Online food order facilities available in Karimganj

Internet and technology have shown rapid growth in the past few years. Many people spend most of their time surfing online, which provides a vast market potential for restaurants. Especially after the arrival of Covid, people prefer ordering food and other stuff online and getting them delivered to their doorstep. The demand for online restaurant ordering kept on increasing rapidly among customers. Irrespective of which area you name, you will find the popularity of online food orders everywhere. Here, we are presenting the available Karimganj online food order facilities. It might help you enjoy your favourite food without experiencing any hustle. Besides, you can ensure your safety without letting your taste buds compromise. So, without delay, let’s explore the online food order facilities available in Karimganj for you.


Available food types: You can find both eggless and with egg cakes in Sourav’sBakeology.

About the store: We thought of starting the list with something sweet. Sourav’s Bakeology delivers super delicious and beautifully designed cakes to its customers. The bakery makes no compromise on its quality. According to some reviews of its happy customers, it is one of the best bakeries in town. You can order your favourite cake for birthdays, anniversaries, etc., online or can reach out to its location for pick up.

Location: Railway Colony, Karimganj, Assam, India.

Contact info: You can visit this link to get further details.

  • Cake

Mocambo Cafe Kxj

Available food types: They provide both vegetarian and non- vegetarian food.

About the store: Mocambo Cafe is as enjoyable as its name. You can visit this pickup place or get home delivery of the food you desire to eat. Their kitchen is thoroughly sanitized, and they take strict measures to ensure that your food can be delivered safely and in a hygienic way. 

Location: Civil Hospital Road, Paglapatti (circle), Karimganj, Assam.

Contact info: You can call at 6000100801, or can visit further details.

  • Mocambo Cafe Kxj Menu
  • Mocambo Cafe Kxj


Available food types: They provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

About the store: Min2eat provides the best food at the best price. It is an exciting restaurant, which offers variety in their menu. They are open for pickup and are majorly available for home delivery. 

Location: Bridge Road, opposite congress office, Karimganj.

Contact info: You can visit or can follow their Instagram page, for more details.

If you feel that we have left some information or some new online food facilities at Karimganj, please leave a comment with the updated information.

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