Jobs in Silchar Airport 2024

Want to fly high in your profession? Look to Silchar Airport, a place that offers limitless possibilities with the aviation industry in north-east India. Your lift-off point to a vibrant place of employment, either close to the ground or amidst the clouds, is this busy airport.

Due to its aggressive plans for expansion, Silchar Airport is hiring motivated personnel to grow its first-class team. Silchar has diverse positions ranging from ticketing and customer service positions dealing with passengers on the launch and technical engineering jobs guaranteeing safety in the skies for both new and seasoned professionals alike.

Be it a fresh graduate looking for a lifetime job experience or an experienced professional seeking new challenges, Silchar Airport provides plenty of opportunities to participate in an exciting, high-speed workplace. There are countless opportunities in every aspect, from aviation operations and logistics to food and beverage management.

It is an insider guide to many stimulating professions which are offered to people at Silchar Airport. Major facts about qualifications, duties, and career progression opportunities for positions from cabin crew members to airport managers will be discussed.

So fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a flight! A thrilling career of growth and adventure lies in store at Silchar Airport. Keep reading to find out what you need to secure your dream job and scale newer heights with one of the busiest hubs in northeast India. 

Airport Ground Staff

Qualification: Starting from 10th, 12th pass, till Graduation, or equivalent in relevant field.

Experience: Welcomes fresher and experienced both.

Job Description: A ground staff or ground crew in the aviation industry engages themselves in various activities at the Airport. They ensure passengers’ safety and comfort, which includes providing information, assisting disabled passengers, checking baggage, selling tickets, and confirming reservations.

Ticketing Executive

Qualification: Starting from 10th, 12th pass, till Graduation, and Diploma in Airline ticketing, or equivalent in relevant field.

Experience: Welcomes fresher and experienced both.

Job Description: An Airline Ticketing Executive acts as a Ground Staff. Airline ticket sales and reservations are managed by the Ticketing Executive. Core duties include:

  • The reservation of customers and the issuance of tickets using the airline’s reservation system.
  • Giving customers pricing alternatives and suggestions depending on their travel needs
  • The management of seat inventory and availability for the flights
  • Electronic ticketing, rescheduling, and refunds
  • Supplying superior customer service through phone, e-mail, and in person.
  • Addressing customer complaints on reservations, ticketing, upgrades, etc.
  • To monitor this myriad of information on flight timetables, fares, routes, airline policies, and travel rules is a challenge.
  • To identify sales opportunities and sell additional products, such as seat upgrades, additional baggage, etc.
  • Individual and group sales targets and revenue objectives.

Airlines Customer Service Agent (CSA)

Qualification: 10th pass, diploma, or equivalent in relevant field.

Experience: 6 months to 1 year of experience is preferred.

Job Description: The airline’s Customer Service Agent is the man on the spot who serves the air passengers at the airport. Daily responsibilities include:

  • Boarding and checking in passengers for flights.
  • Managing seating assignments, upgrades, standby lists, and waitlists
  • Baggage fees, change fees, etc. payment processing
  • Answering passenger questions regarding flight status, gates, connections, etc.
  • To sort out common customer problems such as loss claims, booking changes, etc.
  • Making boarding announcements for flights and updating the displays of flight information
  • Enforcing airline regulations on checked baggage, carry-on items, etc.
  • Supporting passengers with special needs such as in wheelchairs.
  • Along with other departments such as operations and baggage services.
  • Maintaining a pleasant, warm demeanour when dealing with tense travellers

Air Hostess and Cabin Crew

Qualification: 10th pass, diploma, or equivalent in relevant field.

Experience: Welcomes fresher and experienced both.

Job Description: The Air Hostess or Cabin Crew member is in charge of the safety and comfort of passengers on the aircraft. Key duties include:

  • Carrying out pre-flight cabin inspections and ensuring that all the safety devices are working properly.
  • They greeted passengers into the aircraft and guided them to their seats.
  • Pre-flight announcements and demonstrations of safety procedures.
  • Make sure that all passengers conform to the seatbelt/electronic device regulations for takeoffs/lands.
  • In-flight meals, snacks and beverages are served according to airline service standards.
  • The addition of the sale of duty-free items and other products as required.
  • Responding promptly and politely to passenger requests and complaints.
  • Cabin maintenance and restocking of the lavatories during the flight.
  • Calming nervous passengers and tactfully preventing or controlling conflicts or disruptive behaviour.
  • First aid and emergency procedure administration in case of need.
  • Landing preparation and release announcements

HR Executive

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Human Resources.

Experience: Around 3 to 5 years of experience is preferable.

Job Description: The HR Executive has a duty of checking the backgrounds of job candidates, processing benefits and other paperwork, hiring airline staff and flight crews, the FAA or Transport Canada, interfacing with insurance companies, communicating with union representatives, terminating employees, interpreting labour contracts, answering telephones, and recruiting new hires.

Airport Manager

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in aviation or a related field.

Experience: Candidates with experience are preferable.

Job Description: The Airport Manager oversees all airport operations and business administration. Key duties include:

  • Supervising all employees including operations employees, technicians, vendors, tenants, and contractors.
  • Complying with all FAA and TSA regulations.
  • Capital improvement projects, for example, runway expansions or terminal upgrades, planning and administration.
  • Creation and enforcement of environmental, safety, and emergency policies/procedures.
  • Monitoring Security operations and coordinating needs with TSA/law enforcement.
  • Negotiating lease deals with airlines, concessions, parking operators, and others.
  • Tracking things like passenger volume, capacity, revenue, and operating costs.
    Budget preparation and implementation of contracts, bids, proposals, grant submissions, etc.
  • Communication with community stakeholders, and airport participation in hearings/meetings.
  • Noise monitoring program management and community response to complaints or concerns.
  • Managing all business development and marketing for the airport.

Back office executive

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in business administration or equivalent.

Experience: Candidates with experience are preferable.

Job Description: The back office executive is responsible for managing the Branch’s Profitability. They must make sure that they are providing high-quality service and Customer Relationship Manager. A back office executive must look at the Branch Merchandising & coordinate with Marketing at the product level. Review vault register, Suspense and Dummy accounts. It is important for them to have good communication skills, and knowledge of financial and accounting principles, human resource principles and project management principles.

Food and Beverage Manager

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) or equivalent from a four-year college focusing on hospitality or technical school; or two to four years related experience and training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Experience: Welcomes fresher and experienced both.

Job Description: The Duties of the Food and Beverage Manager are to:

  • Plan and execute food and beverage orders.
  • Process customer complaints patiently.
  • Plan different recipes for customers with special dietary needs.
  • Check food and beverage supplies and place orders as per requirements.
  • Keeping track of the Manager.

Aircraft Flight Safety Engineer

Qualification: One must have a Bachelor’s degree in electrical, mechanical or pneumatic fields or equivalent in the relevant field.

Experience: Welcomes fresher and experienced both.

Job Description: The Aircraft Flight Safety Engineer sifts through accident/incident statistics and data to increase safety. Key duties include:

  • Conducting investigations of aviation accidents and collecting evidence to establish probable cause.
  • Through the analysis of flight recorder data, air traffic control transcripts, weather reports, and maintenance records.
  • Questioning pilots, crew members, air traffic controllers and other participants.
  • It includes aviation safety hazard identification and recommendations on how to eliminate or mitigate risks.
  • Statistical analysis is performed to detect safety trends connected to aircraft models, airlines, airfields, etc.
  • Knowledge of aviation standards, regulations, aircraft systems, and performance limitations should be in-depth and broad.
  • Preparation of detailed investigative findings reports with proposals for improvement.
  • Training pilots and technicians on the best practices and techniques in accident prevention.
  • By liaising with the FAA, NTSB, manufacturers, airlines, and other parties conducting investigations.
  • Tracking the latest developments in aviation safety research, technologies, and processes.

Silchar Airport: Silchar Airport is at Kumbhirgram, which is 29 km away from the main town of Silchar. It is the fourth busiest Airport in northeast India, next to Guwahati, Imphal and Agartala. It was built by the British in the year 1944. The list mentioned above has been composed by covering all the jobs available in Silchar Airport with job descriptions and qualifications. The list might be a useful source for you to give your career direction.

Contact details

You can contact

The Airport Director,

Airport Authority of India Silchar Airport,

Kumbhirgram, Silchar-788109, Assam

Call: 91-3842-282293

TeleFax: 91-3841-282151


Given its growing operations and choice of location, Silchar Airport is undoubtedly a harbour of opportunity waiting to push your career to even greater heights. Regardless of your career aspirations, whether you are just beginning your aviation career path or are an established professional seeking a different opportunity, the vast number of vacancies listed for Silchar Airport open you to unfathomable development and career possibilities.
So, do not just imagine flying to career heights – get there at Silchar Airport.  The sky truly is the limit when you launch your career at Silchar Airport- India’s gateway to unearth endless possibilities in the northeastern region.

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