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Indian neurosurgery has undergone tremendous development in the last few years. Currently, we have about 3000 neurosurgeons to care for a population of more than 1.4 billion which amounts to 1 neurosurgeon per 450000 people.

Today, we are diving into the incredible journey of one such true hero in the medical world – Dr. Alok Nath. Presenting a character whose identity is not simply brain surgeon, but a hero in scrubs whose weapon is a scalpel rather that cape!

Dr Alok Nath

From a small-town-born and bred life of Karimganj, Assam comes the incessant vehemence of Dr. Nath who at the moment is considered to be as one of the best neurosurgeons. To begin his journey in the field of medicine, he has acquired his basic MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Silchar Medical College & Hospital. Not only that, but he raised the question of what type of society we ought to have. In his academic journey, he received his Mch degree in neurosurgery from the reputable IPGMER, SSKM Hospital in Kolkata.

Next, now, we pause to count. Credibility of his position as speaker is given a firm basis by a remarkable track record which will surely blow everyone’s mind! He has successfully completed over 10,000 head injuries including stroke and heart attack operations till date. Yes, count yourself lucky, this number means a lot – 10,000. Saving that many lives feels no different than saving a whole town. Furthermore, he has even performed more than 8,000 complex spinal surgeries, letting them have a fresh lease of life for people who have carried chronic pains for a very long time.

However, Dr Nath is not limited to just one strategy, but there are a couple of things he was able to point out. He is a versatile expert and there’s nothing off-the-beaten-track for him in neurosurgical patients. Moreover, in his career coat, he has removed over 700 brain tumors, and it will be wonderful watching surgery to be just as watching a masterpiece of an artist be painted. In my opinion, his ability to indicate even the tiniest motion is remarkable! He also added 500 spinal cord and blood vessels operations to his list.

Being a Consultant Neurosurgeon is Dr. Nath’s current profession. Yet, he had a long way to go in his career before he landed this position. He had been a Senior Resident at MAX Hospital in Delhi and IPGMER, SSKM Hospital in Kolkata. He was laced with intricate designs from the best people in the game.
However, that particular characteristic is what makes Dr. Nath stand out from the rest as his constancy in dedication toward his patients is inextinguishable. 

He is not only an experienced surgeon, but an empathetic person, who comprehend grape the sickness mechanics of the spinal cord and brain. If care is patient like their own family and that level of caring and dispatch is just an amazing thing.

And so, this is it! Dr. Alok Nath is, in reality, a true superhero, his huge heart preventing deaths and restoring hope in those cases. He is an example of what great healthcare heroes represent and we are blessed to have him fighting for our cause. As a neurosurgeon, he will be with you at the most crucial moments of your life, helping you overcome any challenges and be back on your feet in no time. If you ever find yourself in urgent need of a neurosurgeon, you will know who to call – Dr. Alok Nath, the man with golden hands and a heart of gold!

Dr Alok Nath- Fiftyco Labs

Dr Alok Nath’s booking system is managed by Fiftyco Labs and his digital partner is Inteliqo Research and Services. Further, to book his appointment you can call this number 93959 63105.

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