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With the heat wave every summer stretching well into the triple digits, a dependable air conditioning system is necessary to keep your home cool and comfortable. Since energy costs are on the rise too, selecting a high-efficiency and properly-sized AC unit has never been too important.

Our mission at The Readers Time is to provide readers with a quick and easy way to get reliable information about the leading air conditioner (AC) brands and their models. We give thoroughly researched reviews and comparisons of current AC models that are rated as the best from leading brands. The key aspects that we consider while evaluating the products include:

Cooling Capacity

BTU is the acronym for British thermal units. We rate the actual abilities of cooling different space sizes. Too little space causes rooms to get hot, while too large units cycle ineffectively.

Energy Ratings

The new systems with higher ISEER and EER ratings convert more electricity to cooling power than the old systems making you save money every month.

Noise Level Ratings

Lower decibel ratings mean the AC units won't disturb the conversations or sleep.


Longer warranty periods give the assurance of a more secure investment in your major appliances.

Smart Functions

Wifi enabled ACs can be adjusted and scheduled remotely to enhance efficiency by using your phone.

Personally Tested and Tried Comprehensive review

Apart from individual AC reviews, we also give necessary background knowledge to enhance your purchase decision. We further enlighten our readers with how to measure the space properly, interpreting the unit specifications, installation taking into account all the needs, maintenance best practices, operating costs comparisons, and expert tips for utilizing any unit in the most efficient way. We aim to offer a hassle free experience by making the selection and installation process easy and smooth.

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