Silchar medical college doctors list of 2024

Since Silchar Medical College & Hospital is one of the only referral hospitals in Assam’s southern part, its health care system is responsible for the entire Barak Valley region. Located in a strategic geographical location, it also provides healthcare services to the ailing populations of the neighbouring states, including Mizoram, North Tripura, West Manipur, and South Meghalaya. The Silchar medical college doctors list is a broad spectrum from Anatomy to Neurology. Each of the doctors specializes in their own department and have years of expertise and experience. Patients from near and far come to this college which was established in 1968. The all-India rank of Silchar Medical College stands in the top 100 colleges as per a study.

Find out how you can use this article to locate a good medicine specialist in Silchar if you are experiencing difficulties. This list is specifically designed for you if you are looking for the best medicine doctor in Silchar. In making this selection of the best doctors in Silchar Medical College, important factors such as the clinic’s footfall, the level of satisfaction of clients, clinic interiors, hygiene conditions, and reputation in the local community have been taken into account.

Here, is the Silchar Medical College Doctors List

Silchar Medical College Orthopaedic Doctors List

A physician specializing in orthopaedics treats and cures disorders of the musculoskeletal system of your body. This complex system is made up of your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. These elements allow you to move, to move fluidly, and to move energetically. Silchar Medical College is home to 7 renowned orthopaedics.

01. Dr. A.K.Sipani

Located in the same building as Dr. A K Sipani, the clinic in Silchar is well prepared with modern equipment. There are separate waiting areas and consultations areas at the clinic so that patients can wait comfortably. The doctor offers a variety of medical services as a specialized Orthopaedic specialist. Treatment for bone fractures and bone tumors is among them.

02. Dr. A. Dhar

Dr. Arijit Dhar (Barak Diagnostic Centre) in Hailakandi Road, Silchar is known for providing excellent patient care among the best orthopaedic doctors in the city. It stands close to Near SBI which not only makes it convenient for people from the vicinity to consult the doctor but also for those from other neighborhoods to seek medical guidance. 

03. Dr. A. Dutta

Dr. Anshuman Dutta completed MS Ortho from JN Medical College in 2004 at Aligargh and works at Silchar Medical College as an Assistant Professor in Orthopaedics.

04. Dr. V. Agarwala

Dr. Vikash Agarwala is also an assistant professor here at Silchar Medical College with experience of over 10 years. He also visits patients at various other clinics and is well-known among the population.

List of Silchar Medical College Surgery Doctors

01. Dr. A. Ghosh 

Dr. Amitava Ghosh is one of the renowned top surgeons at Silchar Medical College who have been serving the population for over 25 years as a specialist and people from near and far have come to consult him,

02. Dr. S. Hagjer 

Dr. S. Hagjer specialised in general surgery and is working at Silchar Medical College. With expertise in her field for over a decade, her patients have had brilliant experiences with her in the past.

03. Dr. A. K. Das 

Dr. Ashok Kumar Das is an assistant professor here at Silchar Medical College. He has experience as a General Surgeon at GMC as Associate Professor and as a Registrar for 8 years and 12 years respectively. With such a wide spectrum of expertise, he has barely failed to serve the population.

Renowned general surgeon doctors include Dr. D. Singha, Dr. A. S. Baisya, Dr. S.S. Bhattacharjee, Dr. M. Talukdar, Dr. Bikash Sandalya, Dr. P.P. Dhar, Dr. B. P. Ranjan NG., Dr. R.C. Shyam, Dr. S. B. Choudhury, Dr. A.I. Mozumder.

List of Neurologists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr Sambuddha Dhar

As one of the top neurosurgeons in the region of northeast India’s Barak Valley that is part of the Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH), Dr. Sambuddha Dhar is now the leading surgeon in this field. It was not a coincidence that he played a leading part in the management of neurological conditions because it was derived from purposive choices as well as commitment over a period of time. With his tensor commitment, he was able to acquire the right skills and experience to satisfy the complexities of patients’ neurological disorders. With a passion to provide niche surgical care to these vulnerable citizens of this isolated valley, Dr.Dhar overcame the difficulties of establishing robust neurosurgical services in this area. The outstanding compassion and competence of Dr. Dhar have turned him into a non-replaceable resource for the progress of neurological healthcare in the Barak Valley.

02. Dr. V. Roy 

Dr. V. Roy has experience of over 20 years. Some of the services he provides are Epilepsy Treatment, Vascular Brain Diseases, Electroencephalogram, Parkinson’s Disease Treatment, and Vigus Nerve Stimulation. His special areas of interest lie in Frontotemporal dementia, memory disorders, and other disorders of cognition, like Alzheimer’s disease, and Stroke.

03. Dr. S. A. Barbhuiya 

Dr. S.A Barbhuiya is an eminent neurologist working primarily in Silchar. Devasted at the lack of neuro-related infrastructure in the town, he settled in Silchar focussing primarily on areas such as neurology, neurosurgery, and neuro-rehabilitation.

List of Anatomy Doctors in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. Bijon Ch. Dutta 

A renowned anatomist who has over 35 years of experience doing what he does the best, Dr. Bijon Ch. Dutta, is known to have his way with his patients who think of him fondly.

02. Dr. Rubi Saikia 

Associate Professor at Silchar Medical College in the Department of Anatomy, Dr. Rubi Saikia has her expertise practiced for over a decade. 

03. Dr. Jayanta Kr. Sarkar 

Dr. Sarkar is popular for his broad spectrum of knowledge in his field and his patience with both his students and patients. He has been working in his field for more than 15 years and is continuing to do so.

List of Physiology Doctors in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. (Mrs.) Shrabani Barman 

Popular for her work in “A Study on Variants of Haemoglobin in Barak Valley, Assam”, Dr. Barman is the role model of many aspiring female doctors in the valley. She has been setting milestones not only as a doctor but also as the head professor in the physiology department of Silchar Medical College.

02. Dr. Mansi Mandal 

Another woman who is setting bars for the females not only in Silchar but nationwide is Dr. Mansi Mandal who is known for her caring nature with her patients and also has a way along with the students whom she teaches as the Assistant Professor in Silchar Medical College.

List of Pharmacology Doctors in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. B. K. Bezbaruah 

Dr. Babul Bezbaruah currently is employed as the Principal cum Chief Superintendent at Silchar Medical College and his expertise in Pharmacology is over 20 years.

02. Dr. P. Chakraborty

The doctor whose online booking charges are as low as 45 INR, tells us about his humanitarian nature towards his clients. 

List of Pathology Doctors in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. Nitumoni Khaklari 

Professor at Silchar Medical College, Dr.Khaklari is known for his expertise in Pathology and is famous among students for his teaching techniques as well.

02. Dr. R. N. Choubey 

Dr. R N Choubey is best doctor for Pathology in Silchar Medical College and Hospital. He has been practicing for years now and is an expert in what he does.

List of Pediatrics in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. Sujit Nath Choudhury 

With all the modern equipment, Dr. Sujit Nath Choudhury’s clinic in Silchar Ho, Silchar is well-equipped. At the clinic, patients can wait conveniently in separate waiting areas and during consultations. The doctor specializes in paediatrics, and offers many medical services. In addition to General Pediatrics, these include other specialties. Clinic hours are 18:00 – 20:00. 

02. Dr. N. N. Pathak

Not only as an Assistant Professor but also as a practitioner, he is known for his soft nature not only among the kids but also among the parents for his professionalism.

List of Cardiologists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. Ahmed Hussain Choudhury 

With over 15 articles published under his name, Dr. Ahmed Hussain Choudhury is popular for his extensive research and knowledge as a cardiologist.

 02. Dr. Raj Kumar Bhattacharjee 

Dr. Raj Kumar Bhattacharjee is a family practitioner in Silchar Medical College and is well known for his teaching experience as well as a cardiologist in Silchar and Barak Valley.

List of Dermatologists Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. Bhaskar Gupta

Dr. Bhaskar Gupta is an ardent clinician and an expert professional with an MD in Dermatology. He has been an examiner for several premier institutions and has been entertaining patients online during Covid. He has a nominal fee of Rs. 400.

02. Dr. Debajit Das 

Dr. Debajit Das is an asset to the Department of Dermatology, Silchar Medical College, and Hospital. He specializes in skincare and skin treatment along with General dermatology.

03. Dr. Joydeep Roy

Dr. Joydeep Roy is a top name among the Barak Valley dermatologists. He has pursued his MD in Dermatology from Dibrugarh University. He has been practicing for over 15 years now and is available for his patients both at SMCH and at his residence in Malugram.

List of Psychiatrists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. R. U. Zaman 

Dr. Zaman is one of the finest in his fields and is also a known figure in forensic psychiatry as well. His bookings can be done both online and offline which made him more accessible to his clients.

02. Dr. Raju Sah 

With his education history and expertise, he works for the common goal for years now. His professional works are popular not only among his peers but also among his students.

03. Dr. Surajit Kr. Sen

Renowned Dr. Sen is known for his works as a psychiatrist for the past two decades and is an Associate Professor at Silchar Medical College.

List of Dentists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. Purobi Chaudhury 

Assistant Professor at Silchar Medical College, Dr. Purobi Chaudhury also is available to her patients at various other clinics and her online booking slots are as low as 45 INR.

02. Dr. M. Chakraborty

Specializing in children under 11 years, kids look up to Dr. M. Chakraborty fondly for his jolly nature and it is not unknown that for the same reason, his students at Silchar Medical College feel the same for him.

List of Opthalmologists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. A. K. Deb 

Dr. Ashish Kumar Deb is a popular choice among the ophthalmologists in the town. He examines his patients both at SMCH and his residence (after 5:30 PM). The consultation fee is Rs. 500 and appointments can be booked online through quickobook.

02. Dr. G. Paul 

Dr. Gautam Paul is an expert ophthalmologist surgeon along with being a primary eye care specialist. He has over a decade worth of experience.

03. Dr. B. Deka

Dr. B. Deka specialises in disease prevention, vision correction, and primary eye care. The doctor is also an acclaimed surgeon in the field.

List of E.N.T Specialists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. Shams Uddin 

Dr. Shams Uddin is a senior E.N.T specialist and professor of the Silchar Medical College. He was previously involved with the Jorhat Medical College.

02. Dr.(Mrs) S. R. Borah (Dutta) 

Dr.S.R Borah has treated thousands of patients who vouch for her approach to treatment and patient care. She serves the Silchar Medical College full-time and is involved in several social and charitable roles.

03. Dr.A. Bhattacharjee

Dr. Arun Kumar Bhattacharjee is another prominent name in the field. He provides numerous treatment options for the patients to choose for and believes in doing the best for each of his patients.

List of Anaesthesiologists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr.Debogopal Pathak 

Dr. Debogopal Pathak is one of the most renowned anaesthesiologists in the city, known for his painless procedures. He is also a critical care specialist.

02. Dr.Ismatara Begum 

Dr. Ismatara is one of the anesthesiologists who have expertise over both general and local anesthesia and have ensured the well-being of thousands of patients during complex medical procedures.

03. Dr.(Mrs) S.Dutta

Dr. Mrs. S.Dutta is one of the most highly paid anaesthesiologists in the valley known for her professional approach towards patient care and extreme focus on the health of her patient, especially where intensive care is required.

List of Radiologists in Silchar Medical College

01. Dr. D. K. Chakraborty 

Dr. D.K. Chakraborty is one of the most renowned radiologists of the town. He is also a faculty of the Silchar Medical College and Hospital.  

02. Dr. Pranjit Thapa 

With many years of experience, Dr. Pranjit Thapa has made his presence felt in the sphere of radiology. He is known for his keen eye for detail and extreme interest in human anatomy and physiology as well.

03. Dr. Nabarun Das 

Dr. Nabarun Das is known for his accurate reporting and polite communication. He has altered the radiology department of the Silchar Medical College.

Silchar medical college doctors list is majorly divided into 23 divisions under which there are subdivisions of Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Demonstrators and Registrars which employs a total of 118 faculties. In itself, Silchar Medical College Doctors list is very vast which involves specialists in various departments.

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