Best Dishes to Try In Silchar During Durga Puja

 Best Dishes to Try In Silchar During Durga Puja

Are you looking for the Best Dishes to Try In Silchar In Durga Puja? then, you have landed in right place. The biggest carnival in the country has been started and the people are coming out of their home, of chores by maintaining covid protocol and a layer of happiness has vailed over all the sadness of the year. If you have already guessed then you are correct, Durga Puja has started and for the next few days will have smiles in every face. But happiness without delicious food is not complete.

Silchar enjoys its Durga puja with the same joy and happiness as the other parts of the nation do. People of Silchar enjoy pandal hopping and they also love to eat food and lots of adda. Food is an integral part of the celebration of the Durga Puja, whether it is Bhog er proshad or having fast food with friends, the people of Silchar love to eat various dishes during Puja.

Here are some of the delicious food you can have when you visit Silchar during puja.

01. Samosa of Kishan Sweets

Samosa of Kishan Sweets

Fast food is the first this one has when he/she starts his/ her puja evening. Samosa is considered one of the best fast food and Kishan Sweets serves you the best samosa, this fast-food center also serves a range of dishes such as ‘Kachori’, ‘Dahi Wada ‘, and also delicious sweets like ‘barfee’, ‘rasgolla’ etc.

02. Momos of Jhalupara

Momos of Jhalupara

Ask any resident of Silchar about best momos of Silchar, every person in one tune will say, momos of Jhalupara are the best. There are a number of momo shops in the Jhalupara and every shop will serve you delicious momo. While pandal hopping you want to have a momo then visit Jhalupara and enjoy delicious momos.

03. Egg roll

This is a very familiar dish to most people, not only in Silchar but in the entire Barak Valley. Without having an egg roll seems like puja is not complete. Probably egg roll is the most sold dish during puja in Barak Valley. There is no specific place in Silchar where one can find the best egg roll, almost every fast food center serves this dish and the taste of this amazing dish is almost the same in every place.

04. Chow Mein

Probably another one of the most popular dishes in the Silchar and also in the region. This dish can also be found almost in every fast food center and people love to have this dish and yes this is also one of the must-try dishes in the Silchar during the puja. There are a variety of chow mein dishes like veg, nonveg, chicken chow mein, egg chow mein, etc. Every variety of this dish tastes great.

05. Chaap


Chaap is also quite a famous dish and also readily available in almost every fast food shop. People love to have this dish and like Chow mein, Chaap also has several varieties such as egg chaap, vegetable chaap, chicken chaap, etc. The taste of this delicious dish is great.

06. Biryani

Biryani Silchar

A must-try dish and probably the most loved dish among the people of Silchar. Biryani is a dish that is loved by people of every age group and this dish has also become a source of enjoyment for the people of the Silchar. During Puja biryani is available in every restaurant of the Silchar one can find this delicious dish even in the street food stalls during the puja. The taste of biryani in every place is great but as per the locals of the Silchar, the taste of the biryani of a restaurant called Nawab is one of the best biryani on the Silchar.

07. Chili Chicken

Chilli Chichen

This traditional Indian dish is a sweet or savory crispy appetizer made from chicken, garlic, and bell peppers. This mixture is marinated in chili and soya sauce. This Dish is loved by the people of Silchar and can also be considered as one of the popular dishes among the people of Silchar and you can also add this to the mast eat food list of yours.

08. Roti Tarka

 Roti Tarka

This dish is probably the most loved dish among the people of Silchar when it comes to Dhaba food. One should must taste roti tarka while visiting Silchar during Puja or even during other times. Roti Tarka of Ramnagar Dhaba is the most loved and favorite among the people, people from all over the Barak Valley come to taste the tarka of Ram Nagar Dhaba.

09. Bengali Thali

Bengali Thali

Bengali thali is also a very famous food and people love to experience the taste of Bengali thali. Various restaurants like Rannaghar, Sadhe alhadde, etc serve Bengali thali and people take their food with joy.

This is all about, Best Dishes to Try In Silchar In Durga Puja

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