India Taiwan semiconductor deal: TSMC To Start Manufacturing Unit in India To Meet Global Demand

India Taiwan semiconductor deal: TSMC To Start Manufacturing Unit in India

India Taiwan semiconductor deal: Taiwan’s, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is in talks with the Government of India to start a manufacturing unit in India. It is expected that Taiwan Deal to Set Up $7.5 bn Chip Manufacturing Plant. Taiwan Semiconductor products hold dominance in meeting the global demand for semiconductors.

As the demand for electronic items has increased, the demand for semiconductors has also increased for the production of those Items. It is now becoming difficult for even Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to cope up with the demand, with the existing production line.

To increase production and to meet the global demand, India and Taiwan have been progressing on a deal to bring semiconductor manufacturing units in India. The news of this deal between India and Taiwan came out at a time when the powerful democracies across the world are enhancing their economic and military ties to stand up against increasing Chinese assertiveness.

If the India Taiwan semiconductor deal becomes successful, it will be a setback to China. The world is also concerned with the fears surrounding China’s highly aggressive and volatile stand on Taiwan presently. In the vent of an imminent attack on part of the Chinese the global semiconductor supply chain could be greatly impacted.

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