Top 10 Restaurants in Karimganj 2024

Foodies, listen up! Welcome to our exciting virtual food tour of Karimganj today, where we will uncover the best 10 restaurants of Karimganj. From the finger-licking local delicacies to a melange of international cuisines, our starving hosts have gone all out to give you the top-notch dining options here.
Through days of meticulous research and personal tasting, our research team made this list. So, let’s get started on this delicious journey and uncover inside-tips on ambiance, signature dishes, pricing and more to help you navigate the Karimganj culinary scene that is booming.

01. Paradine Restaurant

Paradine Restaurant Interior

Right next to Karimganj Junction railway station, a family business Paradine Restaurant has been welcoming guests with its warm heart and rich regional flavours since it was started. The dining room is filled by aromatic curries, biryanis, breads, starters and daily specials (including the classics and novelties). Dishes like the railway mutton curry, chicken 65 and chili garlic prawns have such an amazing blend of spices, herbs, and flavours that they literally sing. 

Paradine Restaurant Wall Design

02. Clock Tower Cafe cum Restaurant

The Clock Tower Cafe cum Restaurant is located in the heart of Karimganj, but it is a hidden gem. While at one time a modest eating place, it has now gained a massive following among both the locals and the visitors for its delectable food and hospitable ambiance. The scents of sautéing spices or simmering curries will definitely draw you in further as you enter the cafe. 

Clock Tower Cafe cum Restaurant front view

The small-town friendliness does not disappear just because it has become popular – they smile broadly and engage in lively conversations with the patrons as they select from the menu which has local delicacies and dishes from other parts of the world. Whatever time of the day you visit, you shall be welcomed with a sweet aroma and a chatter that will warm your heart, the same qualities that have made this unpretentious establishment a favourite culinary institution in Karimganj. 

Clock Tower Cafe cum Restaurant dine in

Average price- 200-400

Timing- 11.00 AM – 11.00 PM                                                 

Location- Bridge Rd, near Saraswati Vidya Niketan, near union bank, Karimganj, Assam 788710

03. Aheli Hotel and Restaurant

Aheli Hotel and Restaurant

Along with Ahar restaurant, Aheli has also seen the old days of Karimganj. This restaurant offers a perfect blend of traditional and modern ambience. If you are in Karimganj, you should visit this restaurant. Aheli Hotel and Restaurant also offers you accommodation at an affordable rent. Some of the recommended dishes of this restaurant are Bengali Thali, Cutlet.

Average Price- 350- 500

Timing- 10 AM – 10 PM

Location– Shiv Bari Road, Karimganj, you can reach through Station Road.

04. Masala Bay

Masala Bay

Compare to any other restaurant, this food corner is relatively new. It offers a sublime blend of a traditional restaurant and modern food corner. Food lovers of every age group can visit this place, but generally, youngsters prefer to visit Masala Bae because of its pocket-friendly menu. Moreover, talking about the environment of this place, it has a very calm and relaxing ambience. Specialties of this Masala Bay are Fried Momo, Chicken 65, Chicken Pakudra.

Masala Bay New Menu for year 2024

Average Price- 200- 300

Timing- 4 PM – 8PM

Location– DSA road, opposite treasury office, Karimganj.

05. Najim’s Restaurant

Najim's Restaurant Karimganj Menu

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Karimganj is a hidden treasure called Najim’s Restaurant. Najim’s has forged a name with its varied and delectable dishes that well illustrate the cultural mix of the area. Inside the restaurant is a friendly environment with mouthwatering scents coming from the kitchen. Diners browse a menu highlighting the best of the region in curries, biryanis, kebabs and more by following the links that will provide additional information on each dish. The restaurant has much more to offer than just cuisine. Those wanting to taste the best of Karimganj’s food are drawn back to Najim’s for the warm hospitality, vibrant energy and of course, the food. Ideally, it is the food that brings people from all walks of life together.

Average price- 400-600                

Timing- 10.30 AM – 10.00 PM

Location- V88X+X52, NH37, Karimganj, Assam 788710

06. La Trio Pizza

The smells of dough baking and cheese melting embrace you the minute you walk in through the entrance of La Trio Pizza. This authentic pizzeria brings the taste of Italy to the customers that seek the real wood fire pizza experience. The pizzaiolo maestro with ease throws the hand-tossed artisan pies into the flaming oven, where the flames caress the surface just right and melt the mozzarella into what becomes a gooey heaven. 

La Trio Pizza interior

Toppings such as spicy Italian sausage, sweet soppressata and savory mushrooms make them to be edible masterpieces. In addition to the pizza, La Trio serves fresh pasta dishes, burgers, and sweet desserts to cater to any desire. The staffs serve you such that your drink always stays full and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Combining the best quality ingredients and time-tested preparation methods, La Trio delivers the original Italian experience in a contemporary yet classic setting.

La Trio Pizza Sauce

Average price- 300-600                                                                        

Address: 1st floor C R Palace Opposite to ASTC Silchar road, Dist, PO, Karimganj, Assam 788710

Timing- 11.00 AM – 10.30 PM

Phone: 099991 17981

07. Randhan Restaurant

Randhan Restaurant outside

One of the most famous restaurants of Karimganj, like SonakshiRestaurant, this restaurant also allows you to arrange a small scale party. Along with young stars, food lovers of all age groups love to visit this restaurant. Moreover, the affordable price structure of this place also attracts people. The speciality of this place is Biryani.

Randhan Restaurant fried rice

Average Price- 400- 600

Timing- 9.30 AM – 8 PM

Location– Station Road Karimganj, Near SBI Bazar Branch.

08. Chandan Hotel and Restaurant

Chandan Hotel and Restaurant

It has gained popularity at a rapid speed among the people of Karimganj. The services of this restaurant are liked by most of these customers. Besides, it has been rated with five stars by its customers. Butter Nun, dal tarka, Fried Rice are some unique items of this restaurant. Moreover, the menu of this restaurant is pocket friendly. It also provides the service of accommodation to the visitors of Karimganj.

Average Price- 700- 900

Timing- 10.30 AM – 8 PM

Location– Station Road Karimganj, 2nd floor of Vishal Mega Mart building.

09. China Town Restaurant

 China Town Restaurant

If you are a frequent visitor to Karimganj, you know this place. It is famous for its lunch hour. It has a very affordable price range, and Karimganjians love to visit this place for its majestic ambience. Famous dishes of this restaurant are Choumin, Lunch meal, Biryani.

Average Price- 450-550

Timing- 10 AM -9PM

Location– Station Road Karimganj, opposite Sahachari.

10. Mocambo

Mocambo Cafe Menu Karimganj

Just like Masala Bae, Mocambo is also a bride of traditional restaurants and modern outlets. You can visit this pickup place or get home delivery of the food you desire to eat. Probably Mocambo is the first one to start home delivery of food in Karimganj. In a short period, it gained popularity among the people of Karimganj. However, Chicken lollipop, Roll, Cutlet (both veg and non-veg) etc. are some recommended dishes of this outlet.

Average Price- 450-550.

Timing- 5 pm – 8 pm

Location– Civil Hospital Road, Paglapatti (circle), Karimganj, Assam.

Contact info: You can call at 6000100801, or you can visit this website for further details.

Those were some of the prominent restaurants of Karimganj Town. If you find any information that could add positive value to this blog, please comment with the information or any lead.

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