 4K high-definition resolution.
Lorex LNB8963B 4K 8MP 4X Optical
Zoom IP Bullet Camera
02. Nest 1080P HD Camera
  • It can recognize known faces.
  • It has no destructive red
    glow when the night
    vision is on.
  • It comes with superior
    night vision.
  • The price of this product
    can be a bit expensive
    for some people.

This indoor camera from Nest is popularly for several reasons. However, the video quality offered by this is truly exceptional. It captures videos in 1080P high-definition resolution, further enhanced with HDR by adding life and colour to the image by reducing glare and highlighting shadowy areas. With this, there is no chance that anyone can escape from its sight. Moreover, it is equipped with two sets of high-powered 850nm infrared LEDs for better illumination. Its two sets of infrared LEDs provide up to about 15 feet of illumination. Additionally, the artificial intelligence integrated into this product can recognize familiar faces and send notifications if it detects any unknown face in the house. It has many other interesting and useful features that can help you get superior security at all times of the day.

Nest 1080P HD Camera place anywhere
Nest 1080P HD Camera easy to install

Key Features:

  • It captures videos in 1080P high-definition resolution.
  • It is equipped with two sets of high-powered 850nm infrared LEDs.
  • The HDR enhances the video quality.
Nest 1080P HD Camera
03. Blink Outdoor wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera
  • You can install it both in the
    indoor or outdoor location.
  • It is water-resistant and
    remains unaffected by
    harsh climates.
  • It is super affordable and
    efficient at the same time.
  • You have to install a sync
    module to have a
    smoother operation.

This is an affordable option for you. It is a wire-free model equipped with very capable outdoor night vision. You can easily install it, and it has a good battery backup. Although, it comes with a battery-powered which doesn’t require much attention and can last up to two years. Besides, it requires no cloud subscription; all you need to do is Sync Module 2, a hub-like device for Blink cameras, and a USB flash drive.

Key Features:

  • It is a completely wireless device.
  • It provides affordable cloud storage.
  • It has a great battery that can last up to 2 years.
Blink Outdoor with black in colour
Blink Outdoor – wireless, long lasting
Blink Outdoor – wireless, see and speaks to visitors
Blink Outdoor wireless, weather-resistant
HD security camera
04. ARLO Wired Pro 3 Wire-Free Security 2 Camera System 2K with HDR
  • You can easily install it.
  • It captures quality footage
    even during the darkest
    hour of the night.
  • You can use it for indoor
    and outdoor security.
  • You need to change the
    batteries every six months.

This great camera offers infrared and colour night vision, making it an ideal pick for your home. It provides an excellent night vision range and records superior-quality videos. It shoots footage with a 2560p HD resolution, has a 160-degree field of view, and up to 12x digital zoom; the Arlo Pro 3 protects our apartment day and night. Additionally, the sealed shut of this camera will provide full protection against water jets, dust and other harsh weather conditions. It requires batteries to operate, which will last for 3 months. Besides, as it is a wireless system, you can easily install it without professional assistance.

ARLO-Wired-Pro-3-Wire-Free-Security-solar-useable place anywhere

Key Features:

  • It captures footage at 2560p resolution.
  • It is a wireless system.
  • It comes with a colour night vision feature.
ARLO Wired Pro 3 Wire-Free Security
2 Camera System 2K with HDR
05. Utra HD Dome Camera Night Vision
  • It has an attractive look.
  • It is super efficient and
  • It can capture high-quality
    night vision for superior
  • The price of this product is
    quite high.

This is an exceptional camera from the brand Generic. It offers high-quality night vision for superior security. With this, you can feel at home even when you are not. It captures videos in 1080P high-quality resolution. It is a style camera which makes it look very practical and attractive. It is simple and efficient at the same time.

CP PLUS 2.4MP Full HD IR Dome
CP PLUS 2.4MP Full HD IR Dome camera taking india to new technology
CP PLUS 2.4MP Full HD IR Dome camera

Key Features:

  • It captures videos in 1080P high-quality resolution.
  • It is a primary camera.
  • It has protruding mountain type.
Utra HD Dome Camera Night Vision

How To select the best night vision CCTV Camera With Recording: A Buying Guide?

When you think of buying anything, there are innumerable options available in the market. The case is not different with CCTV cameras. Many manufacturing companies are making their entry into the market every day. All of them claim to be the best. However, you can’t rely on any random brand for a sensitive thing as security. And to find out which one is the best night vision CCTV camera with the recording, you must consider looking for some important factors that are given below:

01. Features

The prime use of CCTV cameras is to record footage. However, a little extra is always welcomed. Besides, why would you settle for something basic when there are so many options? That’s why you must consider looking for the features offered by the device. It should have a motion-activated recording, smartphone alerts, high-quality resolution, and night vision. Your CCTV camera must have this to provide complete security to your home. Many brands offer two-way audio, built-in sirens and floodlight, and a wide field of view to capture more areas with fewer cameras. Also, some advanced CCTV cameras are intelligent enough to differentiate between animals and people and help reduce honking any false alarms. Such systems are made of advanced software and thus are very useful as well. So, it is suggested to go for a night vision CCTV camera with several useful features.

02. Privacy

Well, CCTV cameras are installed for superior security. Although, ironically these CCTV cameras also can get hacked. Usually, wireless cameras transfer data over the internet and store it on a cloud-based server. It might sound very technical, but this system can be easily broken into and can be spiked if anyone wants. Obviously, there is a solution to everyone’s problem. To eliminate the risk of getting hacked, you can check and purchase cameras from brands that are renowned in this sector and trustable. Spare some time looking for privacy features and go for the one that offers the best.

03. Alerts

Checking for this factor is very important. Your camera should be able to identify the uncertain event and send notifications to the devices such as monitors, smartphones, tablets, etc. The type of notifications entirely depends on your camera. Some cameras can detect unknown faces, sounds or motion and send a notification to several people through their app, text messages or email. While there are some which make alarming noise to alert people about something unusual. Go for the one that uses the most convenient form of notifications for you.

04. Battery Backup

India is known for power cuts, and most CCTV cameras used to rely on power for recording. However, things have changed now, and the latest CCTV cameras don’t rely on electricity any more. Although, they obviously need some sort of power backup to help your CCTV system work smoothly. You should go for a system with a reasonable battery backup. Because we all are well aware of the risk of getting theft and robbed while it is dark outside.

05. Recording Capacity

Your night vision CCTV camera must also have a good recording and storage capacity to provide full security to your home and office. Go for the one that can record videos in high resolution and can store them safely as well.

06. Warranty

Next, you should look for the warranty offered on the product. It is an important factor from the maintenance point of view. Let’s admit it, CCTV camera systems are not very pocket friendly, and you obviously don’t want to add on extra expenditure in maintaining them. Besides, electronic items tend to show trouble that is not in anyone’s control. With a warranty, you can eliminate the extra cost and enjoy the services provided by the brand. Thus, go for a brand with a good warranty policy so that you know where and to whom you should reach out to solve any problems you experience with the product.

07. Budget

Many prioritize money over quality; on the other hand, many consider convenience greater than money. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, a balance is always the right thing to do. You must carefully go through the features offered and set a reasonable budget. Make sure that the product you select has a balance between money and features. Go for the one that offers the best according to your requirements and budget.

08. Reviews and Ratings

This is the most reliable source to get a genuine insight into a product. Spare some time and review the reviews about the products posted online. You will learn from the mistake that others have already made, and in this way, you will surely not burn your money on a useless product. Go for the one with high ratings and positive reviews and maintain distance from the one that wasn’t liked by many.

If you follow these basic yet essential factors, you will surely bring home the right CCTV camera for your home and office. Besides, all the products mentioned in the list are from renowned and reliable brands that have been providing the best performance in India for quite a long time. You can easily find them in the online and offline markets. However, it is suggested to not get fooled by any sales executive and pick the right one according to your requirements.

Besides, this article provided the best information about night vision CCTV cameras. Hope it was informative and will help you enhance your shopping experience. And we understand that, as a buyer, you might have many questions in your mind. That’s why we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about night vision CCTV cameras in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do night vision cameras work?
Answer: There are different night vision cameras in the Indian market. Each of them works differently depending on the integrated technology. However, most cameras use specific lights and sensors to capture images and videos in low light. For example, an infrared security camera will come with infrared LED lights to cast the light and a specialized infrared sensor to view that light, so you can see a clear picture.
How much do night vision cameras cost?
Answer:The price of night vision cameras entirely depends on the features they offer. Generally, the price of a good night vision camera can range somewhere from 2,500 INR and can be more than 140,000 INR.
Which is better – wired or wireless security cameras?
Answer: Both wired and wireless cameras are equally efficient. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wireless cameras can be easily installed compared to wired ones, which require drilling and extra labour. On the other hand, wired cameras are more reliable. They cannot be spiked easily, which is not very certain with wireless cameras. Thus, it entirely depends on you which one you think is an ideal pick for you.
What’s the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?
Answer: Both have some significant differences and are designed for different purposes. Commonly, security cameras, widely known as CCTV cameras, are used in homes and companies to transmit signals from a specified location to remote monitoring equipment. Whereas surveillance cameras are installed by government officials for intelligent monitoring, crime prevention, etc. They operate on IP networks connected to the cameras from a remote point to the chosen area.
Do home security cameras record all the time?
Answer: Your security system must always be active. While most home security cameras only record if they can detect motion, some models can record continuously 24/7. Both are efficient, and you can get anyone that fits your requirements. But from a security point of view, it is best if your camera can record footage all the time.
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