Air Cooler

Air coolers provide a cheap and energy-efficient way to ensure that we get enough relief from the scorching heat in the homes and offices. We, at The Readers Time, give you objective reviews on the top air cooler brands and models together with the latest releases. This way, you will find the one for your space and budget.

Our team spends ample time testing and analyzing air coolers on key aspects so you can make informed decisions:

Cooling Devices

Provide insight on how different kinds like a desert, personal and window air coolers work to cool down the air via water evaporation. We are testing the cooling pads against cooling panels for their efficiency.

Coverage Area

The CADR ratings, air throw distance, and room size that suit the intended space size will give an accurate idea on the cooling capacity for different sized spaces.

Operating Expenses

Major components, including the consumption of water, electricity, and maintenance expenses which are usually incurred in the long run.

Features of Convenience

Space dimensions, noise levels, mobility features, remote controllers and timer functions which influence the usability.

Complete Package

The advantages of adding humidifiers, air purifiers, ice chambers, and smart technologies to create a more holistic experience.

Warranties and Certifications

Ensure that air coolers which are ISI marked are subjected to safety tests. We are looking for the warranty period for our worry-free life.

Personally Tested and Tried Comprehensive review

With our air cooler reviews, we present balanced analysis of both benefits and drawbacks that we have experienced ourselves when testing products. We focus on the top-notch features and offer a side-by-side evaluation of products having similar key specs and price range. Beyond individual air cooler models, our buying guide offers key tips for making optimal purchase decisions:

Measuring Room Size

Point to CADR values that would be efficient for different-size spaces.

Guidelines for Placement

Sound principles that will enhance the airflow and help with cooling in the superior way possible.

Sizing Requirements

Storage tank capacity to ensure efficient water delivery and multiple water inlet options to simplify refills.

Maintenance Guidelines

Use of simple cleaning practices for coils, pads and tanks to keep cooling strength.

Buyer Guide


With the focus of making you feel cool without too much expense, we give air cooler recommendations that are best for your space and your budget. We get commission from our retailers displayed on our site without adding any extra cost to our readers.

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