Best Raincoat brands in India

10 Best Raincoat brands in India 2022

Looking for Best Raincoat brands in India 2022. Then, you have landed in right place. Monsoon comes every year to our country without fail and we are always surprised by this. Every year it rains and floods, streets get clogged and people and animals get stranded on flooded roads. Lakes overflow and the basements of our apartments stagnates with huge amounts of water.

Amidst all this, I feel we need to prepare for the monsoon season. Because the monsoon is a regular thing and we shouldn’t be caught unaware. Umbrellas are a must for this season and you would have 2-3 lying around. But have you ever thought of raincoats? Where you can’t use umbrellas you can certainly use raincoats to shield yourself and your loved ones from the harsh rain.

I mean you can’t ride your scooter holding an umbrella, can you? But you can certainly wear a raincoat and travel safely to work or home or anywhere in general. They are also excellent in protecting your wallet, mobile, etc. from the soaking rain. That is why in today’s post I have discussed raincoats- the quintessential garment that is often overlooked.

Before you go buying a raincoat let me tell you I have also shed light on the features of raincoats you need to keep in mind so that they can last a long time and withstand heavy rain.

Raincoat features you need to check out

Keep these pointers in mind whenever you go shopping for a raincoat. I have also made a list of the best raincoat brands in India that you can check out when you go shopping.

List of Popular raincoat brands in India

Here are the best raincoat brands in India which you might like.

01. Duckback

It is an age-old classic and most of you would remember using this brand in school. Well, the good news is that they are back and they sell the best quality raincoat which offers very good protection from the rain. They had gone off shelves due to internal issues and labour problems. But now the parent company Bengal Waterproof Ltd. Has revived the brand.

02. Wildcraft

It is a popular brand and famous amongst today’s youth. Wildcraft symbolises quality and style. Their raincoats are excellent to wear when riding motorcycles and scooters. The raincoats, have come in trendy designs and styles and are available in their flagship stores as well as online. They are extremely durable and last a lifetime.

03. Zeel

It entered the Indian market in 2009 and very soon climbed its way to the top. It has a fabulous range of raincoats in India for children, women and men. Ideal when you are travelling on bikes and scooters these raincoats are durable and aren’t very expensive. These unique raincoats come with a carrying pouch setting them up apart from other raincoats in the market.

04. Aashi

It is another iconic brand brought to you by the Ahmedabad based New Aashi Rainwear Company. They have a range of trendy and fashionable raincoats and have been around for 20 years. You can purchase one of their stylish raincoats online or offline as well. They even have an in-house team of designers who keep creating stylish and affordable raincoats every season.

05. Jayshree

It is another brand most people will identify with. This classic brand has been in the market since 1967 and is one of the oldest raincoat manufacturers in India. They manufacture raincoats for people of all ages and their raincoats can be classified into 2 categories, PVC raincoats and plastic raincoats. Both raincoats are of good quality and are extremely durable.

06. Reliable

It just like the name suggests is another brand that makes reliable raincoats. This brand was a pioneer in making raincoats made of PVC. Just like Jayshree this brand has been protecting us Indians with their durable raincoats from the rain for the past 60 years. Reliance has kept up with the latest trends and manufactures raincoats with prints of famous characters like Barbie and Hello Kitty.

07. Mohendra Dutt

You probably never heard of Mohendra Dutt and Sons but they are the oldest raincoat manufacturers in India. They started in 1882 and are still going strong. A Mohendra Dutt and Sons raincoat is a prized possession of the older generation and will probably tell you interesting stories associated with this raincoat. Their raincoats are of amazing quality and they manufacture a few every year as they believe in quality over quantity.

08. Aristocrat

Aristocrat was launched in 1980 and is a well-known brand. Makers of stylish and affordable raincoats these raincoats suit the taste of modern women and men. These raincoats are extremely popular in North East India where the rainfall is very high and this is a testament to their quality. These raincoats can be bought from their website and are available in stores as well.

09. Adidas

This famous brand has jumped into the raincoat segment as well much to the cheer of all their fans. These raincoats are beautiful and are created with great care. Despite the brand name they are extremely affordable and are a perfect combination of style and function. They keep on launching new series of raincoats every monsoon which promises high performance even during the worst rains.

10. Puma

Puma just like Adidas is a well-known brand that has also jumped into this segment. They offer a variety of raincoats and rain jackets that keep you stylish and warm at the same time. Buying from Puma makes for a wonderful shopping experience with all sports and outdoor gear sold in the same place. Puma has some of the most affordable raincoats in the market delivering quality over quantity.

After going through the list I have compiled I am sure you would be excited to buy your own raincoat. But I couldn’t wrap up this post without sharing some interesting titbits regarding raincoats.

Did you know?

The origin of the raincoat can be traced to India. Yes! Our ancestors first invented the raincoat by dipping clothes into latex and leaving it out to dry. This resulted in a waterproof fabric. Inspired by this the Scottish scientist Charles Macintosh made the first commercial raincoat in 1824. Hence raincoats are called Macintosh.

Charles Macintosh perfected a technique that combined Indian rubber and tarpaulin to create the raincoat. This product went on to become so popular that it has stayed to this day and better designs were incorporated into it giving us the raincoat we see in today’s market.


Raincoats have come a long way and are now being made from a combination of materials. Simple and elegant raincoats protect you from the rain and keep you warm. Since there is no dearth of rain in India the monsoon season started its own industry here with many companies manufacturing raincoats.

I hope this post helped you in buying a good quality raincoat and the fun fact I shared with you makes for an interesting read. Raincoats are a must during the monsoon as they help keep you dry and warm and protect your valuables like your wallet, phone and ATM cards. They also help you ride a scooter or bike in heavy rains making commuting easier. This is all about Best Raincoat brands in India.

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