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The concept of being a writer holds a respectable status in the society, irrespective of the constant changes in the lifestyle. Now, people might not use pen and paper to write. Instead, the relationship gradually shifted to the keyboard, touch screen, and other devices. Content writing has always been a part of the advertisement. However, it has come into the limelight due to the rapid growth of competition in the market. Content writing is critical and is one of the best and secured career options. Besides, people are now educated and are ready to consider jobs like content writing with equal importance as other jobs. Jobs related to content writing in Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, etc., are pretty famous among the job seekers of those places. Jaipur represents royalty. Also, the city, popularly known as Pink City, is home to many industries and encourages digital growth. 

There are various organizations like ITC Limited, Times of India, Inteliqo Research and Services, The Hindu, etc. dedicated to providing the best digital marketing and content writing services for the growth of a business. Such companies are the one that requires content writers for the digital establishment of a brand. They are hired to generate leads and increase sales of the company. These companies mainly focus on improving the revenue of the company. 

The sales scale and leads are significant to come with better revenue. Digital marketing companies hire content writers to work on product management, publishing, research, editing, promotion of the products, copywriting, development of content, and website designing. All these will help improve search engine optimization.

Besides, there are many content writing jobs available in Jaipur to choose from. Also, there are various job titles like a digital content strategist, Creative content writing, Website content manager, content development expert, and many more. 

The vibrant culture of the Pink City is in itself an art. The name Pink City was given to Jaipur because of its colored stones to construct all the structures. Maharaja Ram Sing decided to paint the whole city pink, as it signifies the color of hospitality. Like all other cities, Jaipur also has many companies dedicated to making short films, videos, etc. 

Companies mainly require scriptwriters, editors, creators, web publishers, and instant writers. Thus, it is evident that providing content writing jobs in Jaipur is essential, so that job seeker can quickly get jobs in the required fields.

This blog has been designed by compiling various job titles available in Jaipur. But, before jumping right into the jobs related to content writing, let us try to understand content writing and Digital Marketing, which we have been talking about.

Content Writing and Digital Marketing

Content Writing and Digital Marketing

As this generation headed towards digitalization, many online marketing tools made their way into our lives. We might not be aware that we are surrounded by various marketing tools, such as online subscriptions, numerous websites, blogs, articles, advertisements, etc. Digital marketing companies use all these tools for marketing their products and services effectively. The devices can help your business gain more leads and develop an opaque customer base. 

In which content writing is one of the most important marketing tools used to get visible results. Various companies hire content writers to bring a hike in their online presence. Content writing is all about creating, editing, and publishing content on companies’ web companies’ basic work of a content writer is to attract traffic to the company website by creating content for online posts and videos. 

Digital marketing is all about promoting the virtual field. Companies promote blogs, articles, YouTube videos, email, websites, podcasts, WhatsApp messages, etc. Digital marketing came as a revolutionary change in marketing and advertisement. It is also termed multimedia marketing.

Different Content writing job titles available in Jaipur in 2022

Content writer job role

Writing jobs are one of those jobs that are a source of earning, but it also helps develop various skills in yourself. If you are sitting confused in Jaipur and wondering to proceed with writing in your career, you came just to the right place. Following are some writing jobs that are available in Jaipur.

Content Writer

Various companies are seen hiring people with the job title of Content Writer. Regular content writers are required by companies that deal with branding, digital marketing, and promotions of products and services. In short, these writers are not limited to one area of content writing. Such writers are well desired for the growth of small businesses, agencies, and start-ups of Jaipur. This job can help you develop multitasking skills in yourself.

Content Writer (Marketing)

The word marketing has a different impression on almost everyone’s mind. Many companies in Jaipur hire content writers under the job title of marketing content writer. Such writers have a unique job description in the Pink City. 

The essential requirement for being a Marketing content Writer is to have to analyze skills to evaluate the market scenarios. They must know how to judge what can be right or wrong for the company. They are expected to write the companies’ content that can help them rank high on search engine optimization results. These types of writers are hired mainly by big companies that are established in Jaipur. As they keep launching new products, thus they need experts who can keep on marketing their products online, which can effectively show results.

Content Writer (Academic)

The concept of being a writer who writes academic content might be a fresh one for the people of Jaipur. Such writers are much desired by sectors like Economics, Marketing, Management, Law, Finance, Business Ethics, etc. 

Academic content writers are needed to develop content delivered to universities with loyal tie-ups. The students from India and from all around the globe post their assignments to the companies that provide academic help. Later, the companies get the work done by the academic writer. Recently, the companies of Jaipur showed their interest in opening jobs for Academic Writer. The basic requirements for being an Academic Writer is, the writer must follow and work under tight deadlines. Generally, they provide help with research reports, dissertations, students assignments, capstones, etc.

Website Content Manager

The job title website content manager might sound a little fancy. It is one of the most prominent online jobs under content writing in Jaipur. Such writers are mainly hired to develop a website of the companies. All they have to do is check whether the contents posted on the website are authentic or not if the website is efficient enough to attract leads, and design the website accordingly. They must keep an eye on everything going on on the website and update it regularly.

Content Development Expert

Now, here comes an interesting job title, a content development expert. You must be wondering what do you have to do in that. A content development expert mainly focuses on constructing high-quality content for their clients. After doing proper and precise research on the subject, they have to write their piece. Their work is not just limited to writing, and they also have to monitor if the content should not be manipulated, plagiarized, or irrelevant. This job profile requires a high level of consciousness and patience.

Creative Content Writer

Here comes another job, quite popular on the online platform. Many companies are hiring creative writers in bulk at Jaipur. Usually, everything you write or create is creative content. You must be wondering what the job can be like. There are various media agencies and entertainment sectors in Jaipur. They have high demand for innovative, unique and creative writers.

To be a creative writer, you must have a creative thought process and write interesting folk stories, short articles, biographies, etc. In fact, in general, the pages in Jaipur need creative writers even to boost their Facebook, Instagram page, and personal websites. The more exciting and creative the content on your website, the more traffic you can generate.

Scriptwriting Expert

Ok! So, the work of this job title is entirely different from all other job titles that come under content writing in Jaipur. Irrespective of the geographical location, this type of writer is required everywhere. It doesn’t matter; if you are in theatre production, into the entertainment industry, a Youtuber, or an office worker preparing a presentation for a deal, you need a script. These writers have their roles off the stage. They must know how to write and develop a creative story for film and web series. A scriptwriter must know how to make a dialogue legendary. Because we tend to forget the movie, but a good dialogue might stay in our mind for ages.

Content Strategist

Digital content strategist is another job title available in Jaipur. These writers are boarded to make strategies that can help a content reach a higher section of people. They don’t usually write, edit or publish, all they do is give ideas. Their plan revolves around how to bring more traffic to the company website. To be a content strategist, one must be intellectual. They are the foundation of any content as they provide an idea for content, and then only writers can start structuring the content accordingly.

Structure of pay scales for content writing jobs available in Jaipur

If we watch closely, it is evident that companies are ready to pay a reasonable amount, if the work is delivered as per their requirements. The same goes with the companies of Jaipur. They do offer a good pay package to the aspirants. 

We have tried to cover all the job titles under content writing. The following figures can be considered on an average:

  • The salary of 25% of the employees of the content writing industry is negotiable from 20,000-19,200 INR or less
  • The salary of 50% of the employees of the content writing industry is negotiable from 30,000-29,200 INR or less.
  • The salary of 75% of the employees of the content writing industry is negotiable from 40,000-38,100 INR or less
  • The salary of almost all employees is within 44,100 INR or less.

The figures mentioned above are set roughly on average and can vary from company to company. However, many big and established companies like Times of India, Inteliqo Research and Services, ITC Limited, etc., offer better packages depending on your work quality.


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