10 Best Xerox Machine for Commercial Use in India 2024

Our Methodology:

Our team of experts spent weeks testing several options in Xerox Machine for Commercial use in India at our dedicated lab. We tested them based on connectivity options, print quality, energy efficiency, functionality, print technology and speed and much more.

As the Indian business grows, the need for the copies reliably and effectively also increases. The Indian photocopier market is expected to reach about $350 million mark by 2025 showing growth in the demand side. For small businesses, more than 65% of them have set reliability, running costs and maintenance as the top priorities when they need a Xerox machine to be procured. Being faced with multiple choices, you can easily find yourself torn between the pros and cons of various Xerox machines available in the market. 

However, you don’t need to break your head as we can help you. I and my team have been working on this article for weeks now, trying out a number of possibilities in the same category to find the best one. Below we have a detailed assessment of some of the top Xerox machines for commercial use in India that are in regards to speed, print quality, paper capacity, connectivity options, and cost-effectiveness.

We have compiled the list of the most reliable Best Xerox Machine for Commercial Use in India by keeping these essential elements in mind. This will certainly help you to make the right choice.

How We Shortlisted The Best Products:

  • Printing Technology: We considered the printing technology and the functionality that businesses may need and included options like laser printer, ink tank printer, and an all-in-one machine that can do printing, scanning, and copy.
  • Connectivity: We next examined the options to connect and included products that are packed with options like USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and mobile connectivity in order to make the connection seamless with your devices.
  • Print Speed and Resolution: Analyzing the desired print speed and resolution is very important. We surely didn’t overlook the factor and selected Xerox machines that offer great print resolutions and high print speed.

List of Some of the Best Xerox Machine for Commercial use in India:

01. Brother DCP-L2520D Printer

Front view of Brother DCP-L2520D printer

The Brother DCP-L2520D is the best choice in monochromatic laser printers with its powerful features and excellent price, which makes it perfect for home offices or small offices. Being a multi-purpose machine, the DCP-L2520D gives you the power of multiple functions which include print, scan and copy and all these functions are clearly displayed at the easy-to-use control panel.

Moreover, the printer’s separate drum and toner unit design provides consistently sharp print output, where only the toner needs to be replaced as and when needed, not the entire cartridge. Economy of consumables is further enhanced by the 2,600 page high yield starter TN-2365 toner cartridge which provides the unit with sufficient toner upon purchase. You would be better off with the drum unit, which is designed to serve you for up to 12,000 pages before you need to replace it.

Besides, paper handling is not an issue with the rear paper path that allows the printer to accommodate thicker media like cardstock. Although, the manual feed slot lets in the necessary specialized paper and it can get the individualized control it needs. What is even more interesting about brother is its 2 In 1 ID copy feature, which enables the machine to capture both sides of ID cards on a single sheet.

Expert opinion: The machine is a multi-functional laser printer, which is designed for printing, scanning, and copying activities. The machine equips auto-duplex printing for both-side document printing, USB connectivity, and a maximum print speed of 30 ppm that guarantees quick and easy work. It has a small size, an especially large paper tray, and a separate toner-drum technology, which creates a convenient environment for those who look for a device that provides good quality prints cheaply.

What customers say?

Customer reviews for this product point many positive features about it, such as how easy it is to use, quick auto-duplex print, and professional print quality. Compact design and one-of-a-kind separator drum technology are praised because of the cost-effectiveness. Those with a printer light that is slow and not visible enough may be the ones who mention the problem.


  • Monochrome laser printing
  • Print/copy/scan functionality
  • 30ppm print speed
  • Automatic double-sided printing
  • 250-sheet enclosed paper tray
  • USB connectivity
Things we like
  • Fast 30ppm print speeds
  • Automatic duplex printing saves paper
  • Separate toner/drum for cost efficiency
  • Straight paper path for thick media
  • Compact, quiet operation
Things we dislike
  • Only monochrome output
  • No wireless connectivity
  • Small paper input capacity

02. Epson EcoTank L15150 Printer

Epson EcoTank L15150

Epson’s EcoTank L15150 is a cutting edge inkjet printer targeting the home and small office users with a simple, efficient design. This A3 printer also supports auto duplex printing and still keeps its price very reasonable compared to our competitors.

Firstly, the 15100 series by Epson is based on their Ink Tank System, which dramatically lowers the cost per page due to the fact, that it uses the standard ink cartridges. The Epson is using high capacity ink tanks which can be filled directly from bottles as compared to cartridges. The cost per ISO standard black and white page is 12 paise which is the lowest. Just look how much less you spend compared to the standard printing cartridges, which gives you a notable cost advantage over the printer life.

Moreover, the environmental friendliness of the EcoTank printer is further enhanced by its ability to deliver excellent print quality as well. It can print pictures borderless up to 8.5″ x 11″ and documents up to A3+ size when printing large. The corresponding max resolution is a high-level 4800 x 1200 dpi when using Epson’s own Micro Piezo Heat-Free technology. Print speed is pretty quick given that is an inkjet printer, and this is rated at 32ppm for black and 25ppm for colour.

Nevertheless, the most handy function for the more prolific user is the auto duplexer, which allows users to print on both sides of the paper automatically. Conversely, automation can be achieved by reloading the paper stack and cutting the duplex printing process.

With students printing posters and reports to professionals generating newsletters and pamphlets, L15150 is meant to cope with home office tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complicated. Its capacity to cut 150 sheets is enough for most of the assignments. Besides, the control panel is designed to operate via intuitive access to all the functions. These two Epson projectors are covered by 1-year warranty, and it takes only 7 days to get the center replacement.

Expert opinion:

This is a multi-functional A3 printer that is capable of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing and which is loaded with advanced options. Thanks to the ink tank design that saves ink, it provides an affordable way of printing with a speed of 32 pages per minute for black & white and 25 pages per minute for color. With WiFi and network connectivity, auto duplex and remote control, the printer is the best option to buy for the home and small office users who need high-quality printouts with uninterrupted performance.

What customers say?

The reviews show the distinct advantages of this product. The positive aspects of this A3 size scanner are its dual paper cassette, high speed printing, reliable ADF scanner, and the good configuration of the machine. Although some reviews are critical of this product because of its higher cost, they also recommend looking at alternative options to have it in your home.

03. Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2012 All in One

Front view of Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2012 All in One

The Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2012 printer is definitely a top performer in the field of all-in-one printers for large-scale home and small office users who need an affordable colour printer. For the ink tank printer, it is the process that eliminates the hardness and high cost of the traditional cartridge-based models since it has integrated refillable ink reservoirs that offer up to 7000 colour prints and 6000 black prints, per bottle.

Feeding paper into Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2012 printer

Besides, the MegaTank G2012 at first glance is a printer which is preinstalled with sufficient ink to print 18,000 colourful prints or 6,000 black print. In addition to ink cartridges for color printing, Canon will also provide two black ink bottles, which will increase the monochrome yield to 12,000 pages. This large initial volume and the low cost of refilling the ink bottles with this printer make it very inexpensive to print using this printer.

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2012's ink bottle

Plug and play is an easy way to get your printer running with the included USB 2.0 cable and installation CD. The printer provides a standard connector port that covers the basic requirements of any home or small office setup. The printer is very user friendly in the way it operates through the 2-line LCD and button controls.
Moreover, it has a 515-gram weight, which means its size is not bulky. 

The single output tray of the printer is designed with a 100-sheet plain paper input tray that automatically tucks into the front of the printer when not in use. A4 wasn’t a big printer, but it still can do many things like letter, legal, envelopes and even a 5 x 7 photo paper borderless. Output is phenomenal with the maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 and Canon’s FINE print head technology dispensing sharp, striking images.

Expert opinion:

This Canon machine is the multifunctional and compact printer that can produce all-in-one ink tank colored prints for both home and office use. The refillable ink tanks will be provided which allows for that level of printing and you can purchase more black ink bottles to facilitate the process of printing. Having borderless printing, compact design and, of course, Canon ink cartridge, this printer is ready to provide high-quality prints to ensure the best outcome by providing the crispest and brightest prints. Along with the printer, there is also a one-year extended on-site warranty that testifies to the dependability and service satisfaction.

What customers say?

This product mostly earned positive reviews. Users loved its speed and print quality thus conveniently making it a choice for either home or office use. On the other hand, people have different attitudes towards volume, pace and quality of the colours, which represent one of the ways the VR users, can communicate their experiences.


  • All-in-one printing, scanning, copying
  • Refillable ink tank system                                                             
  • Included extra black ink bottles
  • 4800 x 1200 dpi max print resolution
  • 100 sheet plain paper capacity
  • Compact and lightweight body
Things we like
  • Very low printing costs
  • No cartridge replacements needed
  • High page yield from included inks
  • Crisp, vibrant print quality
  • Convenient, compact size
  • Easy to set up and use
Things we dislike
  • No display screen
  • Slow print speeds (8.8 ipm black, 5 ipm colour)
  • Only USB connectivity

04. Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 All-in-One Duplex InkTank Printer

Front view of Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140

Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 printer is a creative design with a cutting edge technology that delivers a superb monochrome printing at low cost and it is very efficient.

There is an ink tank design which is integrated into the printer of this kind and is compact enough to fit almost anywhere while it also holds enough ink to make up to 11,000 pages worth of prints. It is equipped with Epson’s proprietary high-range ink that provides the crisp, smudge-proof text and graphics that are water and fade resistant.

Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 scanning area

Epson’s Heat-Free Technology is at the heart of this printer and doesn’t need heat thanks to the high-precision Micro Piezo printhead that works without any heat. Such enables decreased energy consumption and the enhanced reliability of an inkjet printer in comparison with an ordinary laser printer.

It impresses with its ability to print detailed monochrome prints at a record speed of 39ppm. The built-in duplexing function makes sure automatic two-sided printing is available right from the start without the need to make any changes, helping you to reduce paper consumption and waste.

Recharge of the ink tanks is a simple and clean procedure which disturbs nothing. Each pigment ink bottle is equipped with a filling nozzle that can only be matched with the bottle in question so as to prevent spills and errors.

Expert opinion:

This is a versatile printer is developed to meet the needs of office printing. The system has a laser-based technology and high-yield pigment ink that together with an integrated tank design make the prints fast and economically efficient as well as environmentally friendly. The monochrome prints are generated at the speed of up to 39ppm. In addition, the printer is equipped with auto-duplex printing, spill-free refilling, and a 1-year warranty, which makes it very convenient for companies and businesses looking for quality and convenience.

What customers say?

The reviews posted by customers were mostly pertaining to the usability in office setting, which pointed towards its excellent quality of print and installation ease. Though some of them observed the speed problems, they actually do not consider this as the major limitation, but it can be improved.


  • Laser printing technology
  • Refillable ink tank system                                               
  • Integrated tank design
  • Auto duplex printing
  • Prints up to 11,000 pages with included ink
  • Prints 39ppm (20ipm)
  • Monochrome printing only
Things we like
  • Ultra low printing costs (12 paise per page)
  • High page yield from included ink
  • Fast print speeds
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant prints
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Easy mess-free ink refilling
  • Reliable with 1-year warranty
Things we dislike
  • Monochrome printing only
  • No support for wireless printing
  • No LCD interface

05. Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000 All in One

Front view of Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000

This Canon printer offers interfaces, both wired and wireless, to make it highly flexible. It is compatible with both Wi-Fi networks and with USB connection to the computer. In addition to this, the machine provides mobile device printing through Canon Print app, Canon Print Service plugin, and PIXMA Cloud Link. They give you the opportunity to print from your smartphone or tablet without any difficulties.

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000's document feeder

Moreover, the EOS 350D application of Canon’s new FINE print head technology with the capability to print 4800 x 1200 dpi and gives clean text and graphics with a great level of detail. The system with the five inks and pigment black ink is one that is professional and up to standard; it gives very good borderless color photos as well as crisp black letters. Such speed is 8.8 ipm for black and 5 ipm for colour.

By using ink jars instead of cartridges, we can reduce the running costs significantly. According to the ISO standards, a monochrome print is at the rate of Rs.0.10 per page, a color print Rs.0.24 per page. The cartridge of black color ink can print up to 6,000 pages whereas the cartridge of color ink can print 7,000 pages. To home users, this means excellent cost-effectiveness.

Besides, the user interface is straightforward, with every step explained in the manual. The built-in tank system with LED indicators is designed to monitor ink levels and automated order refills are also easy. The print heads are fully attached to avoid mess and ease the maintenance. Another thing is WiFi connectivity which minimizes the need of using cables.

Speaking of product reliability, Canon is famous for this, and the warranty coverage is up to 15,000 prints for one year. Replacement cartridges are quite easy to buy from both online stores and offline stores in the country. In addition, Canon has an authorized service centre network which becomes the proper place for any maintenance after the warranty period.

Expert opinion:

The Canon PIXMA is an all-in-one WiFi ink tank color printer which package includes extra black ink tanks for increased productivity. It proposes high-quality printing at just 9 paise per black & white page and 33 paise per color page that allows borderless printing and connectivity to a mobile phone. The printer is suitable to use at home and office and is a cost-effective solution to have, thanks to its high yield. It comes with one-year warranty.

What customers say?

Customers’ reviews for the product point to its easy-to-install and efficient use, which can make it suitable for regular and possibly intensive use. Fans enjoy the fact that these printers come with a high-capacity ink tank, low-cost printing, and the extra black ink bottles that come with every printer. Although the shade might be good enough for some users, others raise the problem of white colours being lit.


  • Ink tank printer with low cost per print
  • Wireless connectivity for printing from mobile devices
  • 4800 x 1200 dpi maximum print resolution
  • Prints up to 8.8 ipm (black) and 5 ipm (colour)                                                  
  • 100 sheets input capacity
Things we like
  • Very low printing costs
  • Good print quality
  • Wireless connectivity and mobile printing
  • High page yield from ink bottles
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 1-year warranty
Things we dislike
  • Moderate print speeds
  • No display screen
  • No Ethernet connectivity

06. Brother MFC L2701D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing

Brother MFC L2701D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

The Brother MFC L2701D provides a highly reliable, yet feature-rich device that is well-suited to the needs of both small offices and home offices. A laser printer that combines all the functions of a single black and white device, which is capable of printing, scanning, copying and faxing with professional quality output is what this is.

At the core of the MFC L2701D is Brother’s monochrome laser technology that has the capability to print texts crisp and sharp and produce graphics of exceptional quality on every page. In contrast to the ink-jet printers, the laser printing produces both greater sharpness and less smudging, and the speed of printing is also higher. Among all the printing machines, the laser printer, especially, produces a lot of good quality output in the form of text and data tables.

In line with its paramount design, the printer is integrated with a 35-page automatic document feeder which helps in scanning and copying of single or double-sided documents. USB interface is built in so the device can be easily connected to most computers. It can be installed on all popular operating system platforms such as Window, Mac OS and Linux.

With 30 pages per minute, the MFC L2701D is a high-speed printer. The monthly duty cycle for this printer is rated at 10,000 pages for high volume printing. Along with that, the auto duplex printing function is also considered to be very efficient as the user gets to do the two-sided output without having to manually feed the pages again through. Unlike the traditional press, this reduces significantly on the use of papers as well as energy.

Functions are simple to navigate through the LCD display and keypad. Furthermore, toner levels monitoring is as simple as just checking the display as well. Though, the TN-2365 toner cartridge gives an incredible number of 2,600 pages for monochrome printing.

Expert opinion:

The Brother MFC is a multifunctional Monochrome Laser Printer of Multi-Purpose Home Office with simple functions and high performance, which is designed for the small offices and home offices. With its Auto Duplex Printing feature that is specially designed to provide professional-quality document copies at blazing fast speed of 30 pages per minute. The printer provides easy USB connectivity, prints on diverse paper sizes, and it is accompanied with a real TN-2365 Toner Cartridge in order to ensure fine performance and in this way, it is designed for users who want to have a reliable and high-quality printing solution.

What customers say?

The review score of this machine is generally high, with the average rating being 4.1 stars based on 75 reviews. The machine prints faster and its Auto Duplex function allow users to print on both sides of a page, making it more efficient. Yet, there are several reviews which highlight as noise levels and in specific cases mention the difficulty with photocopying legal-sized machine.


  • All-in-one (print, scan, copy, fax)
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • 35-sheet document feeder
  • 30 pages per minute print speed
  • USB connectivity       
  • 2,600 page toner cartridge
Things we like
  • Crisp output
  • Saves paper
  • 10,000 pages/month
  • Standard high-yield toner
  • USB connectivity
  • Compact footprint
Things we dislike
  • No colour printing capability
  • Small display
  • No auto document feeder

07. XEROX B305, A4 Mono MFP

XEROX B305, A4 Mono MFP

The Xerox B305V_DNI unit is a true multifunction monochrome printer for small to medium-sized offices. As a commercial Xerox machine which incorporates laser technology, the B305 provides a fast service of up to 38 pages per minute with outstanding printing quality.

This office equipment offers Ethernet and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity in addition to wireless networking features. Mobile printing is aided by Apple AirPrint and Mopria protocols which make it possible to print directly from mobile devices when the user is not at his/her workplace. In addition to this, B305 has document processing features which are advanced through Xerox Workflow Central integration, so that users may have automated workflows that increase productivity.

Moreover, serving the purpose of the A4 black and white Multifunction printer for document workflows, the Xerox B305 is the best among that kind. The laser printing technique has been developed to the extent that it can be used page after page. This makes it easy for businesses that heavily use documents to meet their daily needs. Steadfast security mechanisms guarantee exclusive information remains safe and ensconced in the network.

This tiny machine, equipped with various functions such as copying,color scanning and printing, occupies a small space in any office environment. The Xability of the product at this price range is unmatched for a reasonable single-tone office workhorse. Manufacturers, who give customers the opportunity to purchase extended warranties, mainly do it because it is an investment protection measure.

Expert opinion:

The XEROX B305, is a multifunction printer, which is capable of copy, print, and scan functions, and one of the examples is a high-performance monochrome multifunction printer. To the commercial market, the printer can reach a speed of 38ppm, is mobile-ready, has extensive security and can meet all the customers’ needs. This printer provides high quality, reliable, and accurate performance with the support of advanced document workflow solutions that are available through Xerox Workflow Central.

What customers say?

The review of this Xerox machine fluctuates between the positive and negative. On the other hand, customers are partly satisfied with its ease of installation and economic price, vice versa, as some users have faced troubles configuring the printer, especially with Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Monochrome laser multifunction printer (print/copy/scan)
  • Prints up to 38ppm                                                                         
  • A4 print capability
  • Mobile printing support
  • Advanced document workflow integration
  • Robust security features
Things we like
  • Fast B&W printing
  • Compact footprint
  • AirPrint and WiFi Direct capability
  • Optional workflow automation features
  • Wide media support
  • Affordable price point
Things we dislike
  • Basic display interface
  • Limited native paper capacity

08. HP Laserjet Tank 1005 Print+Copy+Scan

Front view of HP Laserjet Tank 1005

This is HP Laserjet Tank 1005 monochrome laser printer the new one which is aimed to give the best print quality and low running cost for the small business. This printer is quite similar to the one that has the ink tanks and easy refill options for the toner instead of the expensive cartridges.

This device focuses on the fundamental operations, i.e. print, copy and scan. It employs a time-proven monochrome laser printing technology which produces sharp text and subtle lines. The 1200 dpi print resolution leads to good output documents as well as visuals. The image will be clearly legible with black sharp characters and text, diagrams or illustrations with fine details.

HP Laserjet Tank 1005 document feeder section

The Tank 1005, with a maximum print speed of 22 pages per minute, can do even simple print jobs of documents and copies in no time. It contains duplex manual printing too that allows both sides of the output to be printed to minimize the usage of paper.

It has no support for direct wireless printing protocols including Apple AirPrint or Mopria Print Service. On the other hand, mobile devices can be connected to the printers without the need of the official HP Smart app. The app enables you to preview scans or printer status and send or print the jobs from mobile or tablets.

The nozzle’s easy open lid and spill-free design make refilling with the toner as simple as can be. The same bottle of toner can produce 3,500 pages or more, making the costs of running the machine quite affordable. HP quotes the price as low as 10 paise /page, which is very reasonable for small businesses.

HP Laserjet Tank 1005's menu and display

This printer is also ENERGY STAR certified and has the feature of HP Auto On/Off that serves for conserving power. This machine has an idle mode power consumption of 2.7W, and the power rating under active printing mode is 390W which is the highest. The fact of using natural gas for heating in addition to its lower electricity and toner costs make it a very economical way to heat your home.

HP has an advanced security that supports domain join, device authentication, and encrypted protocols to protect the business data as per the security level of business.

Expert opinion:

This HP LaserJet is a valuable multi-purpose monochrome printer which delivers print, copy and scan functionalities. With a small footprint, easy toner refill mechanisms, and intelligent guided buttons, it is designed such that it can operate seamlessly and conveniently. Equipped with functionalities such as Wi-Fi connection, safety measures and environmental accreditation, it serves as a secure and eco-friendly option for print services either in the home or office.

What customers say?

The HP Laserjet reviews reveal the favorable aspects of this product, including good print quality, easy installation, and the eye-catching design. Customers enjoy the convenience provided by its comprehensive function which can be used for both black and white prints and photocopying. Conversely, some reviews complain about the performance of the printing app or about paper jams, which are not very frequent but do occur.


  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Print, copy, scan functions
  • 22ppm print speed
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity                                                      
  • Manual duplex printing
  • Easy 15 sec toner refill
Things we like
  • Excellent print quality
  • Very low cost per page
  • Fast & easy toner refill
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • USB & wireless connectivity
  • ENERGY STAR certified
Things we dislike
  • No LCD display
  • Slow scan speed
  • No Ethernet or NFC connectivity

09. HP MFP M128fn Laserjet Printer

Front view of HP MFP M128fn Laserjet Printer

The HP Laserjet Printer M128fn MFP is a high-performance monochrome laser printing device intended for small offices and workgroups. It brings professional quality printing with sharp text and crisp images at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. In terms of speed, due to the fact that the M128fn can print 20 pages per minute, heavy job printing or multiple copy requests will be done easily and fast. As you have less time, Automatic Document Feeder will provide you freedom to scan or copy more than one page document quickly with the help of 35-page scanner and copier.

HP MFP M128fn Laserjet Printer's menu and Display

Such a network-ready printer can be connected easily either by Ethernet or USB which allows for various placements of the machine and ensures the availability for multiple users. The M128fn is especially significant because it has print-capability feature directly from your phone. Once connected to the wifi network, simply send the print job wirelessly from laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It has been made simple and convenient to use with familiar mobile controls and a hassle-free process that is accomplished using the HP Smart app. You can check the toner and paper levels at a glance for each of machines and the network as well. The long-lasting HP 88A cartridge is one of the key features that allow the printer to operate continuously for up to 8,000 pages, thanks to the high yield.

HP knows the requirements of business that are placed on printers and so backs with 3 year warranty and a duty cycle of 8,000 pages per month of M128fn. It means that you can have peace of mind and completely rely on this brand working for you day after day. The power mode is a key feature of the M128fn, which is designed to bear a heavy workload, yet is highly efficient, as in Ready, Sleep and Off modes. So that your energy efficient printer remains on all the time and always ready to print without consuming the extra power.

Expert opinion:

This is a monochrome printer of versatile type which allows for printing, copying and scanning and is fitted with an Automatic Document Feeder. At the rate of 20 sheets per minute and the maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, it guarantees the efficiency and quality of the output results. Network-ready as well as Ethernet connectivity, these printers are a perfect fit for business use which they are supported by a 3-year warranty.

What customers say?
Most reviews for the HP MFP are positive, and they mention the printer’s high quality of print, reliability and ease of installation. Customers have no problems in dealing with heavy use of the app, and there were no reported issues. It is also notable that the discussion on wireless connectivity has both negative and positive sides, since a few people mentioned the absence of WiFi.


  • Print, copy, scan functions                                                          
  • 20 ppm print speed
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • 35-page automatic document feeder
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • Mobile printing capability
  • 3 year warranty
Things we like
  • Fast monochrome laser printing
  • Crisp text and sharp graphics
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Low power consumption
  • Reliable performance from trusted HP brand
Things we dislike
  • Higher cost per page than inkjet printers
  • Doesn’t support speciality paper sizes

10. Brother MFC L2701DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother MFC L2701DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser

The Brother MFC-L2701DW is an effective printer that is small and has a monochrome laser print technology which is suitable for the requirements of the current small or home office. The automatic two-sided printing capability, wireless connectivity options that are more robust, high print speeds, and user-friendly interface are the unique features of this printer, which all fits into a small size.

In the first place, it applies the laser printing technology in order to produce a clear and crisp text and ensure a professional-looking document. Within the capacity to print up to thirty pages per minute, it is possible to maneuver through multiple-page office documents or large-scale printing jobs with great speed. The duty cycle rating is fixed at 10,000 pages per month, and that makes this unit perfect for the average workgroup of a small office or for a busy household.

Brother MFC L2701DW display and menu

Setting up the Brother printer with this Brother printer is effortless due to its USB, Ethernet, Wireless 802.11b/g/n, and Wi-Fi Direct support. Operating the connection modes is very simple and intuitive as a result of the 2-line LCD display panel with buttons. Additionally, wireless printing is made even more convenient by the ability of this printer to work with AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint&Scan mobile app for wireless printing from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

back side view of Brother MFC L2701DW

Two-sided printing is the key feature of this printer. It is enabled automatically to save the paper and cost without user interventions. The duplexer which is developed for the printers allows printing on both sides of a paper for most common document types and paper sizes such A4 and letter.

The 35-sheet capacity auto document feeder contributes to the ease-of-use factor as it facilitates the scanning, copying, or faxing of multiple-page documents very quickly. The 250-sheet adjustable main paper tray accepts almost all kinds of paper generously in various sizes and the manual feed slot gives the choice to any special kind of media like envelopes for printing.

Expert opinion:

The Brother MFC is a multi-function, monochrome laser printer that is suitable for the small office and home office markets. This machine is designed with Auto Duplex Printing, the use of Wi-Fi connectivity, and so on and so forth for high-quality and professional printing. It has a small and lightweight design, the wireless printing capability, and the ability to support different types of paper sizes are the features that make it a trustworthy solution for users who want to do multifunctional printing.

What customers say?

The product reviews by customers point out the good sides of the device. They applauded its easy operation, double-side printing capability, and quick scanning. Nevertheless, feedback also consists of problems like jamming and the frustrations with the support center’s services.


  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Print, scan, copy & fax functionality                         
  • 30ppm print speed
  • Automatic 2-sided printing
  • 35-page ADF for scanning & copying
  • WiFi, WiFi Direct, USB, Ethernet connectivity
  • Compatibility with AirPrint & Google Cloud Print
  • 2.7″ LCD display panel
  • 250-sheet main paper tray
Things we like
  • Fast monochrome print speeds
  • Automatic duplex printing to save paper
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Compact and portable size
  • Robust scanning and copying abilities
  • Wide platform and OS support
  • Ideal for SOHO use
Things we dislike
  • No NFC connectivity
  • Cannot add extra paper trays

Top Xerox Machine for Commercial Use in India Compared

Printer ModelPrint SpeedDimensionsConnectivity OptionsFunctionsSpecial Features
Brother DCP-L2520DUp to 26 ppm40.9 x 39.9 x 31.6 cmUSB, EthernetPrint, Scan, CopyAuto-Duplex Printing
Epson EcoTank L15150Up to 25 ppm (B&W)58.3 x 46.1 x 41.0 cmUSB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Mobile PrintingPrint, Scan, Copy, Fax, ADF, Auto DuplexA3 Printing Capability, EcoTank System
Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2012Up to 8.8 ipm (color)44.5 x 33 x 16.3 cmUSBPrint, Scan, CopyInktank System, Additional Black Ink Bottles
Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140Up to 20 ppm37.5 x 34.7 x 23.7 cmUSB, Wi-Fi, EthernetPrint, Scan, CopyMonochrome, EcoTank System, Auto-Duplex Printing
Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000Up to 8.8 ipm (color)44.5 x 33 x 16.3 cmUSB, Wi-FiPrint, Scan, CopyInktank System, Additional Black Ink Bottles, Wi-Fi Connectivity
Brother MFC L2701DUp to 26 ppm41 x 39.9 x 31.6 cmUSB, EthernetPrint, Scan, CopyAuto-Duplex Printing
XEROX B305Up to 30 ppm42.8 x 36.3 x 37.3 cmUSB, EthernetPrint, Scan, CopyA4 Mono MFP
HP Laserjet Tank 1005Up to 20 ppm33.9D x 36W x 41.1H cmUSBPrint, Scan, CopyEasy Toner Refill, Smart Guided Buttons
HP MFP M128fn Laserjet PrinterUp to 20 ppm43.7 x 42 x 30.9 cmUSB, EthernetPrint, Scan, CopyAutomatic Document Feeder, Fast Printing, 3 Year Warranty
Brother MFC L2701DWUp to 26 ppm41 x 39.9 x 31.6 cmUSB, Wi-Fi, EthernetPrint, Scan, CopyAuto-Duplex Printing, Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Brother MFC L2701DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer is the best Xerox machine for commercial use in India. Here are the prime reasons why:

  • Printing Technology: It uses superior monochrome laser printing technology which produces sharper texts and professional-quality outputs compared to inkjet printers. This is ideal for business documents.
  • Functionality: As a multi-function device, it allows printing, scanning, copying and faxing – covering all document management needs of a commercial establishment.
  • Print Speed: With a fast print speed of 30 pages per minute, it can breeze through high print volumes quickly.
  • Connectivity: It offers versatile connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, USB. This provides flexibility to connect to computers as well as directly print from mobile devices.
  • Convenience Features: The automatic document feeder and automatic two-sided printing improves efficiency and cuts costs.
  • Compact Size: Despite multiple functionalities, its space-saving design ensures it takes up minimal room in the workplace.
  • Commercial Grade Build: A monthly duty cycle of 10,000 pages makes the printer suitable for commercial demands and shared office use.
  • User-Friendly: The intuitive LCD display and print management functions simplifies operation.
  • Economical: By optimizing toner usage, it provides cost savings in the long run.

What is the price of the Xerox machine in India?                                

The prices of Xerox photocopying and document printing machines in India vary significantly depending on the features, capabilities and brand. Here is an overview of the price range for different types of Xerox machines available in the Indian market:

Basic Personal Xerox Machines:

These are entry-level machines meant for individual or home office use. They offer basic photocopying and sometimes printing capabilities.

BrandModelPrice (INR)
CanonImageCLASS MF244dw18,915
HPLaserJet M1005 Multifunction Printer16,490
EpsonEcoTank L145525,999

The basic personal use Xerox machines typically range from INR 16,000 to INR 26,000 in India. The lower end models offer just black and white photocopying while higher end ones also include color copying and printing capabilities.

Advanced Office Xerox Machines:

These Xerox machines are meant for office use and handle higher volumes of copying and printing work. They come equipped with more features and faster output speeds.

BrandModelPrice (INR)
XeroxB215 Multifunction Printer398,127
CanonImageRunner C3025i167,195
RicohMP C4504exSP950,000

Advanced Xerox machines for offices tend to range between INR 150,000 to INR 950,000 depending on their daily duty cycle, print speeds, scanning abilities and other features. Top end models can be over INR 1 million as well.

Therefore, depending on their capability and target consumer segment, Xerox machines prices span between INR 16,000 to over INR 1 million in the Indian market. Reputed brands offered in India include Xerox, Canon, HP, Epson and Ricoh.

Is There Any Licence Required to Start Xerox Shop?

A xerox shop refers to a small business that provides photocopying and printing services. Setting up and operating a xerox shop in India requires some licenses and regulations to be followed. Here is an overview of the licenses and permissions needed:

Shop Establishment License

The shop establishment license is mandatory for any shop or small business establishment in India under the respective state’s shops and establishments act. The license has to be obtained from the local municipal body of the area where the xerox shop is located.

The shop license stipulates regulations in terms of timings, employment conditions, holidays, records maintenance etc. that the xerox shop must adhere to. The license fees are generally nominal.

Trade License

A trade license, also referred to as business license, needs to be obtained from the local municipal corporation office. This basically gives legitimacy to carry out the specified business, which in this case would be providing photocopying and printing services.

The requirement and fees for trade licenses varies across different states in India. In some states like Delhi, the trade license needs to be renewed annually.

GST Registration

Registration for paying Goods and Services Tax (GST) is mandatory for any business having an annual turnover of over Rs. 20 lakhs. For xerox shops with turnover under this threshold, GST registration is not required compulsorily.

The current GST rate applicable for services provided by a xerox shop is 18% under the category of printing and photocopying services. Those shops that have voluntarily registered for GST need to collect this tax on services provided and remit it periodically.

PAN Card

Having a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is mandatory for those xerox shops which have GST registration. It becomes the identity for payment of taxes. For small shops without GST registration, having a PAN card is optional but recommended.

Adherence to Laws

Xerox shop owners must also ensure adherence to other laws and regulations such as:

  • Obtaining required paperwork from customers for photocopying identity and other confidential documents
  • Having legally procured software and machinery
  • Not indulging in any copyright violations

Therefore, barring the fundamental shop establishment and trade licenses, additional registrations become necessary only after crossing certain business size thresholds. By following due licensing processes and applicable laws, xerox shops can operate smoothly.

How Long Do Xerox Machines Last?

Xerox machines, also known as photocopiers or copy machines, are highly durable pieces of office equipment. With proper maintenance and care, a Xerox machine can last well over 10 years. The useful lifespan of a Xerox machine depends on a few key factors:

Build Quality and Technology:

Modern Xerox machines are designed to be robust and withstand high print volumes for a long period of time. Higher-end Xerox models aimed at large offices, like the Xerox WorkCentre 7500 series, are built to last over 500,000 prints while entry-level and consumer models will last up to 30,000 prints. Technologies like LED printheads last longer than older thermal and laser technology as well, contributing to longer usable lifespans.

Brand Models:

Some popular and long-lasting Xerox photocopier models include:

ModelLifespan (avg. pages printed)
Xerox Phaser 6700 Color Laser Printer300,000 pages
Xerox WorkCentre 7525 Copy Machine800,000 pages
Xerox VersaLink C405 Multifunction Printer120,000 pages

Usage Frequency and Print Volume:

The more frequently and intensively a Xerox machine is used, the quicker its components and parts will degrade. Photocopiers used intermittently or with low print volumes will last longer than those subject to heavy, high-volume use on a daily basis.

Maintenance History: Routine maintenance like cleaning and replacing components as needed greatly improves the usable life of a Xerox. Models that have consistent maintenance done by trained technicians last considerably longer.

Well, most medium to high-end Xerox photocopiers have a functional lifespan between 5-10 years. With careful use and proper maintenance, many continue working reliably for 10-15 years before requiring replacement. Choosing a durable, high-print volume capable model and maintaining it regularly helps maximize the years of service Xerox owners obtain.

How to Buy the Best Xerox Machine for Commercial Use in India: A Buying Guide?

Printing Technology and Functionality:

Consider the printing technology and the functionality that your business may need. Options include a laser printer, an ink tank printer, and an all-in-one machine that can do printing, scanning, and copy.
The Brother DCP-L2520D and Brother MFC L2701D laser printers have been designed to keep in mind business needs and provide cost-effective printing solutions with additional functionalities like auto-duplex printing and all-in-one capabilities allowing for efficient document management.

Connectivity Options:

Examine your options to connect to your network by using USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and mobile connectivity in order to make the connection seamless with your devices.
The Epson EcoTank L15150 and Brother MFC L2701DW come with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to print from any device without physical connection to the printer, boosting convenience and flexibility for commercial establishments.

Analyze the desired print speed and resolution requirements based on the amount and quality of the documents your business produces.
XEROX B305 is a multi-functional device which offers a printing speed up to 38ppm, appropriate for use in companies with high demand printing environments to make sure that the productivity and efficiency are increased.

Cost Efficiency and Maintenance:

Estimate the unit cost per page that includes ink or toner costs as well as maintenance expenses for a longer period of time to assess the relative cost effectiveness. The low-cost printing possibilities of Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3000 with refillable ink tanks and HP Laserjet Tank 1005 that offer toner refill options are beneficial for commercial use as the operational expenses are minimized.

Paper Handling and Capacity:

Think about the paper sizes supported, the input sheet, and additional functionalities such as automatic double-sided printing and paper feeders for easy and fast document handling.
Epson EcoTank M2140 and HP MFP M128fn models provide auto duplex printing, document feeder and paper tray options, making them suitable for companies with wide range of document printing needs, boosting the productivity and efficiency.

Warranty and Support:

Check warranty coverage according to the provided services for the purpose of having the reliable performance and the rapid troubleshooting of any technical problem.
The HP MFP M128fn offers 3-year warranty with more benefits like 0-cost EMI and discounts to its commercial users, removing the worry of having to spend additional money and ensuring continuing support.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Considerations:

Through putting energy efficiency first the business may get a reward of reduced energy consumption and material waste, in this way their printing business and environmental practices are synchronized.
The HP Laserjet Tank 1005 is designed with features that help to reduce power consumption and save energy to comply with the sustainability norms. Such measures also include the ability to self-adjust power consumption while printing, on standby or sleep.

The printer’s 15-second toner refill approach helps not only to enhance productivity but also reduce the amount of energy used by minimizing the downtime of the refilling process.


As we come to the close of this comprehensive guide on selecting the best Xerox machines for commercial use in India, it is clear that there are several excellent options to choose from.

I and my team aimed to provide the salient details around key purchasing factors – so you can zero in on the perfect machine fitting your functional needs and budget constraints. Modern conveniences like wireless printing bring flexibility while cost saving ink tank systems makes overall operations more affordable. For those planning on high print volumes, focus on duty cycles and auto document feeding abilities. Seek models offering warranty coverage for that extra peace of mind. We hope the product recommendations we provided will make your task of finding the best Xerox machine for your business easier.

Please note that ultimately, the right commercial Xerox machine along with periodic maintenance is an investment that will serve you well for 5-10 years down the line.

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