Dr. Aryakamal Das – A Cardiologist in Silchar Pioneering Force in Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

Have you ever wondered about those silent soldiers who labor effortlessly to sustain our heartbeats and breaths? In fact, we are going to unveil the story of one such amazing person – Dr. Aryakamal Das raging renowned as one of the best cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeons.

More so, Dr. Das is backed by a very fine educational background that includes an MBBS from Silchar Medical College and a DrNB in Cardio-Thoracic& Vascular Surgery from NH-RTIICS Kolkata, proving that he is hard force to be contending with. However, there the unforeseen thing happens – he is the hero of VATS coping with VATS General Surgery Training Center (MediAssist), India. Certainly a well-rounded surgeon!

Dr Aryakamal Das talking with his patient

Now, let get to specific heart of the question of what makes Dr. Das exceptional professional. In the last 6 years, he did 500+ surgeries which including everything from Cadaver Uniportal Thoracic Surgery and minimally invasive surgery to robotic thoracic surgery, vascular surgery (both cold and warm), percutaneous transluminal vascular angioplasty and intravascular aortic balloon angioplasty, thoracic aortic card. Now, isn’t that mouthful?

As we tried to know more about Dr. Das unequivocally we identified a meaningful distinction between him and others in the same profession; that is, his determination to accept multi-beam approaches. His honest way of speaking, convinced us that a successful endeavor to defeat the hard gamma of cardiovascular and thoracic diseases can only be accomplished through teamwork, that is, a group of doctors, surgeons, scientists, advanced practice providers, nurses, etc.

The impressive way in which Dr. Das has fused his enthusiasm for interdisciplinary study is a real notice. He is not only a surgeon but also a visionary of the health centers with a cardiac and thoracic specialization, which path is only into the people’s hands seeking the same goal. He is available for consultation at the Valley Hospital Silchar.

So if you sense your heart pounding or feel the inhale and exhale of your lungs, remember to salute the unsung heroes out there. Armed with his vast information base, cutting-edge techniques, and collaborating attitude, Dr. Das without a doubt, is a key player who contributes in the world of cardio-thoracic and vascular surgery.

Dr Aryakamal Das - Fiftyco Labs

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