The refrigerator is a complicated unit, which is cooled by the compression and heat exchange system. Nowadays, due to the presence of many brands and features, buyers often become confused when selecting the best refrigerator for their home.

Our goal at The Readers Time is to do our best to remain impartial in our reviews and this will cover the latest models of refrigerators from the major manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, etc. Our team thoroughly tests key aspects of each refrigerator including:

Cooling Technology

We go into detail about different types like single vs dual compressor and no frost vs auto defrost which work best for cooling and humidity control, we explain which of them is the best.

Storage Capacity

Specified the size of shelf space, the area of the drawers and the capacity of the freezer are all what pre-determine the size of the family and the food storage needs.

Temperature Regulation by Different Cooling Zones, Air Filtration and Sensors

These features help in maintaining the exact temperature of food and what makes it fresher for a longer time.

Energy Efficiency

Ratings are considered important to identify models with maximum food preservation at the lowest possible electricity consumption.

Smart Features

WiFi tracking, cameras, touch screens and apps for the management of refrigerators remotely.

Standards and Certifications

Codes from AHAM, EnergyStar and other bodies guarantee durability and safety.

Personally Tested and Tried Comprehensive review

In our fridge reviews, we divulge comprehensive details about the latest models from the big brands in the business. We bring the focus on the highly specialized functions that the product offers together with the shortcomings that might have been discovered in the process of evaluation. Ratings can simplify the task of comparing several criteria from different measurement criteria.

To further assist our readers, we also provide buying guides like:

Calculator of Size

Recommended amount of food in accordance with number of family members and eating habits.

Style Options

French door or side-by-side profile freezer types or bottom freezer type.

Instruction Guide

Measurements, wiring requirements and suggestions for increased integration.

Cleaning Tips

How to prevent spreading bacteria and foul smell on the interior surfaces with proper routine care.

Buyer Guide

The Reader’s Time focuses on the complexities involved in the buying of a refrigerator and helps you get the model that would be the ideal fit for your house as far as the demands are concerned. We are compensated through commissions when purchases are made through retailer links posted on our site but at no extra expense to you.

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