Gadkari launches various road and transport projects in Assam

December 26, 2020:. On Friday, December 25, Nitin Gadkari unveiled a life size bronze statue of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to celebrate his birth anniversary. The Union Road transport minister also laid foundations for 27 highway projects in the state. The construction value of these projects is approx. INR 2,366 crore and will cover a road length of almost 439 kilometres.

     “These projects will ease the transportation of commercial goods within and across the state, will improve connectivity at the borders, enhance employment opportunities, save time and fuel, improve tourism and infra development, and will result in providing connectivity for agricultural produce up to larger markets,” according to a statement released by the ministry. 

      Gadkari said at an event in Assam that funds worth INR 2,104 crore have been approved for the state for 174 projects under CIRF (Central Road and Infrastructure Fund) and out of which INR 1,177 crore have been realeased till now. He further announced  a sum of INR 221 crore under CIRF against the annual accrual of INR 139 crore. He confirmed that 217 km of roads were completed in the state during 2020 at a cost of INR 1,102 crore. 

       A multi-modal logistic park (MMLP)is to be built in Silchar, as announced by Gadkari. “This will be the second MMLP in Assam after the one being made in Jogighopa. The state government will provide 200 bigha lands in Harinachra village along the Barak River. These will benefit the people by way of the development of road and waterways connectivity,” according to the statement.

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