List of Content Writing Jobs in Kolkata 2023

The content writing profession came into the boom in recent years due to cutthroat competition available in the market. Content writing jobs in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and other areas are widely known for job seekers. Kolkata is a city where various companies have established their headquarters and only operate from this city.

The organizations like Times of India, The Hindu, Inteliqo research and services, ITC Limited, Xavier’s College require content writers to establish the brand digitally in the right way. These organizations have a wide range of processes that requires the right strategies to achieve the desired goals. Sales and lead generation is the main activity that every company focuses on to earn better revenue to survive in the long run in the market.
To improve sales and generate better leads, these companies hire content writers for product management, product promotion, publishing, copywriting, research, editing, web designing, and content development for improving search engine optimization.

Content writing jobs in Kolkata are available with different job titles such as Creative content writer, digital content strategist, Web content manager, marketing content writer, and digital content strategist. Kolkata has been considered one of the cities with a rich heritage of art. There are a lot of companies available that have the primary business of making short films, videos, and publishing magazines over the art festivals organized in Kolkata.

These companies require web publishers, script editors, video content editors, and on-spot writers to record the program activities for further publishing in the magazines. The small art theatres established in Kolkata for a very long time post regular vacancies for the seeking editors to establish an effective editorial team. Hence, it proves that the supply of content writing jobs in Kolkata is high, and job seekers can quickly get the jobs in the required field.

Introduction of Content Writing and Digital Marketing

Different online marketing tools have been introduced in digitalization, like blogs, personal websites, and online subscriptions. Companies are adopting these tools to market their products and services more extensively. These tools are helping the companies in gaining more significant market segments and develop a solid customer base.

Content writing is one of the main aspects required to efficiently work these marketing tools. Content writing refers to developing, editing, and publishing the right content over the companies blog, websites, and subscription brochures. The big companies hire content writers in bulk to increase their online presence.

Content writers help and guide the companies in altering their content for online posts and videos in such a way, so it should look attractive to the customers. Many educational organizations and media houses require content writers to develop the right content for getting published in their journals, magazines, and newspapers. Content writers are required for the digital marketing of the companies.

Digital marketing refers to the online promotion of companies’ products and services to gain customers from the ample spread geographical area. The promotion of the company’s products and services through social media posts, blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, websites, newsletters, emails, WhatsApp messages, and white papers are processes of digital marketing. Digital marketing is also referred to as multimedia marketing.

How Kolkata Companies are hiring content writers?

Content writing jobs in Kolkata are coming out in bulks on the various online job platforms. The companies, media houses, advertising agencies, and web development organizations currently working at Kolkata are putting job descriptions on portals such as LinkedIn, Naukri, indeed, monster, and Facebook. These organizations offer full-time, part-time, and freelance opportunities to the people to work. Some companies require full-time candidates on regular company pay to work from an office, some are providing hourly wage to part-time candidates at their homes, and at last, some have entered into freelance agreements.

The freelance content writers are not bound to the organizational norms and work according to their will. The freelance content writer can reject and accept the task assigned by the organization. As per the latest monthly research on various platforms, it was found that during Covid-19, this content writing profession has made an important presence. Due to the lockdown emergencies, the companies have started hiring freelancers and part-time content writers rather than full-time in the Covid-19 period. There are several content writing jobs in Kolkata listed on the hiring platforms, and many candidates have applied for the same. Have a look at this job post to get some more idea of the latest hiring trend in Kolkata.

Kolkata Companies are hiring Content Writers under different job titles in the Year 2022

Writing jobs in Kolkata are open to candidates with many job titles, as mentioned above. Some of the available job titles are as follows:

01. Normal content writers and academic content writers

The companies are hiring candidates with the job title of normal content writers and academic content writers. The normal content writers develop content primarily for the companies’ digital marketing, branding, and promotional purposes. They work to improve the sales and leads of the companies. They provide strategies to build the unique brand image of the companies in the market.

These writers help companies in website development, blog writing, web designing, product development, editing, copywriting, market research, and proofreading of the content. These content writers help produce, edit, publish, and promote the companies contained in the right way.
In other words, these writers are supposed to work in different areas of the content writing field. The small businesses, start-ups, and agencies established in Kolkata prefer to hire these kinds of content writers. This will help such kinds of companies to do more work on a smaller pay package.

02. Digital Content Strategist

There is another job title offered on various platforms for content writing jobs in Kolkata: Digital Content Strategist. These content writers do not edit, publish and do the promotional activities; they are entirely offered to be hired to design the right strategies for content publishing of the companies. They are responsible for creating a solid plan for effectively utilizing the content to gain more traffic from the customers on the company’s websites. These kinds of content writers must be more intellectual as they act as the solid base for the preliminary work of content writing. These content strategist helps the companies to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

03. Marketing content writer

The Kolkata companies are hiring content writers under the marketing content writer job title. These kinds of content writers are one of the unique job titles for the opening of content writing jobs in Kolkata. These writers have a primary duty of marketing the products and services of the companies. The marketing writers are responsible for selecting the right digital marketing tool to incline the customers towards the companies products and services.

These writers must have analytical and logical skills to evaluate the current market positioning of the companies products and services. These writers must know the current trend of the targeted customers. These writers are supposed to write the content for the companies to secure a good search engine optimization rank. The big companies established in Kolkata generally hire these writers because they continuously launch one product after another and require an expert for this particular field.

04. Academic content writer

The academic content writer is now a new job title that Kolkata companies are offering to the candidates. These kinds of jobs in Kolkata are provided primarily by companies working in the education sector. These kinds of content writers require expert knowledge of a particular subject such as finance, law, economics, business ethics, marketing, management, etc.

The companies require these writers to develop the content to deliver to the universities with strong tie-ups. The abroad students and Indian students post their university assignments to the educational companies and these companies get their work done through the academic writers only. The Kolkata e-learning companies are opening jobs for academic writers in bulk who can work under tight deadlines. These writers generally prepare student assignments, capstones, research reports, and dissertations with proper referencing of the content from websites and journals.

05. Web content manager

The web content manager is another job title available on the online job platform under the head of content writing jobs in Kolkata. These writers are generally required for the website development of the companies. They have to check whether the efficient working of the websites, the authenticity of the content posted on the website, and website designing. These writers must ensure from time to time that website content must be kept innovative and should update the website regularly.

06. Content development specialist

The content development specialist is also a unique job title that Kolkata companies offer to thejob seekers. These writers are primarily focused on producing fantastic content for the companies. These writers are supposed to write the scope after doing a lot of research. They generally ensure that the content is not copied, manipulated, and duplicated from inside and outside sources. These writers start from the scratches in the companies.

07. Product marketing manager

The product marketing manager is a job title that is a higher-level job title that various Kolkata companies are offering to experienced job seekers. The companies highly require these managers due to the increase of the competition in the markets. These managers work as content developers, content marketers, content strategists, and content editors for a particular product of the companies. These managers are primarily focused on innovatively placing the companies’ content, so maximum customers can attract to it. Sometimes these managers act as brand ambassadors of the companies for product promotion. If you see the companies like Mettl-Mercer, it provides remote jobs to candidates of every state including Kolkata. Mettl-Mercer is posting youtube videos of their product marketing managers for brand promotion. The product marketing managers of the company are describing the content in a unique way to the audience and creating a new career avenue. The company is gaining a lot of popularity among the fresher and experienced job seekers.

08. Creative content writers

This is another job title available on the online job platforms for the availability of writing jobs in Kolkata. The Kolkata companies that have immediate ties with the art theatres, media agencies, and entertainment industries require creative writers. These writers must be creative, innovative, and unique in their writing approach. They are required to primarily write interesting stories, folks, biographies, and short articles. The people residing in Kolkata also require these writers to develop their Facebook pages and personal websites.

09. The scriptwriter

This job profile is a different title that is coming into play for content writing jobs in Kolkata. The scriptwriters are required by the Kolkata theatre houses, production houses, and entertainment agencies. These writers have been offered this role to help write film, theatre, and web series scripts. The dialogue writing and developing creative stories for the film and web series is also required from these kinds of content writers. One job opening from Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt Ltd is available on a job site for requiring a script content writer in Kolkata.

Pay Scales available for the various Content Writing Jobs in Kolkata

According to the recent survey of different job platforms, it is concluded that Kolkata companies are offering a good pay package to the job seekers for available content writing jobs in Kolkata. Let’s have a look at these hexagon shapes-

Pay Scales of content writer

Current Statistics of various Content Writing Jobs in Kolkata

The current research over the data available on the various job platforms, it is concluded that the content writing jobs in Kolkata are available with the right quantity. After entering the keyword, the indeed job platform is showing more than 100 jobs. Whereas more than 2,000 jobs are available on, around 33 jobs are available on and a sufficient number of jobs are available on

What are the Key Competencies required for Content Writing Jobs in Kolkata?

The job of content writing requires expert resources to work best for the companies. The various job platforms that have content writing job openings in Kolkata have mentioned.

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