Dr. S. K. Roy: A Dedicated Pediatrician Serving the Children of Silchar

Specialized in: Pediatrics

Training and Education: MBBS, D.C.H, Fellowship in Neonatal Acute and Critical Care

Dr. S. K. Roy is a renowned and the most well experienced pediatrician, practicing at Silchar for more than a decade. He has been providing outstanding care to the children of that town. Being a native of the area, Dr. Roy is well aware of the unpredictable needs of the community in terms of medicine. His dedication to the excellence, together with his patronizing style, has earned him the admiration and affection of both parents and pupils quite much as well.

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The path of Dr. Roy in medicine was set by him becoming a graduate of a famous medical school and being awarded his MBBS degree. Impressed by this story, he got inspired to help children and gone on to obtain a diploma in child health (D.C.H). Realizing that the emergence of neonatal care takes a significant relevance, Dr. Roy refined his skills through a Fellowship in Neonatal Acute and Critical Care Attending superb standards.
Having completed a complete training, Dr. Roy gives a new meaning to the concept of pediatric treatment from a global perspective also acquired the necessary skills in the application of latest evidence based care.

Compassionate Care and Community Involvement

Dr Sk Roy Child Specialist

We wanted to know more about him and so we tried collecting review from some of the existing and former patients’ parents. Through our digging we found that the doctor’s stand is not only confirmed by his experience in a given field but also his warm and positive character. His unique collaboration skill with kids is simply amazing. By creating a comfortable environment, he makes them happy. He mirrors his genuine interest in each child’s overall health by his personalized advices, making sure that all of his targets derive from what they need.
Going beyond his clinical practices, Dr. Roy is also community programs-enthusiast and child health and preventive care-promoter. He actively makes himself available at health camps and gives morning talks during the parent-teacher meetings arming them with essential knowledge and the requisite tools they need to keep the children healthy. Dr. Roy is changing the overall way health is looked at in the community by making people very conscious about the most frequent childhood health problems and the first steps in the reaction to them.

Convenient Access to Quality Care

Children’s health is a top priority among parents in Silchar, and getting an appointment from Dr. Roy can now be reserved online as it has become easier.  Contacting the Fiftyco Lab by dialing this number 09395963105 will provide parents both with the opportunity to schedule an appointment with this first-rate pediatrician and with the assurance that this appointment will be secured within minutes.


We can certainly state that Dr. Roy is a bright example of a pediatrician who is a professional, masterful, and caring. With his qualification, global understanding, and unwavering devotion to his young patients, he became invaluable to the healthcare community in Silchar.

If as region parents you are looking for the top quality care for your children, look no further than Dr. Roy’s talent and perseverance. Booking a consultation with this acclaimed pediatrician through Fiftyco Lab is a way of guarantying that their kids will receive medical care of the highest level in the hands of a caring professional.

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